Men At Work (6/7/12)

Posted: June 8, 2012 by Scott R. in Episode Notes, TBS, Thursday Night
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Episode Notes:

  • Milo Goes On His First Date (Since His Break-Up With Lisa)
  • Tyler And Gibbs Interview Sasha Ryan, A Sex Therapist/Blogger.
  • Milo Begins Texting Jessica (The Girl That He’s Dating). Tyler Begins Coaching Him About Texting.
  • While Interviewing Sasha, Gibbs Has An “Encounter” With Her.
  • Tyler Has An “Encounter With Sasha As Well.
  • Milo Begins To Wonder Why Jessica Hasn’t Texted Him Back, So He Reads His Last Text To Her. Milo Learns That Instead Of Typing “No, You Can’t”, He accidentally Typed “No, You C^nt”.
  • Milo Goes To Jessica’s Work And Learns That She Knew He Meant To Say “Can’t”. Milo Learns that Jessica Hasn’t Texted Him Back Because She’s Been Busy At Work. Jessica Ultimately Breaks-Up With Milo Because Of His Cyber Stalking/Showing Up At Her Work.
  • Tyler And Gibbs Learn That Sasha Updated Her Blog With Photos Of Her “Encounters” With The Two.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “We Got a Black President.”   – Neal

2) “Yes, I Am Daddy.”   – Gibbs

3) “Sex, Such A Dirty Word My Friend. And We Had A Lot Of That Dirty Word.”   – Gibbs

4) “You Ready For The Q&A Bieber”   – Sasha

5) “Three Hours Ago I Was In Charge Of This Text Conversation, And Now I’m Not.   – Milo

6) “You’ve Had It So Easy Tom Brady.”   – Sasha

7) “All This Texting, Tweeting, And Super Poking. That’s Not Me.”   – Milo

8) “Yeah, Milo, I Was Pretty Sure You Weren’t Calling Me The Worst Word In The World For No Reason.”   – Jessica

9) “That There’s A Hat Can.”  – Neal

10) “I Want To Taste That Rainbow Again.”  – Gibbs

11) “Is It Sadder Than You Both Sleeping With The Same Sex Blogger?”  – Milo

12) “You’re Like A Sexy Tom Sizemore.”   – Milo

13) “Judging By That Hat, You Missed The 80’s.”    – Tyler

14) Ugh, Hat…S..Stupid.”   – Tyler

15) “You Just Dropped A Truth Bomb…. Boom!”     -Gibbs


Tonight’s episode Of Men At Work, Was Very Entertaining. I Love How The Series Packs So Many Laughs Into a 30 Minute Time Frame. I’ve Enjoyed The Series Since The Beginning, And I’ve Become A Fan Of The Show. I Would Definitely recommend This Show. Watch Men At Work Live: Thursday’s at 10/9C. On TBS.

~ Scott R.

  1. Jules says:

    Lovin’ the four guys’ development! I wish Neal gets more cool things to do though. At the moment, his three buddies seem to overshadow him.

    • Scott Roach says:

      I Agree, The Series Is Really Evolving. As for Neal, He’s The Only One Of The Guys That’s In A Stable Relationship, So He Really Doesn’t Get To Be As Involved As The Rest Of The Crew. Overall, I’m Really Starting To Like Men At Work. As Always, Thanks For Commenting.

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