Common Law (6/8/12)

Posted: June 10, 2012 by Scott R. in Episode Notes, USA
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Episode Notes:

  • Travis’s Old Partner (Phil) Comes By For A Visit.
  • Phil Works For The Beverly Hills P.D., And He Tells Travis And Wes That His Mayor Has Been The Victim Of Elaborate Car Thieves. Phil Tells Travis And Wes That The Incident Happened On Their Turf.
  • Phil Introduces His New Partner (Morgan) To Travis And Wes.
  • Wes Learns That The Car thieves Have Been Stealing High End Cars From All Around Town. Wes Suspects that The Men Are Loading The Cars Onto A Truck, And Disabling the Cars’ Tracking System.
  • The Owner Of The Valet Company That Was At the Location of The Mayor’s Incident Is Brought In For Questioning.
  • The Owner Of The Valet Company Agrees To Let Phil Set Up a Sting Operation.
  • Travis And Wes Put Out An APB For The Truck That The Suspect The Thieves Have Been Using. The Abandon The Sting Operation, And Head To The Location Of The Truck.
  • Travis And Wes Arrive At The Location Of The Truck, And Catch The Thieves In The Middle Of A Car Heist. A Shoot-Out Begins.
  • The Thieves Escape The Scene Of The Crime.
  • Morgan Gives Wes The Address Of The Shop That Supplied The Custom Parts For The Robbers’  Truck.
  • Travis And Wes Go To The Shop’s Address, Only To Learn That Morgan Set Them Up And Gave Them The Wrong Address.
  • Travis And Wes Begin Questioning The Owner Of The Chop Shop (That Phil Caught After Supplying Travis And Wes With A Fake Address). The Man’s Name Is Wade.
  • Wade Says That He Built The Truck. Wade Tells Travis And Wes That When He Dropped The Truck Off For The Buyers To Inspect, He Saw The Car that They Drove Up In. Wade Says That The Car Was A Government Issued Mercedes.
  • Travis And Wes Follow The Lead On The Buyers’ Mercedes, And Learn That It Is To The Registered To The Mayor Of Beverly Hills.
  • Travis And Wes Review The Composite Sketch Of The Driver Of The Chop Shop Built Truck, And Learn That The Sketch Is Of The Mayor’s Son. (Jeremy)
  • Another Sting Operation Is Set Up And The Car Thieves Are Caught. Jeremy Is Found In The Chop Shop Built Truck, And He Is Arrested As Well.
  • Travis And Phil Settle Their Feud/Differences.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “I Can’t Believe He Still Says ‘Hells Yeah’ All The Time.”   – Travis

2) “Well, 2.0 Usually Implies An Upgrade.”    – Wes

3) “You Guys Want To Have A Touchdown Dance?”   – Morgan

4) “No, I Was Wrong. Phil’s Still Mad.”   – Wes

5) “Dr. Ryan Is In Your Head.”   – Wes



Scott –

As Usual, The Show Packed Hundreds Of Jokes Into A 1 Hour Time Frame, I’m Going to Keep This Review Short And Just Say That The Series Is Great. It’s A Hilarious Comedy With A Rich Backstory, Along With Interesting Individual Cases. I Would Highly recommend This Show. Watch Common Law Live: Friday’s at 10/9C. On USA.

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