Rookie Blue 3×03- “A Good Shot” 6/7/12

Posted: June 11, 2012 by Anna Hall in Episode Notes, Rookie Blue, Thursday Night
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Episode Notes:

  • Epstein and Diaz test drive a mustang that Epstein wants really badly, as he thinks it would be a total chick magnet.  Swarek and McNally talk about Traci Nash trying for the detective rotation. 
  • Back at the station, Collins talks to Peck (or tries to) about the kiss they shared.  Peck pretends to forget, she says she drank to much tequila.
  • When everyone is back, Shaw calls a meeting, and he talks to everyone about the annual streetball tournament that could potentially be dangerous as it has been in the past.
  • Peck applies for the detective rotation, and Nash gets upset.  Gail is a Peck you know!
  • Collins then tells Peck that they are good together, but Peck disagrees.
  • McNally and Swarek drive around the ghetto, scouting for anything suspicious.  Shaw and Collins scout the streetball court.  Best goes to the court as well, and sees an old friend.
  • Diaz and Epstein patrol a different area from the others, and Epstein gets out of the car and into the store for some licorice.  He sees a suspicious black man behind the counter, and tells him to step out from behind it.  the kid refuses, and then drops to the floor.  When he comes back up, he has a gun.  Epstein fires, and hits the guy in the chest.
  • Epstein tries to save the guy but doubts that he did anything to help him.
  • McNally and Swarek come to the scene of the crime, and while McNally takes Epstein to the car, Swarek takes Diaz.
  • Detective Barber comes to investigate.
  • Andy tries to tell Epstein the standard procedures, but Epstein tunes her out to stare at the kid he shot.
  • SIU comes to the scene, and takes it from the team.
  • Epstein goes to a facility with an SIU agent, and he has to give up his clothes and gun.  he feels horrible about shooting the kid.
  • Swarek and McNally take the clerk of the store to the station to find out what really happened.
  • Best, Shaw, and Collins watch the streetball game to make sure everything is safe.
  • Back at the facility, Epstein gives his statement.  He finds it hard to remember everything clearly.
  • Diaz also gives his statement to an SIU agent, and gets mad at the questions asked.
  • The agent asks Epstein if he had been intentionally looking for the kid.
  • At the police station, Swarek questions the clerk. He says he didn’t see anything.
  • Barber tells them that there was no gun at the scene.
  • McNally scares the clerk into telling the truth, he says that the robber had no gun, and that Epstein killed him in cold blood.
  • Epstein talks to Diaz, and Nash tells Epstein that the robber died. McNally tells Dov that there was no gun at the scene.
  • Epstein talks to Best and Barber about what happened, and he starts to second guess himself.  He doesn’t really know if the robber had a gun.
  • Epstein is really hard on himself.  McNally tells him that they all believe in him.
  • Barber tells Nash that if she wants the detective rotation, she needs to start thinking like a detective and not a worried friend.
  • Nash talks to Epstein about how in detective school, she learned a trick to help witnesses remember everything.  She starts asking him about the smells, what he felt, and he remembers everything.
  • Collins and Peck get shopping carts thrown at them on patrol.
  • McNally goes back to the scene with Nash and Barber after what Epstein told Nash.  They retrace Epstein’s steps, and find out that there must have been a third man there who was helping the robber and took the gun.
  • McNally and Swarek go to the robbers house and get his best friends number from his mother. The number is for a Corey Barnes.
  • The cops at the streetball court try to get a gang to leave, and instead, Best’s old friend tries to attack him. Williams gets pushed down, but they break everything up.  best has to take his friend back to jail.
  • Swarek and McNally go to find Barnes and have to chase him down when they do find him. They catch him, and find that he does in fact have a gun.
  • They tell Epstein that there really was another robber there who took the gun of the robber. He is cleared of everything.
  • Nash goes to talk to Best and he tells her she’s the most promising recruit they’ve seen in years. He gives her the rotation.
  • Peck talks to Nash, and says that she deserved it all along. The “Peckspectations” that her family has made her want to apply. But, she’s happy for Traci.
  • Swarek tells Andy that he’s proud of her for believing in Dov.
  • Williams tells best that she was extremely worried about her baby when she was pushed down, so she is switching from fieldwork to desk work until the baby is born.
  • Peck takes Collins into her car, and gives him some guidelines.
  • Epstein goes to the robber’s funeral, but says he’s only passing by.

Favorite Episode Quotes:

1. “That’s what I love about you McNally.” -Sam Swarek

2. “Dov, you know what you saw.  And we all believe in you.” -Andy McNally

3. “Do you want me to punch you in the face?” -Gail Peck




I liked this episode a lot! The first two were good, but this one had suspense, action, and mystery. This episode revolved around Dov, and I loved it.  He’s one of my top favorite characters and Gregory Smith really sold the emotions this time! As usual, the McNally/Swarek stuff was cute and I sensed some tension between Barber and Nash. Of course she wanted to help Dov! I know that Barber is only doing his job, but he may lose friends in the end if he doesn’t start believing in the ones he has. It’s about time Williams decides to give up being in the field. Uh, hello, you could be shot in the stomach! Still don’t know if I like the new guy (Collins) I really want to see Gail and Diaz together again as Travis Milne promised!

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