Longmire 1×02 “The Dark Road” (6/10/12)

Posted: June 12, 2012 by Scott R. in A&E, Episode Notes, Longmire, Sunday Night
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Episode Notes:

  • An Exotic Dancer Is Found Dead Beside A Road.
  • Longmire And The Team Suspect That The Dancer Is From Oden County.
  • Longmire Goes To The Oden County Strip Club, And Learns That The Dancer Did In Fact Work There. Longmire Learns that The Dancer’s Name Is Hannah.
  • Longmire Learns That Hannah Was Driven To Work By A Unknown Person, And She Was Driven Home By A Fellow Dancer. The Dancer Says That She Always Dropped Hannah Off At A Local convenience Store, And Then Hannah Walked Home From There.
  • Longmire And Vic Head To The Convenience Store Where Hannah Was Dropped Off Each Day, And They Discover A Trailer Park Nearby. Longmire And Vic Head To The Trailer Park To Investigate it.
  • Longmire And Vic Find The Trailer That Hannah Was Living In. When They Enter The Trailer They Find 3 “Pennsylvania Dutch” Speaking Individuals. Apparently Hannah Was A Mennonite. (Very Similar To Being Amish)
  • Longmire Learns That Hannah Was Participating In “Rumspringa”, A Rite Of Passage Where Young Mennonites Cut Loose And Must Decide If They Want To Live In The Modern Day World, Or Continuing Living The Amish Life.
  • Longmire Learns That One Of The Men In Hannah’s Trailer (Samuel) Is Hannah’s Brother. Samuel Is Also Participating In “Rumspringa”
  • Longmire Begins Asking Samuel About His Sister. Samuel Has No Idea That His Sister Is A Stripper, Nor Does He Know That She’s Dead. Longmire Doesn’t Tell Samuel About His Sister’s Career, Or Her Death.
  • Longmire Goes To talk To Hannah’s Parents. (Who Are Living In a Local Amish Colony).
  • Vic Is Able To Get The Name Of The Man That Is Suspected To Be Hannah’s Boyfriend. His Name Is Davis.
  • Longmire Goes To The Amish Colony And Informs Hannah’s Father Of Her Death. The Man Doesn’t Seem To Care About The Death Of His Daughter.
  • Longmire Learns That A Local Man Named Cyrus Gave His Old Car To Samuel, And The Rest Of The Mennonites. Cyrus Reveals that He Is The Person Who Dropped Hannah Off At Work Each Day.
  • Longmire Apprehends Davis, And The Man Is Brought In For Questioning.
  • Davis Claims that He Loved Hannah, And Had Nothing To Do With Her Death.
  • Longmire Suspects That Hannah Was Planning To Meet Someone On The Road Leaving Ashlen. (Ashlen Is The Name Of The Amish Colony).
  • Longmire Heads To The Road Leaving Ashlen And Discovers Hannah’s Mom. Apparently They Were Meeting Each Other. (Because During “Rumspringa” The Mennonites Cannot Have Any Contact Whatsoever With Their Parents.)
  • Longmire Learns That Hannah’s Father Didn’t Inform His Wife Of Their Daughter’s Death. Longmire Tells The Woman The News Of Her Daughter’s Death.
  • Longmire Learns That Cyrus Was Passing Along Messages From Hannah To Her Mother And Vice Versa.
  • Longmire Learns That Hannah Had $16,000 In A Joint Savings Account With Cyrus.
  • Cyrus Is Brought In For Questioning. Cyrus Says That He Only Helped Hannah Open The Savings Account Because She Didn’t Have A Social Security Number. As For The Messages Between Hannah And Her Mother, Cyrus Says That The Messages Were In Blank Envelopes, So He Had No Knowledge Of The Contents.
  • Longmire Shows A Picture Of Cyrus To Davis. Davis Says That He Doesn’t Recognize Cyrus, But That He Does Recognize Someone Else In The Picture. The Only Other Person In The picture Is Samuel.
  • It’s Revealed That Samuel Is The Person That Davis Saw Hannah Arguing With At The Club. Longmire Finds Samuel And Puts Him In The Police Car, To Take Him To His Parents.
  • On The Way To His Parents, Samuel Dives Out Of The Police Car, Longmire Chases Him Down And Apprehends Him.
  • It’s Revealed That Hannah’s Dad Forced Samuel To participate In “Rumspringa”. Hannah’s Dad Told Samuel To Come Back With Hannah, Or Don’t Come Back At All.
  • It’s Revealed That After Their Argument, Samuel Chased Hannah Through The Field Where She Was Found. Once He Caught Up To her, He Made Her Fall And Hit Her Head. Samuel accidentally Killed His Own Sister.
  • It’s Revealed That Cady (Longmire’s Daughter) Is Dating Someone That Longmire Knows Very Well.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “A Stripper Makes More In Two Months Than I Do In An Entire Year!”   – Vic

2) “Pay Up, Bitch.”   – Vic

3) “I Can’t Comment On An On-Going Investigation.”    – Walt   (Longmire)

Tonight’s Episode Of Longmire Was Magnificent! The Show Is Vaguely Similar To The Andy Griffith Show. The Show Focuses On A Small Town Wyoming Cop, And The Day To Day Cases That He Handles. Tonight’s Episode Hinted At A Major Secret That Longmire (The Man Character/Sheriff) Is Keeping From His Friends And Family. So Far, The Show Has Caught My Interest,  And I Expect It To Have A Promising Future. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend This Show. Watch Longmire Live: Sunday’s At 10/9C. On A&E.

~ Scott R.

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