Episode Notes:

  • A Young Boy (Cal) Arrives At The Hospital. Cal Has Been Having Severe Stomach-Aches. The Boy Is assigned As Alex’s Patient.
  • Alex Learns That Charlie’s Ex-Wife Is At The Hospital, Visiting Charlie.
  • Dawn (Charlie’s Ex-Wife) Tells Alex To Try Unorthodox Medical Methods On Charlie. Alex Says That The Methods Are Unproven, And Useless.
  • A Young Woman (Kim) Arrives At The Hospital. Kim Has A Broken Leg, And A Punctured Spleen. The Doctor Says That Kim Needs Surgery And A Blood Transfusion. Kim Says That She Can’t Have The Surgery, Because Her Religion Forbids Transfusions.
  • Cal Has A Seizure, And He Stops Breathing.  After He Stops Breathing, Cal’s Out-Of-Body Form Joins Charlie. The Boy Is Able To See And Talk To Charlie. Cal Is Revived, And He Can No Longer See Charlie.
  • Dawn Returns To The Hospital And Begins Playing Music For Charlie, As Part Of Her Unorthodox Medical Methods. Charlie Is Able To Hear The Music. (Could Dawn’s Methods Help Charlie Awake?)
  • After Cal Stops Breathing, He Has An Out Of Body Experience And Joins Charlie. Charlie And Cal Begin Talking To Each Other. Cal Begins Telling Charlie About The Symptoms That He’s Been experiencing.
  • Charlie Notices That Cal Is Flushing, Charlie Then Discovers What’s Wrong With The Boy.
  • Cal Is revived And Alex Notices That He Is Flushing. Ale Is Then Able To Diagnose The Boy As Well.
  • Kim’s Husband Learns That If His Wife Doesn’t Get The Surgery/Blood Transfusion, She Will Die. Kim’s Husband Tells The Doctor To Go Ahead And Perform The surgery/Blood Transfusion.
  • It’s Revealed That Cal Has cancerous Tumors That Must Be Removed immediately.
  • During Cal’s Surgery, The Boy Stops Breathing. Cal Returns With Charlie. Charlie Tells Cal To Pass a Message Along To Alex. Charlie Asks The Boy To Tell Alex That He Saw Him. Cal Is Then Revived.
  • Cal’s Surgery Is Successful, And He IS Sent To The Recovery Room. While In The Recovery Room, Cal Draws A Picture Of Charlie. Alex Sees The Drawing And Asks Cal Who The Man Is, But Cal Says That He Doesn’t Remember The Man’s Name. Alex Is Clearly Shaken By The Drawing.
  • Alex Takes Dawn’s Advice, And Begins Using The Unorthodox Medical Methods On Charlie.
  • Kim’s Surgery Is succesful.
  • Charlie Begins Moving His Hand. (Is He Just Having Convulsions, Or Could He Be On The Verge Of  Waking Up?)


I’m Thrilled To Say, That Tonight’s Episode Of Saving Hope Was Much Better Than Last Week. Tonight’s Episode Kept Me Interested Throughout The Entire Episode. I Was Glad To See That Charlie Became More Involved In Tonight’s Episode. I’m Starting To Like How The Series Mixes Shows Like Gray’s Anatomy With Other Shows Such As Touch. Overall, Tonight’s Episode Was Magnificent, And I’m Slowly Becoming A Fan Of The Series. Watch Saving Hope Live: Thursday’s At 9/8C. On NBC.


~ Scott R.

  1. I really enjoyed tonight’s episode as well. The pilot was okay, but “Contact” felt more cohesive and kept up a much better pace. The lens flare effect also appeared to be toned down and only seemed to show up at moments you’d expect (i.e. patients close to death or when Charlie was nearby). Perhaps what I enjoyed most about the episode was its varied cast of characters and the balance the show achieved between drama, romance, and humor.

    • Scott Roach says:

      Yes, I Agree. The Show Mixes In, Drama, Suspense, Romance, And Humor, Which Makes The Show Refreshingly Different. I Wasn’t Fond Of The Pilot, But “Contact” Really Brought The Series To A New Level. I’m Really Curious To See How The Series Evolves. As Always, Thanks For Commenting.

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