Episode Notes:

  • Joey Asks Mitch To Defend His Good Friend Patrick. Apparently Patrick Was Pulled Over By The Police For Drunk Driving. After Being Pulled Over, Patrick’s Car Was Searched, And A Body Was Found In His Trunk. The Body Is Of A Woman Named Charlotte.
  • Mitch Is Shown Security Footage Of Patrick’s Building. Patrick Is Seen Leaving The Building Carrying A Suitcase. Patrick Is Shown Having To Use Both Hands To Roll The Suitcase Through The Hallway. (Could Charlotte’s Body Have Been In The Building?) Charlotte’s Clothes Are Found In The Building’s Trash Chute.
  • Mitch Tells Joey That He Thinks Patrick Is Going To Be Convicted.
  • Joey Still Believes The Story That Patrick Told Him. Patrick Said That He Was Set-Up.
  • Ray Learns That Patrick Was New To The Family, And He Was Getting Close To Joey. Apparently Patrick Was Surpassing Senior Members Of The Family, And Was Slowly Becoming Joey’s Right Hand Man. Patrick Was Also Helping Joey Make The Family Become Involved With Legitimate Businesses.
  • Louis Learns That Mitch Is Representing Joey, And confronts Him About The Situation.
  • Mitch Begins To Suspect That Patrick May Have Been Framed By Antoine (A Senior Member Of The Family). Mitch Thinks That Antoine May Have Become Angry Of The New Kid (Patrick) surpassing Senior Members Of The Family.
  • Joey Tells Mitch That He Will Not Let Him Accuse Antoine Of Setting Up Patrick, During The Trial.
  • When Mitch Arrives Back To The Office, He Finds Antoine Waiting For Him, Inside. Antoine Tells Mitch To Never Question His loyalty To The Moralto Family Again.
  • Mitch Learns That It Was An Anonymous 911 Call, That Lead To Patrick’s Arrest, And The Discovery Of The Body In His Trunk.
  • It’s Suggested That The Moralto Family May Be Falling Apart.
  • Mitch And Ray Listen To The Anonymous 911 Call, And Learn That It Was An Unknown Man, That Made The Call.
  • Mitch Suggests To Patrick That It Was One Of Joey’s Guys That Made The Call. Mitch Suspects That The Other Family Members Began To Dislike The Fact That Patrick Was Climbing Up The Ranks, And Helping Joey Turn The Family Legitimate.
  • Mitch Thinks That The 911 Call Didn’t Provide sufficient Evidence ForA Search Of Patrick’s Car. Mitch Files A Motion To suppress The Police Stop, Along With The Discovery Of Charlotte’s Body.
  • Abbey Decides That It’s Time To Leave Kentucky, And Return Home To Mitch.
  • Mitch Makes His Case Regarding The Motion To suppress The Police Stop/Discovery Of Charlotte’s Body.
  • Mitch Tells Joey That Antoine Showed Up At His Office. Joey Tells Him That Antoine Did This Without His Permission.
  • The Judge Rules Patrick’s Police Stop/The Discovery Of Charlotte’s Body As admissible.
  • The Police Find Antoine Dead In A Dumpster, With 2 Bullets In His Head. (Could Joey Have Had Antoine Killed, Do To His Dis-Loyalty?)
  • Joey Says That He Didn’t Kill Antoine.
  • Abbey And Claire Return Home. Abbey Is Able To Connect With Her Mother, Before She Leaves.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “I Inherited This Family.”   – Joey

2) “Why Did You Kiss Me?”    – Abbey

3) “{And} You AreA Reaction To Being Scared.”    – Abbey

4) “I’m Glad You Got To Meet Claire.”   – Abbey



Finally, The Return Of The Firm! I Am Glad To See That A New Episode Of The Firm Has Finally Arrived. Tonight’s Episode Was Great! Tonight’s Episode Expanded On The Return Of Joey Moralto. Ironically, Mitch Takes On A Case For Joey. The Episode Focuses On The Case That Mitch Has Taken On (Much Like Law And Order Does). Overall, Tonight’s Episode Was Magnificent, And I Would Highly Recommend The Firm. Watch The Firm Live: Saturday’s At 10/9C. On NBC.


~ Scott R.

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