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In the past two seasons, AMC’s The Killing may sometimes have zigged where it should have zagged, but fans of the polarizing drama have always been able to rely on one constant: Joel Kinnaman‘s enthralling performance. As the rough-and-tumble Detective Stephen Holder, the 32-year-old Swedish-American actor brings a unique vulnerability and likability to a part that could easily have been a stereotypical, one-note member of Seattle’s finest. 

Despite The Killing’s still-uncertain fate, the underrated thesp’s critically acclaimed turn has him poised for a possible Emmy nod — if Academy voters take note before it’s too late to recognize him for the role. The big screen beckons, as well. With a future in features ahead of him (he’s set to play the titular crime fighter in the buzzy RoboCop reboot), Kinnaman is just eager for — and open to — whatever comes next.

TVLINE | This season, your character, Stephen…

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