• Mike can’t stop thinking about Rachel’s message.
  • Mike fumbles with word to thank Jessica for not firing him.
  • Hardman is renovating an office for himself before he comes back to take charge.
  • Louis is concerned about the chain of command now. Jessica wont tell him whats going on.
  • “Why did you lie”- Harvey Specter
  • “Because you don’t let the children know that mommy and daddy are fighting”- Jessica Pearson
  • Mike has his eyes set on Rachel. He kisses her passionately.
  • “I got your message” Mike Ross
  • Jessica and Harvey are having a discussion.
  • “Were taking the offensive”- Jessica
  • “Good, give me a gun and tell me where to point it”- Harvey
  • Hardman has eyes on Jessica’s job and she wants to make sure every department is happy with Harvey’s help.
  • Donna joins in the conversation with inside scoop to remind Harvey that a lot of the departments don’t like him.
  • “People just don’t like that he’s right all the time”- Donna Paulsen
  • Harvey is having a take with Mike.
  • “He’s coming back and people are going to have to choose sides”- Harvey
  • “Well can I choose his side?”- Mike
  • “Sure, support a man you never met over a partner who knows you never want to Harvard, knows your not really a lawyer and is keeping you on anyway”- Harvey
  • “Jessica it is, ready to serve”- Mike
  • Louis tries to get information from Donna over the situation between Jessica and Hardman.
  • “Donna look I need information. Now I wanna know what the whole story is so I can formulate some sort of strategy”- Louis Litt
  • “You mean formulate who’s ass to kiss?”- Donna
  • Louis tries unsuccessfully to bribe Donna. 
  • Mike tells Rachel that him and Jenny broke up.
  • “It turns out I kind of have feelings for this other girl”- Mike
  • “Just so were clear I rocked your world”- Rachel
  • Rachel is clearly ecstatic that Mike and Jenny are done.
  • Mike asks out Rachel on a dinner date.
  • Harvey meets with Paul from bankruptcy to get him on Jessica’s side.
  • Harvey goes with Mike to try and get one of Paul’s clients to declare bankruptcy to save the rest of his assets and close the case in exchange for Paul possibly backing Jessica.
  • Mike gets Donna to try to convince Louis to get a meeting setup at the bank so Paul’s client doesn’t have to declare bankruptcy. Louise will do it in exchange for one detail on Jessica/Hardman
  • Mike and Rachel set some ground rules for keeping there relationship quiet at work.
  • Paul is mad that Harvey didn’t convince his client to declare bankruptcy.
  • “I may have been knocked down to the 46th floor but bankruptcy is on the rise. My influence in this firm is not nothing”- Paul
  • “I don’t make threats, I just do what I do”- Paul
  • Mike uncovers that if the bank forecloses on Madison 25 It will devalue the surrounding projects which the same bank is funding.
  • It is revealed the bank wants to foreclose it to get new office space for themselves.
  • Louis is working on other firm job options.
  • Mike and Rachel’s date want well.
  • “If were gonna do this lets do it right”- Mike to Rachel
  • Mike goes to talk to Harvey he wants to tell Rachel the truth about everything.
  • “What the hell is wrong with you after everything I did to keep your job your just gonna spread it around that your a fraud”- Harvey
  • “What you fail to understand is our firm is under attack”- Harvey
  • Do you want to take the firm down just so you can get laid?”- Harvey
  • “Being honest about this is off the table. You tell her you and her are done”- Harvey
  • Mike really wants to come clean to Rachel.
  • Jessica is mad that Harvey didn’t go with Paul’s plan and wants his idea to go away.
  • Donna tells Mike how Harvey threatened to leave if he was fired.
  • Harvey doesn’t tank the deal and tell’s Paul’s client the good new that he got his loan extended avoiding bankruptcy.
  • Jessica fells betrayed by Harvey.
  • “You just ensured that a voting partner would never back me”- Jessica
  • Jessica is still mad about Mike Ross.
  • “You hired that kid to amuse yourself and now im venerable”- Jessica
  • “The client asked me to save his dream I did.”- Harvey
  • “Your actually starting to believe your own bullshit”- Jessica
  • Mike end it with Rachel claiming he loves his job.
  • Rachel thinks its just because she’s not good enough for him.
  • “You have plenty of time to find the right girl”- Harvey
  • “You know I was right”- Harvey
  • “Doesn’t make it any better”- Mike
  • Mike stares longingly at Rachel as she leaves the office.
  • Harvey and Jessica talk.
  • “Your not alone in all this”- Harvey
Final Thoughts:
Suits continues to make every other lawyer show on tv look like complete garbage. The show is outstanding and continues to get better with each episode.
Watch Suits Thursday’s at 10/9c on USA Network
Next on Suits Thurday June 28 episode 2×03 “Meet The New Boss” Promo

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