Rookie Blue 3×04- “Girls’ Night Out” 6/28/12

Posted: June 29, 2012 by Anna Hall in Rookie Blue, Thursday Night
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Episode Notes:

  • McNally, Peck, and Nash get ready together to go out and have fun.  While McNally and Peck are all ready to go, Traci refuses to go with them.  She eventually gives in.
  • Epstein threw a party the day before, and cleans up the mess.  Sue talks to him about going to his meeting, he promises her he’ll go.
  • McNally and Peck are hungover from the night before, and they walk into the station with Nash and Diaz, talking about Epstein’s status.  Nash tells McNally that she’s afraid people only think she got the detective rotation because she’s sleeping with Barber.
  • While drunk, Peck sent ‘naughty’ texts to Collins.  He shows her and when she asks him to delete them, he refuses.
  • Williams is bitter about having to stay behind a desk all day, and tells Nash she only got the rotation because she’s sleeping with Barber.
  • Best won’t let Epstein back to work until he starts showing up at his therapy sessions.  Shaw sees Epstein and tries to cheer him up.
  • Swarek makes fun of McNally for being hungover, and she tells him that he’s a control freak who won’t ever let the rookies do anything.  Because of this, Swarek lets Collins drive.
  • A 911 call comes in about a car accident, and it happens to be a bride, bridesmaid, and maid of honor who hit another car.  That driver is dead (Jesse Salenko).
  • Epstein delivers flowers to the grave of the robber he shot.
  • Nash gets her first case as a detective, and she is nervous. Jerry is unreachable, so she has to handle it all by herself.  The head of transportation is upset that the car is blocking the trains, Nash insists on him giving her ten more minutes.
  • Epstein goes to the house of the robber he shot, and delivers a bag of groceries.
  • Nash has to make a quick decision, and tells the cops to move the car of the train tracks because they have all the evidence they need.
  • Diaz and Peck question a cyclist who says the bride (Angela Keyho is her name) was driving the car.
  • While outside the house, Epstein gets a surprise confrontation from the robbers sister.  She says that she and her mother don’t need his help.  Dov insists on helping, she makes him give her a ride.
  • Best shows up to the crime scene, and yells at Nash for moving the car.  Halfway through the yelling, Barber finally shows up and tells Best he gave her the permission to move it.  The medical examiner discovers a stab wound that Nash missed completely, and tells Barber and Nash that they’re screwed.
  • Everyone goes back to the station, and Nash tells Barber she wants to fix her mess.  He blows her off.  Swarek thinks it’s his fault for letting her do it while he was there.
  • They find the brother of Jesse (Paul Salenko) and they go to tell him that his brother id dead.
  • The bride gives Traci something, and she figures out that Jesse was with them on the night before he died.  Nash tells Diaz, McNally, and Peck to help her.  Angela tells Traci that Jesse kept buying them drinks.  And that she did cocaine with him behind the club.  She also tells Traci that Paul Salenko took Jesse.
  • Diaz discovers that the bridesmaid was actually the one driving the car, not the bride.
  • Angela was with Jesse for most of the night, and she was going to go back to Jesse’s place, but Paul dragged him off.
  • Swarek and Collins didn’t think that Paul would’ve been involved, because he was genuinely torn apart by his brothers death. They guess how Paul was involved.
  • Epstein talks to the robbers sister about what happened the day he died, while giving her a ride.  She asks too many questions, and Epstein blows up in her face after a certain one.  She leaves the car.
  • Diaz tries to make a conversation with peck, and she asks him about how she was in their past relationship.
  • The bride ID’s Paul Salenko, so Collins and Swarek go to the apartment and try to take him in.  Before Collins can get to him, he is being stuffed in a black car by another man.
  • A guy named Bobus has been using Jesse and Paul to deal cocaine across the border.  McNally and Nash figure out that Angela hadn’t been doing drugs with Jesse, she just wasn’t ready for the commitment of marriage. She was going to go back to his place, but Jesse was taken before she could.  She gives Nash his real address.
  • Barber, McNally, Diaz, Peck, Shaw, Swarek, and Nash go to Jesse’s loft, and take down Bobus.  Nash and Barber then go to the station after figuring out the entire case, and tell Best.  he praises them.
  • Diaz says that he and Peck can still be friends, and invites her to hang out with him and the others.  She says that her head is still pounding from the night before so she just wants to go home and sleep.  And she tells Diaz that she threw up in the back of his car that morning.
  • Barber tries to help Nash clean everything up, but she’s still mad at him for almost giving up on her.  He apologizes and they kiss.
  • Williams tells Shaw that she’s pregnant with Best’s baby.
  • Swarek tells McNally that he’s only a control freak because he doesn’t want any of them to screw up.  She asks him if she can drive, and he lets her.
  • Peck asks Collins to dinner, but he says he’ll cook.  She wants to try and make an effort to have a relationship with him.  Diaz hears her ask him out, and feels discouraged because she told him she was going home.
  • Epstein tells Sue that he went to his appointment, but she knows he’s lying because his therapist calls and says he missed it again.


1. “Yeah, your mom must be so proud.” -McNally

2. “So, I just compromised the scene of the crime?” -Nash

3. “Is it weird that I find the bickering comforting? Like waves, lapping against the shore.” -Peck

4. “Don’t say ooey gooey center, that’s gross.” -Peck


I really like today’s episode.  it gives us a chance to see a different side of Epstein.  Sure he’s still lovable and nerdy in his own way, but he’s now lying to Sue. I love seeing Detective Nash!  She does a great job at doing her job while doing what’s right at the same time. Also, Peck and Diaz definitely have the set-up of getting back together. Although Peck doesn’t see it yet, Diaz certainly does! Looking forward to more Williams-behind-the-desk action…and to see how well she copes for the rest of her pregnancy. Next week with McNally’s mom looks intense!

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