• The night before Christmas.
  • Jenna’s mom wrote the letter would she forgive, forget or focus on distraction.
  • “This is frustrating”- Jenna
  • “Maybe we should take off our cloths”- Jake
  • Jenna is afraid to admit online she is with Jake for fear that he would not accept her if he knew her own mother didn’t.
  • Jenna got a beautiful necklass from her mom thus prompting her to not ask for an explanation of the letter.
  • Jenna’s dad got her a box of condoms for Christmas.
  • Jenna is going to to Matty’s new years party.
  • “How should I dress tonight?”- Jenna
  • “Sexified”- Tamara
  • “You need an outfit that plays up your assets”- Tamara
  • Jenna still hasn’t told anyone her mom wrote the letter.
  • “I noticed you and Jake weren’t online official”- Lacey
  • “It takes awhile for a boy to commit which is why you have to manipulate them into it”- Lacey
  • Jenna gets an anonymous comment on her blog. “What’s left to be resolved?”
  • At the party Lissa apologizes to Jenna for all the awful things shes done to her this past year.
  • “You step out of line and I smack you down then you get me a latte”- Sadie to Lissa
  • “Well not this year”- Lissa
  • Matty asks Jake if hes official with Jenna.
  • “Were not official or anything, just been hanging out”- Jake
  • Jenna apologizes to Matty for what happened at the dance and hopes they can be friends.
  • “I want another chance”- Matty
  • Matty wants Jenna to come back at midnight and even offers to tell Jake there together.
  • Meanwhile Jake is telling Jenna’s friends that he’s confused since he asked her to be online official a week ago and she hasn’t responded.
  • Jenna dodges Jake’s question and heads outside to find Valerie who got stood up.
  • Midnight comes and Jenna chooses Jake.
  • Sadie talks with Matty.
  • “Are you so dense to see that I have had a crush on you forever and you want me to make you feel better because you finally tasted the bitter pill of rejection while I wont, welcome to the club”- Sadie
  • Matty kisses Sadie. They are about to have sex when Matty who is drunk passes out.
  • Jenna admits to Jake that she had a previous sexual partner and they were in love. She doesn’t say who.
  • Jenna makes her and Jake’s relationship public and keeps her blog public.
  • “I was letting go of my fear, my fear of rejection because I had nothing to hide.”- Jenna
  • Lacey is shocked when she gets a letter saying “This is who YOU are”.
Final Thoughts
Awkward is such a fun show that pack plenty of drama and laughs in just a short half hour. I highly recommend this lovable show.
Next on Awkward Thursday 10:30/9:30c on MTV:

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