• “In prison there is no such thing as good attention, its better to be a number then to be known because with anonymity comes safety so whether your dealing with a fellow inmate or the warden herself the last thing you want is for your name to be on there mind”- Michael Westen
  • Fiona gets a visitor request from Michael.
  • “When you’ve been marked for death hiding is a short term strategy. It might buy you time but it won’t solve your problem to do that you need contact, it means exposing yourself to more potential threats but it also means having the opportunity to find potential allies.”- Michael Westen
  • Fiona seek information on who is tying to kill her from Ayn.
  • Ayn- “Anything you need”
  • “Info like that doesn’t come cheap”- Ayn
  • Pierce is meeting with Michael and Jesse she received a voice mail from Anson.
  • “Agent Pierce this is Anson Fullerton you’ve been making life awfully hard for me lately. Now im sure Michael’s filled your head with lies but I am not the monster he makes me out to be and to prove it I’d like to offer you an olive branch. I’ve had a chance to read your personale file and I noticed you spent many years trying to find out what happened to Jay Tuneburgh I’d like to help”- Anson
  • “Jay and Pierce were engaged”- Michael
  • “This was waiting for me at home his name is Ahmed Demore, meet the man who killed my fiance”- Agent Pierce
  • Jay was working undercover gathering intelligence on the Syrian Military before they cold pull him out Ahmed killed him.
  • Ahmed is now a CIA asset, he is getting rich selling the same intel he stole from Jay and the CIA is protecting him.
  • “So this murderer is living the high life in Bermuda on the agencies dime. That is nice work if you can get it.” Jesse 
  • Pierce was ordered to let it go but she can’t do that.
  • “Has it occurred to you that Anson knew Ahmed was protected when he dropped his name? He knows your helping us get Fe out of prison he wants you to throw your career away”- Michael
  • “I get it Westen but some things are more important then a career”- Agent Pierce
  • Michael offers to help bring down Ahmed and goes to speak with Sam.
  • “Hate to say it mike but I think your mouth wrote a check your butt can’t cash”- Sam
  • Michael wants to find the hard drive with the stolen intel Ahmed has so only then can he be touched.
  • “Sam if I don’t help Pierce she’s going to ruin her career, without her at the agency I’ll never get Fe out of prison”- Michael
  • Michael/Sam want to isolate Ahmed on a cruise he is taking, make him think he’s sick and if he doesn’t think he’s going to make it he’ll start talking.  
  • Michael gathers the Westen clan as his team.
  • Ayn offers to find out who is trying to kill Fiona in exchange for a favor.
  • Michael/Pierce brief Madeline and Nate with vague details. 
  • “Come on mom you know how this works the details are probably classified or whatever can’t you just be happy helping out Mike”- Nate
  • “This isn’t watering someones plants while there out of town your asking us to fly to another county with a fake ID dealing with spies”- Madeline
  • “No this is about me Ahmed didn’t just steal information he killed my fiance”- Agent Pierce
  • “Effective interrogations take many forms but usually include three key elements. First you need a target with the intel your after then you need an interrogation team there job is to secure the target and do whatever it takes to obtain actionable intelligence but getting useful information doesn’t matter if you can’t move on it which is why you need a support team in the field”- Michael   
  • “And of course the whole system breaks down if someone kills the target before he can talk”- Michael
  • “I just want the son of a bitch to suffer like Jay did”- Agent Pierce
  • “Don’t worry in about six hours Ahmed will wish he was dead. The plan only works if he can hold it together”- Michael
  • Michael fakes being from the CDC after they poison Ahmed and get the place quarantined.
  • Michael/Pierce convince Ahmed that he has a deadly virus and that his home where his son is will have to be searched to find the source of the virus.
  • Back in the prison Ayn shows up with supplies Fiona needed to get a cell door from opening.
  • “Do you know how hard it is to get fireworks this time of year”- Ayn
  • (Apparently the writers didn’t know of the schedule when that line was written) 
  • Sam/Nate/Madeleine pose as CDC agents to search Ahmed’s house and get a tracker on his son Sherife.
  • Sam uses yogurt to fake a positive test for meningitis.
  • “Your gonna finish this if you don’t your going to regret it for the rest of your life” Jesse to Pierce
  • Ahmed who is convinced he’s dying admits to his son on a bugged phone where the stolen files are.
  • Back in prison.
  • “Sabotage is best done in private when know one is around to see it, if you don’t have that luxury you have to take certain precautions . Its crucial to conceal the real reasons for your movements so people don’t get suspicious. Its also a good idea to use time delay devices so when the fun starts you’ll be know where near it”- Michael
  •  Sam/Nate track Sherife to the stolen files.
  • “A successful ambush can end a battle before it ever begins. To pull one off you need two key factors, the element of surprise and superior positioning”- Michael
  • “The best staging area offers a clear view of your target while providing plenty of cover for you of course it doesn’t matter how good of position your in if your the one that gets surprised”- Michael
  • Sherife is selling the files to Russians. Sam and Nate are able to secure the files after a gun battle.
  • Agent Pierce comes clean to Ahmed.
  • “There is no virus, we have the information your murdered Jay for, we have your son. Im not killing you Ahmed but believe me your life is over”- Agent Pierce
  • Back in prison.
  • “Who ever it is that tried to kill you is working with a dirty ass guard”- Ayn
  • “Just write down what you want your boyfriend to know, I’ll make sure it gets delivered. Works better for both of us”- Ayn
  • Michael gets to see Fiona in an emotional heartfelt moment.
  • “Im gonna get you out I promise you that and were getting close”- Michael
  • “I love you too Michael”- Fiona
  • As Michael is leaving he gets the letter that Ayn had gotten someone to drop on the floor for him.
  • “Michael someone is trying to have me killed in here, on the back of this note you’ll find the name and address of a guard who is working with them. Do what you can. Please hurry”- Fiona
  • The guard is Matt Sturges
Final Thoughts
Burn Notice continues to maintain the action and suspense even though going to into its sixth season. This season continues to get better with each episode.
Burn Notice returns Thursday July 12th at 9/8c on USA Network. Episode 6×04 “Under The Gun” Promo.

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