Sunday July 1st: Falling Skies, The Glades, Longmire

Posted: July 1, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in A&E, Sunday Night, TNT
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Its July already?!

9/8c Falling Skies on TNT

Recap last weeks episode “Compass”

9/8c The Glades on A&E

10/9c Longmire on A&E

Recap last weeks episode “The Cancer”

  1. BigBen says:

    In this ep of Longmire what was th letter he ended up burning all about?

  2. BigBen says:

    When he got his mail from th office girl there was one I think from miami. He kept having flashbacks from being in a hotel room and then near th end of th ep he threw th letter into th fire unopened I believe right before he was attacked from th big cheyenne enforcer. I thought I had seen every episode but I didn’t understand th significance of th letter or th flashbacks which I assume were connected.

    • Scott Roach says:

      Oh, Sorry. I Just Realized That I Haven’t Had A Chance To Watch The Episode Yet. It’s On MY Dvr, And I’ll Be Watching Later Tonight. After Watching, I’ll Have An Answer For You.

    • Scott Roach says:

      Okay I Watched The Episode. It Seems Like The Letter (Which Came From Denver, Colorado) Is Somehow Connected To Longmire And His Past. I’m Thinking That Maybe He Was A Police Officer There, Until Something Went Wrong, Because The Letter Was From The Denver Police Department. The Concept Was Vague, But I’m Sure It Will All Be Revealed In Future Episodes.

  3. BigBen says:

    That could make sense. I thought it may have to do something w his wife but I think she died of cancer so your theory makes more sense. Ill keep waiting to find out more. Thx. -b

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