Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Wes And Travis Begin Participating In Role Play exercises, During Group Therapy. Travis And Wes Take The Role Playing Exercise To A New Level, And Begin Imitating Each Other, On The Job.
  • A Woman Calls 911 Saying That She Has Been Attacked By A Man Named Kevin Boyd.
  • Wes And Travis Arrive At The Location Where The 911 Call Was Placed. Upon Arrival, Travis And Wes Learn That The Location Is A Bakery Owned By Beth Boyd. Apparently, Beth’s Husband Is Kevin Boyd.
  • Beth’s Sister Says That Beth And Kevin Lease Many Stores To People. Beth’s Sister Is Even One Of The Leasers. Apparently She Has A Restaurant That Was Leased To Her By Kevin And Beth.
  • Kevin Boyd Is Brought In For Questioning. Kevin Says That He Went To A Beth’s Sister’s Restaurant/Bar, And Then Hours Later, He Awoke In His Car. Huge Chunks Of Kevin’s Memory Are Missing. (Or So He Claims)
  • During Questioning, Travis Notices A Stamp On Kevin’s Hand. Apparently The Stamp Is For A Local Burlesque Club. Kevin Claims That He Didn’t Have The Stamp Yesterday. (Could Kevin Have Gotten Drunk And Went To The Club, Without Remembering Any Of It?
  • Travis And Wes Head To The Burlesque Club. When They Arrive, Travis And Wes Begin Talking To The Club Manager (Ed), And One Of The Dancers (Destiny). Destiny And Ed Say That Kevin Left The Club At 12:00 AM. (This Is Around 10-15 Minutes Before Beth’s 911 Call Was Placed.)
  • Ed Says That Kevin Wanted To Keep His Night Going After He Left The Club. Ed Referred Kevin To A Local {Illegal} Gambling Operation.
  • Travis And Wes Head To The Gambling Operation, And Learn That Kevin Arrived At The Location At 12:24 AM
  • Beth’s Hard Drive Is Searched, And It’s Revealed That She Filed Several Police Complaints On An Ex-Con Named Carl Battier. Apparently Carl Delivered Cupcake Ingredients To Beth’s Bakery.
  • Travis And Wes Visit Carl. Carl Claims That He Was At Home, On The Night Of Beth’s Death.
  • Beth’s Autopsy Report Comes In. It’s Revealed That Beth Had Kevin’s Skin Underneath Her Fingernails.
  • Travis And Wes  Learn That Kevin Is Holed Up In Beth’s Bakery. He Says That He Can’t Live Knowing That He May Have Blacked Out And Killed His Wife. Kevin Says That If Anyone Enters The Bakery, He Will Blow It Up.
  • Travis And Wes Are Able To Talk Down Kevin. No-One Is Injured.
  • A Tox Screen Shows That Kevin Was Roofied.
  • Travis And Wes question Beth’s Sister, Since Her Restaurant/Bar Is The Last Place That Kevin Remembers Being At.
  • Beth’s Sister Said That She Told Beth That Kevin Was At The Bar. She Says That Beth Then Gave Her A Bottle Of Whiskey, And Told Her To Serve Kevin From That Particular Bottle Of Whiskey.
  • Travis And Wes Begin To Suspect That Beth May Have Roofied Kevin To Frame Him For Assault ((If Kevin WEnt To Prison, Beth Would Inherit All Of His Assets), But Then She Accidentally Killed Herself.
  • Travis, Wes, And The Captain Begin Re-Enacting Beth’s Situation, To See If Their Theory Is Possible, They Learn That There IS No Way That Beth Tied Herself To The Chair That She Was Found Tied Up In.
  • Travis And Wes Begin Reviewing The Details Of Beth’s Death. They Learn That The Person Who Tied Beth Up Was Left-Handed, Kevin Is Right Handed. This Means That A Left-Handed Person Was In The Bakery With Beth.
  • By Reviewing Beth’s 911 Call, Travis And Wes Learn That A Woman Killed Beth.
  • Travis And Wes Are Able To Determine That Beth’s Sister Is The Killer.  Beth’s Sister Was Helping Beth Frame Kevin, But Then She Turned On Beth, And Strangled Her. Beth’s Sister Did This Because With Kevin And Beth Out Of The Way, She Would Own The Bakery, And Her Bar/Restaurant.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Do You Ever Get Tired Of Being You?”    – Travis

2) “You’d Make A Good Grownup.”    – Jonelle

3) “That’s Just Stupid.”    – Travis



Tonight’s Episode Of Common Law Was Hilarious, Yet Intriguing. I Love How The Series Focuses On Individual Cases, Much Like Law And Order Does, While Also Focusing On The Main Two Characters’ Progression. I’ve Been A Fan Of The Show Since The Pilot, And The Series Continues To Impress Me. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Common Law. Watch Common Law Live: Friday’s At 10/9C. On USA.


~ Scott R.

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