If you missed ANY of The Walking Dead now is your chance to catch up. Starting Saturday morning through Sunday catch every episode. The marathon will then conclude Sunday with a live Talking Dead at 9/8c followed by a special Black & White version of the pilot.

Complete episode schedule:


11:30am/10:30c “Days Gone Bye” 1×01

1:06pm/12:06c “Guts” 1×02

2:09/1:09c “Tell It To The Frogs” 1×03

3:13/2:13c “Vatos” 1×04

4:17/3:17c “Wildfire” 1×05

5:22/4:22c “TS-19” 1×06

6:26/5:26c “What Lies Ahead” 2×01

7:58/6:58c “Bloodletting” 2×02

9/8c “Save The Last One” 2×03

10:02/9:02c “Cherokee Rose” 2×04

11:05/10:05c “Chupacabra” 2×05


12:08am/11:08c “Secrets” 2×06

11:30am/10:30c “Chupacabra” 2×05

12:34pm/11:34c “Secrets” 2×06

1:37pm/12:37c “Pretty Much Dead Already” 2×07

2:40/1:40c “Nebraska” 2×08

3:43/2:43c “Triggerfinger” 2×09

4:47/3:47c “18 Miles Out” 2×10

5:50/4:50c “Judge, Jury, Executioner” 2×11

6:53/5:53c “Better Angles” 2×12

7:56/6:56c “Beside The Dying Fire” 2×13

9/8c Talking Dead LIVE

10/9c “Days Gone Bye” 1×01 In Black & White

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