Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Sam Begins Practicing For Her SAT’s, So That She Will Be Able To Get Into A Good College. Sam Also Starts A College Prep Club.
  • Charlie Learns That Jen Has Began Reading (Rather Descriptive) Romance Novels.
  • Kate Is Scheduled To Be Called To Testify As An Expert Witness, In A Murder Trial. Kate Is Having Trouble Finding Something To Wear To The Trial, So Charlie Gives He Patrick’s Phone Number. Patrick Will Be Able To Help Kate Find Something To Wear.
  • Sam’s College Prep Club Members Begin Telling Her That She’s Never Going To Have “Relations”, Due To Her OCD Disorder. Sam Lies And Tells The Group That She’s Already Had “Relations”. Sam Uses Scenes/Scenarios From Jen’s  Book, To Fabricate Her Lie.
  • Patrick Informs The Group That He Is No Longer Going To Be Attending Sessions With Them.
  • Charlie Decides To Go To Patrick’s Work, To Ask Him Why He Decided To Stop Attending The Therapy Sessions.
  • Patrick Reveals To Charlie That He Is Seeing A New Therapist. Patrick’s New Therapist Is Kate.
  • Charlie Begins To Feel That Kate Stole Patrick From Him.
  • Charlie Goes To Dinner With Kate. During Dinner, Kate And Charlie Begin Talking About Patrick. Kate Says That Patrick Made The Decision To Switch Therapists. Kate Says That She Didn’t Influence His Decision, Whatsoever.
  • Jen Reveals To Charlie That Sam Has Been Talking About “Sexual Encounters” During Her College Prep Club Meetings.
  • Charlie And Jen Talk To Sam About What She’s Been Discussing During Her Club Meetings. Sam Says That She Made Up The Stories Due to Peer-Pressure. Sam Also Reveals That She Got The Stories From Jen’s Book.
  • Charlie Convinces Patrick To Re-Join The Group’s Sessions.
  • Kate And Charlie Resolve Their Differences, Regarding Patrick.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Well, I Like Commercials. They Tell Me What To Buy.”     – Ed

2) “It’s Always About The Brown People.”    – Lacey

3) “They Was In My Ass The Whole Time.”    – Cleo

4) “Long Story Short, I Killed Him. I Killed Them Both”   – Wayne

5) “I Think I’ll Just Chuck It.”    – Charlie

6) “Maybe I Should Get A Nook.”     – Jen

7) “Yes, Mr. Spock.”     – Jen



Tonight’s Episode Of Anger Management Was Hilariously Entertaining! I Love How The Show Is Full Of Jokes And Laughs, While Also Harnessing A Faint Backstory/Plot (The Therapy Group’s Progression). I Must Say, When I First Saw The Promos For This Show, I Thought It Was Going To Be Completely Ridiculous And Stupid. I Was Proved Wrong After Watching The Pilot Episode. After Watching The Pilot, I Learned That The Show Is Actually Entertaining And Solid. I Would Say That This Is Charlie Sheen’s Big Comeback. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Anger Management. Watch Anger Management Live: Thursday’s At 9:30/8:30C. On FX.


~ Scott R.

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