Posted: July 15, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in Uncategorized

Check out the season 3 trailer, we have never seen anything like that yet! Going to be an epic season.


Watch out, because starting on the second Sunday in October, The Walking Dead‘s zombies are going to be everywhere. Literally.

AMC announced Friday at San Diego Comic-Con that the drama’s third season premiere will air Sunday, Oct 14 at 9pm. In addition, and in a change from the norm, the episode will debut worldwide throughout that week.

Watch the Season 3 trailer here, then read on for highlights from the panel discussion, featuring scoop on the prison and Michonne, teases about some standout characters and more!

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DEADLY DECOMPOSITION| “Every year we try to refine and determine what we love about certain walkers,” the series’ special effects supervisor Greg Nicotero previewed. “We really want to sell that they are decomposing and emaciated. And there are a lot of them.”


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