• McNally and Swarek cook together, the cake in the oven burns. McNally is finally having a housewarming party after living there for about six months. McNally’s mother stops by and tries to help, she declines. Her mother tells her she brought some home videos and McNally changes her mind about needing her mothers help and gives her a spare key for when she comes back with party food.
  • Epsein tries to help Crystal (the sister of the robber he shot) study for her exam.
  • Traci asks Andy if a party is really a good idea and talks to Andy about wishing Barber would give her some space with the whole detective rotation.
  • Best talks about Collins taking down “Mr. Public Nudity” and Collins is cut loose from his Training Officer reigns.
  • Epstein and Pecktalk about him avoiding Sue. Epstein tells Peck that her friends with benefits idea with Collins is a mistake.
  • McNally and Swarek go on patrol together. McNally says she trusts her mother, and Sawrektells her to be cautious. They get a call on the radio, and then find a big party.
  • They find an unconcious 20-30 year old male at the party and McNally calls for back up, keeping all the kids from leaving.
  • Barber tells Nash what to do, and she doesn’t like it at all.
  • McNally and Swarek notice that the man has been stabbed more than once.
  • They chase a girl after she kicks Peck and tries to escape, and she turns out to be Shaw’s daughter Izzy.
  • Izzy pleads with “Uncle Sammy” to help and he agrees, after McNally tells him its a good idea.
  • Shaw sees Izzy anyway, and tells McNally to bring her in. McNally tries to talk Shaw out of it, but he yells at her and she has to do what he says.
  • When Swarek and McNally bring Izzy in, McNally finds out that Swarek looked into her mom.
  • Back at the crime scene, Peck and Epstein keep interrogating people who were at the party.
  • McNally tries to talk to Izzy but Shaw interupts. He finds out that Izzy took some Oxy and his wife Zoey comes to pick her up. Zoey blames Oliver, and Swarek and McNally try to comfort him.
  • Epstein and Peck find a bloddy sweater in the backpack of Amber Klein (Izzy’s best friend) and she is brought in for questioning. Barber treats Nash like a child.
  • Collins and Diaz are out on patrol together, and are sent to the hospital to question the stab victim. The victim says he was trying to help someone that was getting beaten up, and he describes Izzy Shaw perfectly.
  • Shaw goes to his house and tries to bring in Izzy for questioning again. When he gets there, her window is open and she’s gone. Barber asks amber if she knows anything, and she won’t talk so he asks Nash for help. Ambers mom says it wasn’t Amber’s bag that the sweatshirt was in, and Amber says it was Izzy’s bag.
  • Amber tells Nash that Izzy is probably with her drug dealer boyfriend DK.
  • Shaw is told to stay out of the case because of personal issues, but he doesn’t listen and gets to DK’s place before McNally and Swarek. Before he leaves, he tells Zoey that he’ll bring their daughter home.
  • Gail tells Epstein she knows about Crystal Marks, and Epstein tells him to back off.
  • Back at the hospital, the stab victim tells Collins that he has no family. Collins insists on finding them.
  • Andy and Sam go to DK’s place, and see Shaw’s car already there.
  • Shaw grabs DK by the throat, and then throws him to the ground. He then locks himself in a room with DK and holds a gun to his face.
  • Swarek and McNally come into the apartment and try to talk Shaw out of shooting the kid.
  • He doesn’t shoot DK after Izzy begs him not to, McNally tells him he’s a good father, and DK goes to jail.
  • Collins finds the wife of the stab victim, but she says she hates him so Diaz helps out and says he knows a homeless shelter.
  • Peck tells Epstein not to punish himself, he says he’s going to stop helping Crystal.
  • Izzy tells Oliver that she misses him, Zoey invites Oliver in.
  • Swarek tries to be funny to McNally, and says he was just trying to back her up and protect her. McNally is still furiousbut forgives him after he apologizes to her.
  • Everyone shows up the housewarming party and it looks great all thanks to McNally’s mom. Barber tries to apologize to Nash, but she says that she was the wrong one.
  • Epstein goes to see Crystal and he tells her he’s done helping. She begs him not to go.


1. “Uncle Sammy?” -Andy McNally

2. “McNally, meet Izzy Shaw.” -Sam Swarek

3. “I promise I’ll bring her home.” -Oliver Shaw


This episode was really great, as we got to see more of Oliver’s home life situation. It was great to see his wife finally starting to let him in again. I would like to see more of how Williams is dealing with not being a field officer and more flirting between Diaz and Peck. Anyway, great episode and can’t wait until next week!

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