Rants and Rumbles: Chuck Finale

Posted: July 17, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in Uncategorized
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This post was a long time coming and after some interesting discussion on twitter I took the time to rewatch the final three episodes and here are my thoughts.

First off let me say the big thing with Chuck is to not break it down to the minute which is something I did when taking notes on AMC’s The Killing. This is a lighthearted show not a complex drama.

For me the finale begins with 5×11 “Chuck Vs the Bullet Train” and I recommend watching all three episodes in a row when doing a rewatch. (Tissues handy at all time)

Whether your up for a rewatch or not if you have not seen the Chuck Podcast’s they are a MUST WATCH as nearly all of your questions and doubts about the finale get answered and Chris Fedak himself even answers questions.


Initial reaction immediately following watching the Finale live:

I was sad & pissed off…..then amazed. I was roller coaster of emotions and that’s something no show has ever done to me. I posed the thought on twitter that it was either the most amazing or worst thing I saw.

I went into the finale with the expectation that it would a be cliche happy ending… Sarah magically normal flash forward a year and find Chuck/Sarah with a kid in there dream house but we were surprised with a diffident take on an ending one that left it up to us viewers to imagine for ourselves what happened on that beach.

Post rewatch reactions:

Yes I loved it, every amazing minute of it! I do feel its three of the best hours of TV with my favorite also being the episdoes I felt was the saddest “Chuck Vs Sarah”. Endings are always bittersweet and one that leaves everyone still talking about it proves that Chris Fedak did an amazing job. A finale that still gets you teary after three watches…great job.

Also of note as a long time fan “House” which also had it series finale this year left an ending episode that was nothing to rave about months later.

Lets break this down:

Chuck is a comedy so those that feel the finale just wiped away five years of Sarah apparently haven’t been watching the same show as me. Any moment where Jeffster comes in to save the day puts that comedy font and center which reminds you this is not a show that’s going to end on a big depressing tone.

Over the course of Chuck Vs Sarah & The Goodbye if you pay attention you can clearly see that by the end this is not the Sarah of five years ago, this is the Sarah we come to know.

In the first half of Chuck Vs Sarah this is pre Chuck master spy, cold Sarah but by the end that Sarah is gone and the one we all know is making a come back. Pre “Chuck” Sarah was a person who would run from the kind of relationship she built with Chuck and she does but after being around him and then seeing her video mission log that clearly changes by the end of “Chuck Vs Sarah”.

  • Sarah’s changing attitude that by The Goodbye she does not run away as Chuck finds her on the beach where they first had there talk.
  • She starts to recall the Carving at the house, wienerlicious, fixes Chucks ties, recalls Irene Demova.

Let us not forget that this was not a simple case of amnesia it was the cause of a powerful device that can suppress memories. The clear case for that is early in season 5 when Chuck talks Morgan out of crazy intersect mode by reminding him of his pantsing story which Moran then recalls every detail of.

Well thats my brief rant so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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