Episode Notes/Recap:

  • A Young Woman (Sandhya) Arrives At The Hospital.cAlex Is Scheduled To Remove A Tumor From Sandhya’s Stomach.
  • Alex Hires A Masseuse (Ashley) To Come Work With Charlie.
  • A Man Arrives At The Hospital. The Man Performs Body Modifications On Himself, And He Suspects That The Horns That He Recently Implanted In His Forehead, Have Become Infected.
  • Ashley Arrives At The Hospital. It Turns Out That Ashley Is Actually A Man.
  • Sandhya’s Operation Begins.
  • During Sandhya’s Operation, She Begins Convulsing. Apparently She Is Having An Adverse Reaction To The Anesthetic That She Was Given.
  • Sandhya Is Stabilized, But She Is Now In A Comatose State.
  • Joel Informs The Horned Man (Karn) that His horns Are Infected. Joel Tells Karn That The Infection May Be Eroding His Skull.
  • Karn Continually Refuses To Have His Horns Removed.
  • Charlie Sees Sandhya In The Spirit World With Him.
  • Dawn Is Back At The Hospital, And She Continually Tells Alex That Charlie Isn’t Going To Wake Up.
  • Sahir Evaluates Sandhya. Sahir  Really Doesn’t Know What Is Causing Sandhya To Remain In A Comatose State.
  • Charlie And Sandhya Begin Walking Through The Hallway. Sandhya Seems To Be At Peace With Her Situation/Predicament.
  • Sandhya’s Family Is Informed That Sandhya Is In A Coma.
  • Sandhya Develops A Blood Clot. The Doctors Begin An Emergency Surgery, To Remove The Blood Clot.
  • Sandhya’s Blood Clot Is Successfully Removed.
  • Karn Checks Himself Out Of The Hospital. Joel Goes Outside To Look For Karn, And Finds Him Walking Down The Street. Karn Collapses On The Street, And Joel Brings Him Back To The Hospital, To Remove His Infected Horn Implants.
  • Karn’s Operation Begins.
  • Karn’s Surgery Is A Success. He Is Stabilized, And He Begins His Recovery. Karn Is Conscious, And Seems To Be Doing Well.
  • Alex Notices That Sandhya Is Involuntarily Smiling. Alex Thinks That Sandhya Is Suffering From Multiple Seizures, Which Are Causing Her To Remain In A Comatose State.
  • Sandhya Is Given Medication To Stop Her Seizures. The Medication Ultimately Allows Sandhya To Awake From Her Coma.
  • Before Sandhya Leaves The Spirit World, She And Charlie Share A Kiss.
  • Dawn Informs Alex That She Is Filing A Petition To Gain Control  Over Charlie’s Medical Decisions.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “She Doesn’t Have My Permission.”   – Alex

2) “Do You Ever Think Of The Other Person?”    – Gavin

3) “You Look Sad, Charlie.”    – Sandhya

4) “Today’s Been A Pretty Good Day.”   – Charlie

5) “I Saved A Life Today.”    – Alex

6) “To Hell With The Nay-Sayers.”    – Charlie

7) “We’re Buying A Barn.”    – Charlie (Flashback)



Wow, Tonight’s Episode Of Saving Hope Was Phenomenal! I Love The Mysterious Afterlife Premise Of The Show, But I Also Like How It  Takes On The Role Of Traditional Medical Dramas. The Show Is Somewhat Like A Combination Of E.R. And Touch. Tonight’s Episode Also Focused On Charlie’s Future, By Introducing His Ex-Wife’s Petition To Gain Control Over Charlie’s Medical Decisions. I Hated The Pilot Episode Of Saving Hope, But After Watching The 2nd Episode Of The Season, I Immediately Became A Fan. However, I Would Suggest That You Don’t Invest All Of Your Emotions Into The Show, As I Don’t Expect It To Get A Second Season. The Show Is A Huge Hit In Canada (Where It Was Produced/Filmed), But The Show Hasn’t Done That Well In The U.S. NBC Is Notorious For Cancelling Fairly Decent Shows, And I Expect The Same To Happen With Saving Hope. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend You Check Out Saving Hope (While It’s Still On The Air). Watch Saving Hope Live: Thursday’s At 9/8C. On NBC.


~ Scott R.

  1. John Roberts says:

    What is the real life name of Sandhya? I cannot find it ANYWHERE.
    She’s beautiful and amazing.

    • Scott Roach says:

      That’s A Great Question, But Sadly, I Don’t Know Her Real Name. You May Can Find Her Name At The Opening Credits Of The Episode.

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