Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Charlie Meets With Jen And Her Business Partner (Lori), Because Jen Asked Charlie If He’d Like To Invest In Her And Lori’s Mobile Manicure Company.
  • Lori Arrives, And After Seeing How Beautiful She Is, Charlie Automatically Decides To Invest In The Company.
  • Charlie Tries To Convince Jen To Give Him Lori’s Number.
  • Jen Says That She Will Give Lori A Call For Charlie, Telling Her How Great Charlie Is.
  • Charlie And Lori Go Out For Dinner.
  • Charlie Learns That Lori Doesn’t Believe In Therapy.
  • Charlie Invites Lori To Sit In On One Of His Therapy Sessions, To Prove To Her That Therapy Is Valid. The Session Will Be A Bit Different, As Charlie Has Invited A Former Patient To Tell How Helpful Therapy Has Been For Him.
  • During His Testimony, The Former Patient Breaks Out In A Fit Of Anger. This Isn’t Helping Charlie Prove His Point, At All.
  • Lori Leaves The Therapy Session. Is Seems That Her And Charlie’s Relationship Has Hit A Rough Patch.
  • Patrick Calls Charlie And Tells Him That His Mother’s Ghost Is Haunting Him.
  • Charlie Arrives At Patrick’s Place.
  • Charlie Learns That Patrick’s Mother Made All Of His Relationship Decisions. Patrick And His Boyfriend Just Had A Fight, And Patrick Doesn’t Know What To Do About The Situation This Is Most Likely The Reason That Patrick “Thinks” He Is Being Haunted By His Mother’s Ghost.
  • Charlie Calms Patrick Down, And Tells Him That He May Need To Live On His Own For A While, So That He Can Learn To Make His Own Decisions.
  • Charlie Goes On Another Date With Lori. He Tells Her That He Had A Breakthrough With Patrick. Lori Says That She Can Move Past The Therapy Disagreement, And They Can Continue With Their Relationship.
  • Charlie Learns That Lori Believes In Non-Sense, And She Doesn’t Believe In Practical Things. Charlie Ultimately Ends His Relationship With Lori, And Goes Back To Kate.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “I’m Just Trying To Learn Here.”    – Ed

2) “I Can’t Quip.”    – Nolan

3) “Yes, Nailed The Quip.”    – Nolan

4) “You Need A Pysch Ward.”    – Charlie

5) “You Only Date Empty-Headed Young Girls.”   – Jen

6) “A Friggin’ Magician?”    – Charlie

7) “Whatever, I Just Want To Have Sex With You.”   – Lori

8) “Hey, Frogstein?”    – Ed

9) “Uh, Bobo’s Dead.”    – Lacey



Tonight’s Episode Of Anger Management Was Hilariously Magnificent! Tonight’s Episode Really Surprised Me When Denise Richards (Lori) Was Brought On. Since Charlie Sheen And Denise Richards Were Actually Married In Real Life, Th Episode Really Played Off On That. The Show Isn’t Complex, But It’s Hilarious, And It Keeps Me Interested Each Week. I Am Really Starting To Become A Fan Of The Show. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Anger Management. Watch Anger Management Live: Thursday’s At 9:30/8:30C. On FX.


~ Scott R.

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