Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Ben Begins Leading Karen To The Rebel Skitters, For Protection. Ben And Karen Run Into One Of The Overlords (Along With A Group Of Skitters/Mechs). It Seems That Karen Gave Their Location Away. She’s Been Working For The Overlords, The Entire Time.
  • Karen Puts Her Harness Back On, And Tries To Convince Ben To Put His Harness Back On.
  • Just Before Karen Puts Ben’s Harness Back On Him, The 2nd Mass Arrives, And A Gunfight Begins Between The 2nd Mass, And The Aliens.
  • Tom Draws His Gun On The Overlord, During The Gunfight. The Skitters And Mechs Stand Down. They Don’t Want To Risk Injuring Their Leader (The Overlord).
  • Anne Patches Up Maggie’s Wounds.
  • Tom And His Crew Return Back To Camp. They’ve Brought Back Ben Safely, And They’ve Also Brought Back The Overlord, As A Hostage.
  • The Aliens Begin Attacking Camp, Most Likely So That They Can Get The Overlord Back.
  • Tom Kills One Of The Mechs, By Creating An Explosion. The Explosion Traps Anne, Lourdes, And Matt In The Hospital’s Basement.
  • The Aliens Fall Back/Stand Down.
  • Karen Shows Up At The Camp’s Perimeter. She’s Wielding A White Flag, And Says That If The 2nd Mass Releases The Overlord, Everyone Can Leave Unharmed. Karen Says That If The 2nd Mass Doesn’t Release The Overlord, Things Will Get Ugly.
  • The 2nd Mass Knows That They Can’t Trust Karen And Her Deal, So They Begin Figuring Out Another Way To Safely Get Away From The Hospital.
  • The Overlord Remains Restrained In The Hospital Room.
  • Anne, Lourdes, And Matt Escape From The Basement, And Find Jamil Severely Injured, In The Hallway.
  • Maggie And Hal Head To An Access Tunnel, In The Lower Section Of The Hospital, To See If It Would Be A Suitable Escape Route.
  • Maggie And Hal Open The Door To The Tunnel, Only To Find Thousands Of Alien/Spider Creatures Inside. They Quickly Shut The Door, Trapping The Creatures Inside.Hundreds Of The Alien/Spider Creatures Begin Climbing Out Of Jamil. They USed Him As A Trojan Horse.
  • Anne, Lourdes, And Matt Begin Running From The Alien/Spider Creatures That Crawled From Inside Of Jamil.
  • Hal And Maggie Inform Weaver Of The New Threat.
  • Anne,Lourdes, And Matt Lock Themselves Inside Of The Blood Lab, To Escape From The Alien/Spider Creatures. Matt Is Sent Crawling Through An Air Vent Located In The Room, To Get/Bring Back Help.
  • Matt Finds Tom. He Tells Him That Anne And Lourdes Are Locked Inside Of The Blood Lab.
  • Karen Returns To The Camp’s Perimeter, With The Flag. Boon Walks Up Beside Her. It Seems That He Has Been Taken Hostage, While He Was Out Scouting.
  • Boon Is Killed By A Mech, Right In Front Of The 2nd Mass’s Eyed, As A Message Of Sorts.
  • Anne And Lourdes Are Rescued By Tom And Pope.
  • Weaver Is Informed Of Jamil’s Death.
  • Tom Bursts Into The Hospital Room, To Confront The Overlord. Ben Is In The Room, And The Overlord Begins Using Him As A Medium, To Speak.
  • The Overlord Claims That They Will Move On Once Their “Task” Is Completed. The Overlord Says That If The Humans/Rebel Skitters Continue To Interfere With Their “Task” There Will Only Be More Pain And Suffering.
  • The Overlord (Purposely) Causes Ben To Collapse In Some Sort Of Seizure.
  • The Overlord Tells Tom To Release Him Immediately.
  • Tom Shoots The Overlord, And Ben Is Released From His Mind Control. Ben Seems To Be Unharmed.
  • Anne Begins Trying To Patch Up The Severely Injured Overlord.
  • Karen Is Brought To The Hospital Room, And Her Injured Leader Is Shown To Her.
  • It’s Revealed That The Hospital Is Rigged With Explosives. Tom Tells Karen That If She Lets The 2nd Mass Evacuate, They Won’t Blow The Hospital, And Cause Her/The Overlord To Die.
  • The 2nd Mass Safely Evacuates The Hospital. They Plan To Head For Charleston.
  • Ben Heads Out To Join The Skitter Rebellion. He Informs Tom Of His Departure.
  • The 2nd Mass Begins Their Journey To Charleston.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Damn Straight.”   – Weaver

2) “Tell Me What To Do.”    – Tom

3) “It Beats Dying In Here.”    – Weaver

4) “Trusting You Is Problematic.”   – Karen

5) “Just Doing My Job.”   – Matt



Tonight’s Episode Of Falling Skies Was Phenomenal! Tonight’s Episode Definitely Had New Twists And Presented New Mysteries. I’ve Been A Fan Of The Show, Since It’s Premiere Last Summer, And Tonight’s Episode Definitely Showed Me Why I Am A Fan! Tonight’s Episode Expanded On The Mystery Of The Overlords, And Their Reason For Invading Earth. Sadly, One Of The Fairly Important Characters Died, Which Will Definitely Affect The 2nd Mass. The Next New Episode Seems Like It Wil Expand Even More On The Mystery Of The Overlords/Aliens, Which Should Be Interesting. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Falling Skies. Watch Falling Skies Live: Sunday’s At 9/8C. On TNT

Side Note: Falling Skies Will Be Having A Short Hiatus. Be Sure To Catch An All New Episode: August, 8th At 9/8C. Only On TNT.


~ Scott R.

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