Rookie Blue 3×07 “The Girlfriend Experience” 7/26/12

Posted: July 27, 2012 by Anna Hall in Rookie Blue
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  • Peck and Collins have a makeout session in an empty room at the station.
  • Andy and Traci look at magazines and things for the wedding. Traci wants it to be in the Dominican Republic.
  • Andy asks Sam to take a vacation with her by going to the wedding, but Sam says no and doesn’t know why people get married in the first place. He complains and says they should’ve just had it at city hall.
  • Jerry talks to Traci about getting a boat and more about the wedding, but Traci says that she just wants to keep it small.
  • Collins and McNally are partenered together, and they get a call about a disturbance. There, they find a man yelling at a woman about his missing girlfriend.
  • At the station, they find that the victim (Liz Adams) has a lot in common with one of Barber’s victims named Nicole. Both Nicole and Liz are escorts for the same agency.
  • Swarek and Barber talk to Best about putting Gail undercover for a sting operation, because there was one user who went to dinner with both girls.
  • Gail comes up with a profile for her cover, and picks the name Jazmine (thanks to Andy McNally).
  • Williams shows Peck how to seduce men, and uses Shaw as an exaomple.
  • Epstein and Diaz listen to every 911 call about the missing escort Nicole.
  • Gail tells everyone that she’s ready to go undercover.
  • Swarek, Barber, and Nash go to the hotel that GAil is meeting the suspect at and make sure that everything is set up and that the owner knows they’re there.
  • Gail shows up looking nervous but pretty, and Nash and Barber watch her every move from a van outside. McNally and Swarek are inside the building with Peck.
  • The suspect shows up, and makes small talk with Peck. She uses Williams’ technique.
  • Diaz and Epstein want to give up on listening to the 911 calls, but find an interesting call from a man who found a locket with Nicole’s name on it.
  • Gail and the suspect leave the bar and while McNally and Collins think they’re going up to the penthouse, the suspect actually takes Gail to the parking garage.
  • The team can’t find Gail, and they start to freak out but Nash sees her on the cameras.
  • Swarek and Collins come and grab the suspect and bring him into the station.
  • They find out his name is Charlie Davis.
  • Liz Adams shows up to the station and says she was never missing, she had just taken a holiday. Swarek takes her to identify Charlie, and Liz says she knows him, but he didn’t hit her. She says her boyfriend Drew had been abusing her.
  • The old man that called about the locket brings it to Diaz and Epstein, and they go out to look where the man found it.
  • Barber tells Nash that they’re back to the same place they started with the case.
  • Gail gets a cab home, and calls Collins to come and keep her company.
  • Diaz and Epstein find Nicole’s body by where the locket was found.
  • Gail gets back to Andy’s and opens the door when someone knocks. Turns out it wasn’t Collins, it was a masked man who beats her up and abducts her.


1. “I think I’ve convinced him to have the wedding in the Dominican Republic.” -Traci Nash

2. “You’re just naming princesses.” -Gail Peck

3. “maybe you’re the one thats insecure.” -Gail Peck to Charlie Davis

4. “Wait, so your full name is Bear With The Strength Of God Epstein?” -Chris Diaz


This episode was definitely worth watching! I was wondering when they would bring a major plot into play. Gail’s first undercover mission went well…until the end.I’m wondering if the killer is someone we know, or if someone we know will die? And can we PLEASE let this abduction get Chris and Gail back together? I’m actually sick of Gail and Collins already, which doesn’t usually happen for me. Anyway, I’m excited to see Luke come back and how that will affect McNally and Swarek. The next episode looks intense and I can’t wait to watch!


  1. John says:

    I soooooooooo agree! HOPE this gets Gail and Chris back together, they so belong together and I hate her with Collins and have no desire to see her with anyone else especially Dov!

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