Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Charlie Tells The Group To Call Each Other, In Case Of An Anger Related Emergency, When They Can’t Get In Touch With Him.
  • Charlie Gets A Bit Jealous When He Learns That Kate Is Going On A Date With A Rather Intellectual Man, Named Victor.
  • Charlie Meets a Coffee Shop Barista Who Is Working On Her PhD In Statistical Economics (Allie). Charlie And Allie Plan To Go On A Dinner Date.
  • Charlie Learns That Allie Is A Patient Of Kate’s. Kate Tells Charlie That He Shouldn’t Date Allie, As It Would Be A Conflict To His & Allie’s Therapy Sessions.
  • Ed Gets A Call From Patrick, Who Needs To Be Talked Down. Patrick’s Neighbors Have Been Partying For 12 Hours, And He’s Starting To Get Angry. Ed Blows Patrick Off, And Hangs Up The Phone.
  • Patrick Calls Lacey For Help, Since Ed Ignored Him.
  • Lacey Agrees To Go To Patrick’s Place. She Gets Nolan To Drive Her There.
  • Charlie And Allie Go Out On A Dinner Date.
  • Charlie Tells Allie That Kate Doesn’t Want Them To Date. Charlie Tells Allie That He Can No Longer Date Her.
  • Alice Convinces Charlie To Continue Seeing Her.
  • The Group Shows Up For Their Therapy Session. It’s Revealed That Nolan, Lacey, And Patrick Got Into A Fight With Patrick’s Neighbors. Ed Had To Bail Them All Out Of Jail, After They Were Arrested For The Fight.
  • Allie Convinces Charlie To Go To Kate’s Office, To Have “Relations”. Charlie’s Conscious Gets To Him, And He Tells Allie That Kate Is His Friend, And He Couldn’t Do That To Her.
  • Charlie Tells Kate About What Happened Between Him And Allie, In Her Office.
  • Kate Tells Charlie That She Ended Things Between Her And Victor.
  • Charlie And Kate’s “Friends With Benefits” Relationship Continues.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Stupid, But Bangable.”    – Charlie

2) “That’s When I Piss, Shave, And Have Breakfast.”    – Ed

3) “You Were Supposed To Talk Me Out Of It!”    – Charlie

4) “Phone System Works!”      – Charlie

5) “Thanks For The Trip Down Memory Lane.”   – Jen

6) “Okay. So The Mood Is Set For All Of Santa Monica.”    – Charlie

7) “Mmm. Charlie Like.”    – Charlie



Tonight’s Episode Of Anger Management Was Hilariously Entertaining, As Usual. The Show Continues To Entertain Me With It’s Hilarious Jokes, And Awkward Moments. I’ve Never Been A Fan Of Charlie Sheen, But I’m Really Beginning To Like The Show. This Is Definitely Charlie Sheen‘s Big Comeback! I Highly Expect This Outrageous, And Entertaining, Comedy To Be Renewed For A 2nd Season. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Anger Management. Watch Anger Management Live: Thursday’s At 9:30/8:30c. On FX.


~ Scott R.

( Follow Me On Twitter: @NBC_CHUCK_FAN )

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