Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Travis And Wes Are Called, By Travis’s Old Boss (Dan), To The Scene Of A Drug Deal Gone Wrong. Apparently A Drug Cartel Was Doing A Deal, When Everything Went Bad. There Was A Police Informant That Was Killed In The Midst Of The Bad Drug Deal. All Of This Took Place In A Parking Structure.
  • Dan Tells Travis And Wes That There Is A Witness Named Charlie. Charlie Is Puking In A Bathroom, Located At The Crime Scene.
  • Travis And Wes Go To Check On Charlie In The Bathroom, Only To Learn That He’s Escaped/Ran From The Scene.
  • Wes Calls In The Head Of The “Missing Persons” Department (Fred). Fred Is Also Wes’s Former Boss.
  • Wes Suspects That Charlie May Have Been One Of The Shooter’s At The Scene, Rather Than A Witness.
  • Travis And Wes Get An Address On Charlie, And Head To The Location.
  • Travis And Wes Enter The House, Only To Find Charlie’s Wife And Daughter Inside. Charlie’s Wife Says That Charlie Left About An Hour Ago. Before He Left, Charlie Told His Wife That He Was In Trouble. Charlie Left His Wife And Daughter A Stockpile Of Cash, And Fled.
  • Charlie’s Wife Tells Travis And Wes That Charlie Borrowed Money From The Cartel, To Start His Limousine Service. The Wife Says That Charlie Borrowed The Money From A Man Named Miguel, Who Owns/Runs A Local Car wash.
  • Travis And Wes Head To The Car wash.
  • Travis And Wes Enter The Car wash, Where Multiple People Begin Shooting At Them.
  • Travis And Wes Corner The Assailants. Miguel Rushes Out, And Says That The Men Are His Bodyguards. Miguel Says That His Bodyguards Thought That Travis And Wes Were Trying To Hurt/Kill Him. Travis And Wes Arrest Miguel And His Bodyguards.
  • Travis And Wes Begin Questioning Miguel. Miguel Says That He Doesn’t Know About The Drug Deal. Miguel Says That Charlie Came To The Car wash, And Attacked Him, After Miguel Lent Him Money.
  • Fred Sees A Spot Of Blood On One Of The Limousine’s Tires, At The Crime Scene. The Blood Doesn’t Match Any Of The Dead Bodies.
  • Fred Says That The Blood Matches A Sample That Was Found At A Massacre In Mexico. The Locals Claim That The Mexico Massacre Was Committed By A Cartel Assassin Known As “El Ingeniero”.
  • Dan Claims That “El Ingeniero” Doesn’t Exist.
  • Travis And Wes Begin To Get Annoyed Of Each Other’s Ex-Bosses.
  • Fred And Dan Both Want To Make The Arrest Of The Killer, To Save Their Drowning Careers.
  • Dan And Travis Apprehend Charlie.
  • Travis And Wes Begin Questioning Charlie. Charlie Says That When He Borrowed The Money From Miguel, The Deal Was That He Had To Pay The Money Back, And Do A Favor For Miguel. Charlie Says That The Favor Was That He Had To Pick Up A Certain Individual, And Drive Him Wherever He Needed To Go. The Guy Asked Charlie To Take Him To The Parking Structure. Charlie Says That The Man Got Out Of The Car, And Began Killing Everyone At The Scene.
  • Charlie’s Public Defender Arrives, And The Questioning Is Temporarily Put On Hold.
  • Charlie’s Questioning Resumes. Charlie Reveals That He Didn’t Pick Up A Mysterious Man, But Rather, He Was The Person That Killed Everyone At The Scene.  Charlie Seems Frightened, As If Someone Has Forced Him To Make The Confession.
  • Travis And Wes Learn That Charlie’s Public Defender Signed In As James Wilder. The City Has No Record Of A Public Defender Named James Wilder.
  • Travis And Wes Pull The Precinct’s Security Tapes. They Spot A Person That Matches The Description Of The Guy That Charlie Originally Said He Picked Up.
  • Charlie Tells Travis And Wes Learn That “El Ingeniero”  Has Taken His Wife And Daughter Captive.
  • Miguel Is Brought Back To The Station, For Questioning.
  • Travis And Wes Are Able To Convince Miguel To Tell Them About “El Ingeniero”. Miguel Says That “El Ingeniero” Is Leaving The Country Within 24 Hours.
  • After A Lengthy Gunfight, “El Ingeniero” Is Apprehended At A Local Airport Hangar. Charlie’s Wife And Daughter Are Found, Unharmed, In The Hangar.
  • Dan Is Injured During The Gunfight. He Is Expected To Make A Full Recovery.
  • Charlie Agrees To Testify Against The Cartel, If He And His Family Are Put Into Witness Protection.
  • Both Dan And Fred Give Credit For The Arrest Of “El Ingeniero” To Travis And Wes.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Yes, In-Laws Are A Universal Problem.”    – Dr. Ryan

2) “I Am The Decider Now.”    – Travis

3) “Damn, T, You Sound Like My Ex.”    – Dan

4) “You Put A Dent In Trudy!”     – Dan

5) “Hey Guys, There Is No Boogie Man.”    – Dan

6) “Who Signs A Text Message?”    – Travis



Tonight’s Episode Of Common Law Was Great! Tonight’s Episode Was Able To Focus On Travis And Wes’s Progressing Relationship A Bit More Than The Previous Episodes In The Season. I Love How The Series Also Focuses On  Individual Cases. The Show Is Adequately To Mix Comedy, Awkwardness, Drama, And Mystery Into A 1 Hour Time Frame. This Makes For A Very Interesting Show. I’ve Become A Huge Fan Of The Show, And Can’t Wait To Hear News On A Second Season. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Common Law. Watch Common Law Live: Friday’s At 10/9C. On USA.


~ Scott R.

( Follow Me On Twitter: @NBC_CHUCK_FAN )

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