Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Cameron And Dani Begin To Form A Romantic Relationship.
  • Rosen Begins To Suspect That Stanton Parrish Caused The Train Explosion.
  • Rosen And The Team Are Assigned To Find A Man Who Kidnapped An Individual Named Dr. Westman, At A Restaurant. No-One Saw The Kidnapper, Which Leads Rosen To Believe That The Kidnapper Is An Alpha.
  • Gary Pulls The Restaurants Security Footage, And Sees A Blur. The Blur Is The Kidnapper. The Kidnapper Is Moving 10 Times The Speed Of A Normal Human.
  • Rosen Suspects To Move As Fast As He Is, The Alpha Must Be Burning 10,000+ Calories Per Day. This Could Be Causing The Man’s Body To Literally Eat Itself.
  • Rosen Asks Rachael, Who Is At The Scene Of The Kidnapping With The Rest Of The Team, To Keep Alert For The Scent Of Bad Breath, Or Rotten Meat. Since The Man’s Body Is Eating Itself, A Foul Odor Will Be Created.
  • Rachael Finds, And Traces, The Foul Scent To An Abandoned Fish Processing Plant.
  • Bill, Lauren, And Rachael Find A Freezer In The Plant. They Open The Freezer Door, And Out Falls Dr. Westman. Dr. Westman Has Been Stabbed With A Screwdriver, And Is Dead.
  • The Prints Found On The Screwdriver  Belong To A Man Who Was Arrested A While Back. The Man Was Chased On Foot, By The Police, And Was Clocked At Running 45 Miles Per Hour On Foot. The Man’s Name Is Eli Aquino.
  • It’s Revealed That Eli’s Condition Causes Him To Age At A Very Quick Rate,
  • Gary Learns That Cameron Is Seeing Dani.
  • Eli’s Wife Comes To The Office, To Be Interviewed.
  • Nina Uses Her Abilities To Question Eli’s Wife. The Woman Doesn’t Have Any Useful Information.
  • Another Kidnapping Is Reported. The Scenario Seems To Be Exactly Like Dr. Westman’s Kidnapping.
  • The Team Finds Eli And His Victim. The Kidnapped Man Is Unharmed. Eli Makes A Run For It.
  • Eli Escapes.
  • It’s Revealed That Eli Was A Patient Of His Latest Kidnap Victim (Dr. Casey). The Team Takes Dr. Casey Back To The Office, To Further Question Him.
  • Dr. Casey Reveals That He And Dr. Westman Were Doing Highly Controversial Experiments, That Altered The Brain’s Structure. Dr. Casey Says That They Were Using Kids To Experiment On. (Eli Was One Of The Kids That Was Experimented On) Dr. Casey Says That All Of The Kids’ Parents Signed Release Forms.
  • Dani Is Shown Talking To Stanton Parrish. It Seems That They’re Well Acquainted.
  • Following Stanton’s Advice, Dani Tells Cameron That They Can No Longer Be Romantically Involved.
  • Rosen Plans On Using Dr. Casey As Bait, To Draw Out Eli.
  • Bill Begins To Question Rosen’s Authority And Judgement.
  • Nina Tells Cameron That She Wants To Give Their Romantic Relationship Another Try. Cameron Informs Her That He’s Seeing Someone. When Cameron Won’t Tell Her Who He’s Seeing, Nina Uses Her Abilities On Him, And Learns That Cameron Is Seeing Dani.
  • The Team Sets Up Their Sting Operation, Using Dr. Casey As Bait.
  • Bill Learns That Cameron Is Seeing Dani.
  • Rachael Leaves The Office, To Join The Sting Operation.
  • While At The Office, Rosen Is Confronted By Eli. Eli Says That He Just Wants Rosen To Help Cure His Condition. Rosen Tells Eli That He Will Help Him.
  • Rachael Learns That Cameron Is Seeing Dani.
  • The Team Learns That They’ve Been Played, And Eli Is Most Likely At The Office.
  • While At The Office With Rosen, Eli Spots A Picture Of Stanton Parrish, On Rosen’s Desk. Eli Says That Stanton Is The Person That Ran The Clinic, Where He Was Experimented On By Dr. Casey, And Dr. Westman.
  • Dani Arrives At The Office, And Sees Eli Talking To Rosen. She Calls Cameron, And Alerts Him Of The Situation.
  • The Team Arrives At The Office, And Finds Dani Tied Up On The Floor. Dani Says That Eli Took Rosen, But She Doesn’t Know Where They Went.
  • Gary Spots Rosen’s Vehicle Heading Down The Street. The Team Heads After Rosen And Eli.
  • The Team Tracks Down Rosen’s Car And Finds Rosen And Eli. Eli Runs, And Takes Rosen Hostage.
  • A Standoff Occurs. Eli Has Rosen At Knife-Point, And The Team Has Eli Cornered.
  • Dani Walks Up To Eli, And Puts Her Hands On His Face. She Is Using Her Alpha Ability To Help Him.
  • While Dani Is Using Her Ability On Elo, Eli Is Shot In The Back, And Dies. It’s Not Clear Who Took The Shot. An Investigation Follows.
  • Dani Tells Stanton That She Wants, And Is Going To, Be With Cameron.
  • Bill Learns That Rosen’s Authority And Judgement Is Intact.
  • Rosen Tells The Team That The Only People That They Can Trust, Is Each Other.
  • Rosen Finds Nina At A Local Restaurant. Nina Tells Rosen That She’s Finished. She Says That She’s Resigning From The Team.
  • Nina Also Tells Rosen That Cameron Is Seeing Dani.
  • Nina Uses Her Abilities On Rosen, And Tells Him To Forget About It, She’s Gone. Nina Leaves Rosen Sitting In The Restaurant.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Was Breakfast Sex?”   – Gary

2) “Mind Blowing Sex Could Never Be Wrong, Ever.”   – Bill

3) “I’ll Kill You First. I Get Up At 7:42.”    – Gary

4) “I’m Slamming My Door!”   – Gary

5) “I Believe Rachael Can Decide For Herself.”    – Rosen

6) “Glad I Slept In.”   – Nina

7) “No, That’s What He Is, A Jerk-Ass.”    – Gary



Tonight’s Episode Of Alphas Was Great! I’ve Been A Fan Of The Series Since The Series Premiere, And Tonight’s Episode Made Me Realize Why I’m Such A Huge Fan! Tonight’s Episode Mixed In: Romance, Drama, Mystery, Humor, And Suspense Into An Hour Time Slot. The Show Focuses On A Group Of People With Superhuman’s (Known As Alphas) Who Are Trying To Stop An Evil/Rouge Group Of Alphas Known As Red-Flag. Alphas Is Very Similar To The Hit Series Heroes. I Loved The Entire First Season Of Alphas, And Season Two Is Off To A Magnificent Start! Overall, I Would Highly Recommend Alphas. Watch Alphas Live: Monday’s At 10/9C. On SYFY.


~ Scott R.

( Follow Me On Twitter: @NBC_CHUCK_FAN )

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