Episode Notes/Recap:

  • One Of Charlie’s Prison Therapy Patients Reveals That He Is Going To Be Released From Prison, In A Few Hours. The Patient’s Name Is Cleo.
  • Cleo’s Boyfriend  Is Angry That Cleo Is Getting Released, While He Remains In Prison.
  • Cleo Shows Up At Charlie’s Place. Cleo Tells Charlie That His Name Is Actually Derek. Derek Tells Charlie That He Was Only “Prison Gay”. Derek Says That He Went To See His Wife, Only To Learn That She Had Run Off With Another Guy.
  • Derek Tells Charlie That He Needs A Place To Stay. Charlie Tells Him The He Can’t Stay, But Charlie Stays Anyway.
  • Derek Joins The Rest Of Charlie’s Group, In Therapy Sessions.
  • Derek Continues Staying At Charlie’s Place.
  • Charlie Goes To Jen’s House, Only To Find Her And Derek Together.
  • Charlie Begins To Question Jen’s Intelligence, Due To The Fact That She Knows She’s Seeing A Felon.
  • Charlie Reveals To Derek That He Doesn’t Want Him Seeing Jen Anymore.
  • Jen Bursts In And Informs Charlie That She Is Going To Continue Seeing Derek.
  • Jen Tells Charlie That They’re Just A Normal Divorced Couple. Jen Says That Their Friendship Is Over.
  • Derek Gets Himself Arrested, Because He Misses Donovan (His Boyfriend Who Is Still In Prison).  Derek Re-Assumes The Name Cleo.
  • Charlie And Jen Have An Open Conversation, And They Agree To Stay Friends.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “I’m Not Your Monster Anymore.”    – Donovan

2) “I Could Have Traded You For Jell-O, And I Didn’t!”    – Donovan

3) “We Never Hand The Angry Man A Second Chair.”   – Charlie

4) “She Not My B**** No Mo’.  She’s Just My Baby Mama.”   – Charlie

5) “Are You Trying To Talk Black?”   – Derek

6) “That’s Just How Charlie Do.”   – Charlie



Tonight’s Episode Of Anger Management Was Hilarious! I Love How The Show, Is A Simple, Yet Hilarious Comedy, That Can Keep You Entertained Throughout The Episode. I Usually Hate Charlie Sheen’s Work, But I Feel That This Show Is His Huge Comeback. If You’re A Fan Of Men At Work (On TBS), Then You’ll Definitely Like Anger Management! Overall, I Would Absolutely Recommend Anger Management. Watch Anger Management Live: Thursday’s At 9:30/8:30c. On FX


~ Scott R.

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