Air Date 8/02/12

Intro Quote:

“Spies are trained to immediately when an operation goes bad. Every minute that goes by is another minute your enemy can use to regroup and get stronger but there are times when you have to remember that denying grief and loss and love can be dangerous too because in the heat of battle you have to know what your fighting for.” Michael Westen

Michael and Fiona share a moment on the beach.

Michael and Fiona

  • “Thank you for not giving up”- Fiona
  • “Consider it payback of the thousand times you never gave up on me”- Michael
  • Michael asks Fiona to sit out the next mission.
  • “Have you ever thought you deserve better then this?”- Michael
  • “All I wanted was to be by your side, I’m not leaving it again”- Fiona
  • “Lets go find the bastard who killed your brother”- Fiona
  • Rebecca is called to see if she knows if Anson had any enemies.
  • Madeline wont speak to Michael following his brothers death.
  • Rebecca won’t answer and she is hiding out at Sam’s girlfriends (Elsa) place. They suspect someone could of got to her.
  • They show up and Rebecca is gone, a planned escape.
  • “Rebecca played us!”- Michael
  • They suspect she got away with plenty of time to kill Anson and Nate.
  • Michael asks Sam to get his girlfriend to pull the phone records for the whole floor.
  • (We finally meet Elsa)
  • Elsa’s son Evan has got himself into some trouble and she asks Sam to check in on him.
  • What is supposed to be a simple job……
  • Evan owes a loan shark a lot of money. Sam and Jesse got involved in a not so simple job now.
  • Morris- Not  a decent guy (Chuck fans will know him as Clyde Decker)
  • Meanwhile Michael and Fiona are looking through phone records go to check out a print shop that Rebecca called looking to have fake ID’s made.
  • “When we shot, we shot to kill”- Michael
  • Sam/Jesse /Evan are tasked with stealing a truck supposedly filled with champagne. They’ll later find out its full of drug making supplies.
  • Michael/Fiona take over the print shop and get the owner to call Rebecca to tell her, her ID’s are ready. They plan an ambush.
  • Sam talks to Evan and tries to figure out why he’s always giving his mom hell.
  • Sam/Evan/Jesse mange to steal the truck. They open it and find an MDMA lab on wheels. Sam and Evan get into a heated fight over all the crap he got them into.
  • Back at the print shop Rebecca show up but catches on and runs.
  • “Once someone uses force the game changes entirely”- Michael
  • Rebecca shoots Michael, Michael shoots Rebecca who gets away.
  • Sam/Evan/Jesse are being chased my Morris and his armed men.
  • Jesse works on constructing explosives.
  • “There’s a reason bomb makers are fussy about there work spaces when a stray spark or dropped breaker can end more then just your career you take every precaution to operate in a safe, stable environment, of course when your in the field you don’t always get what you want so if you need to build improved explosives in the back of a moving truck you keep your head down, stay focused and you pray nothing blows up before its supposed to.”
  • The explosives by them some time. Sam call in reinforcements.
  • “Remember when I said I didn’t need you to help with that thing with Elsa’s son… I got a truck full of drugs and some angry guys with guns in the rear view”- Sam to Michael
  • Morris shots the trucks gas tank. “Scratch that were not going to make it back to Miami and we need a new plan fast”- Sam
  • Michael poses as a dirty cop and lets the club owners know where there stolen truck is as a ploy to get them after Morris.
  • Sam/Jesse/Evan setup a trap with Ether allowing them to get away.
  • Michel shows up with the angry club owners to find Morris at there tuck.
  • Morris is killed.
  • Sam arranges a sit down with Evan and his mom Elsa. Sam bring a bottle of liquor and says there to spend some quality time together and not leave util the bottle is gone.
  • Michael and Fiona got back to Michael’s house to find Rebecca there.
  • “I didn’t kill your brother Michael”- Rebecca
  • “I wanted to kill him (Anson) more then anybody on the planet but I didn’t, I was still in Florida when he died.”- Rebecca
  • “You don’t have to believe me, shoot me if you want but im not going to run from you. Were either good or were not you decide”- Rebecca
  • Michael lets Rebecca go.
  • “I’m sorry for your loss, I hope you find the son of a bitch that pulled the trigger”- Rebecca

Nathan’s Funeral (The look on Michael’s face says it all)

Michael and Madeline

Final Thoughts

This episode reinvigorated Burn Notice and shows that the story has a long way to go before it gets stale.

What did you think of the episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Aaron Zaffuto @zaffuto234

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