Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Wes Begins Dreaming About Dr. Ryan.
  • Dr. Ryan Arrives At The Precinct. Apparently Her Fiance (Robert) Was Attcked The Previous Night. Robert Is Currently Being Interviewed.
  • Robert Tells Travis And Wes That He Was Jumped By A Group Of Kids.
  • The Captain Tells Travid And Wes To Stay Away From Robert’s Case, Due To The Fact That They Are Patients Of Dr. Ryan.
  • Travis And Wes {Discreetly} Take On Robert’s Case.
  • Travis And Wes Go To Question The Security Guard That Works At The Construction Side Where Robert Was Attacked (Robert Also Owns The Site). The Guard Says That Robert Was Attacked By Only 1 Mid 20-ish European Male. Apparently Robert Lied In His Report.
  • Travis And Wes Search The Construction Site, And Find A Mold Of Freshly Poured Concrete. They Use A Sonar Like Detector, And Learn That A Body Is Underneath The Concrete. The Security Guard Says That None Of The Workers Poured The Concrete.
  • Robert Is Called Down To The Site. Robert Says That He Doesn’t Know Who The Dead Person Is. Robert Maintains That He Doesn’t Know The Identity Of The Person That Attacked Him.
  • Robert Says That He Sometimes Has To Do Business With Criminals. Robert Says In This Case, He Had To Deal With A Man Named Aaron, Who Is A Suspected Mob Boss. Robert Says He Had To Bribe Aram, Which Made Aram Think That He Had More Authority On The Site, Than He Actually Did.
  • Robert Reveals That He And Dr. Ryan Are Getting Married In 2 Months.
  • The Captain Tells Travis And Wes Not To Mention Anything About Robert’s Bribery, To Dr. Ryan.
  • Travis Also Begins Having Dreams About Dr. Ryan.
  • It’s Revealed That The Dead Body, Found In The Concrete, Is That Of Craig Seward. Apparently Craig Was A Lawyer.
  • Travis And Wes Find A Man That Matches The Description That Robert Gave Of His Attacker. The Suspect’s Name Is Karl.
  • Travis And Wes Go To Question Karl. Karl Makes A Run For It.
  • Karl Is Apprehended And Brought Back To The Station For Questioning.
  • Karl Says That He Didn’t Kill Anyone. Karl’s DNA Comes Back, And It Doesn’t Match The DNA Found On Craig’s Body.
  • Aram (Who Is Suspected OF Employing Karl) Comes To Answer A Few Questions, As He Is Suspected Of Killing Craig.
  • Aram Willingly Provides A Sample Of His DNA.
  • Travis And Wes Reveal To Dr. Ryan That They Are Having Dreams About Her. Dr. Ryan Says That The Dreams Are A Sign That The Therapy Is Working. Dr. Ryan Says That The Dreams Are Completely Normal.
  • Aram’s DNA Comes Back, And It’s Not A Match.
  • Robert Tells Travis And Wes That A Couple Of Aram’s Goons Threatened Him.
  • Dr. Ryan Learns That Travis And Wes Are Working Robert’s Case.
  • Dr. Ryan Says That Robert Was With Her During The Night Of Craig’s Murder.
  • Karl Cracks And Says That Aram E-mailed Him, Telling Him To Drop Craig’s Body Off At The Construction Site.
  • Aram Is Arrested, And Brought Back For Questioning. His Lawyer, Tim (Who Coincidently,  Is Also Karl’s Lawyer) Is With Him.
  • It’s Revealed That Tim Killed Craig. Apparently, Tim And Craig Went To Law School Together. Tim Started Talking About The Work He Was Doing For Aram, And Craig Began Blackmailing Him. Tim Paid Up For A Few Months, But Grew Tired Of The Blackmailing, And Killed Craig. Tim Called Aram, To Get The Body Removed, And Aram Passed The Task Along To Karl. Tim Is Arrested.
  • Dr. Ryan Tells Travis And Wes That She Can Longer Be Their Therapist. She Refers Travis And Wes To A New Therapist.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “You Dirty Dog, You.”   – Travis


Tonight’s Episode Of Common Law Was Great, As Usual! The Show Continues To Put A Comedic Spin On Law And Order Which Creates A Unique Environment For The Characters. Travis And Wes’s Unconventional Friendship Makes The Show Highly Entertaining. I’ve Been A Huge Fan Of The Show, Since Watching The Pilot. There Is No Official Word Yet On A Second Season, But I Highly Expect Common Law To Be Renewed. Overall, I Would Absolutely Recommend Common Law. Watch Common Law Live: Friday’s At 10/9C. On USA.

~ Scott R.

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