Episode Notes/Recap:

  • The 2nd Mass Hits The Road, For Charleston.
  • Weaver, Who Is Riding In The Truck That Tector Is Driving, Begins Talking With Tector.
  • Weaver Learns That Tector Is Ex-Military.
  • The Convoy Is Stopped When Tector Hits A Harnessed Girl, With The Truck That He Is Driving.
  • The Girl Is Brought To The Medical Bus, Where Anne Begins Examining Her. Anne Suspects That The Girl’s Harness Is Internally Damaged, Or Defective, Due To The Fact That It Isn’t Glowing.
  • The Girl Gains Consiousness, And Asks Where Her Brother, Tyler, Is.
  • The Girl Is Secured/Restrained In The Medical Bus, And The Convoy Resumes Their Journey.
  • Matt Introduces Himself  To The Harnessed Girl. She Says That Her Name Is Jenny.
  • The Vehicle That Hal, Maggie, And Pope Are Driving Runs Hot. The Radiator Needs To Be Filled With Water, And A Hole In The Radiator Hose Needs To Be Repaired. Pope Says There Is A River Within Walking Distance. They Can Get The Water For The Radiator, From There.
  • Hal Heads For The Nearby River To Get Water For The Radiator. Pope And Maggie Stay Behind To Patch Up The Hole In The Radiator Hose.
  • It’s Revealed That Maggie Has Lied About Her Past. Her True Past, However, Remains A Mystery.
  • Tector Tells Weaver That Once They Are In Charleston, He Plans To Continue Moving Forward.
  • Jenny Feels The Presence Of Tyler. Tyler Isn’t Jenny’s Biological Sibling, But Rather, He Was Joined To The Same Skitter That Jenny Was Joined To.
  • Tyler Attacks The Convoy, But Then Disappears. No-One Saw Tyler During The Attack, And No-One Was Injured.
  • Hal, Maggie, And Pope Repair Their Vehicle, And Continue Moving Forward.
  • Maggie Reveals To Hal That At Age 18, She Ran Away From Home, Hooked Up With A Guy, And Turned To A Life Of Crime And Drugs. Maggie Was Arrested For Burglary, And Sent To Prison. While In Prison, She Learned That She Was Pregnant. Maggie Had The Baby, But It Was Taken By Child Services, Shortly After Being Born.
  • Matt Enters The Medical Bus, Only To See Tyler Trying To Get To Jenny. Jenny Breaks Free From Her Restraints, And Says That She Must Join Tyler. Matt tries To Stop Jenny, But She Pushes Him (With Tremendous Force) Out Of The Way. Jenny Flees, And Matt Is Now Unconscious.
  • Matt Regains Consciousness, And Learns That Jenny Has Fled. The 2nd Mass Has Gotten The Convoy Back On  Track, To Charleston.
  • Lourdes Continues To Grieve Over The Death Of Jamil.
  • Tector Begins Telling Weaver The Horrors That He Experienced In Afghanistan, And How He Witnessed The Death Of His Team. Weaver Tells Tector That The Death Of Boone, Nor The Death Of His Team, Were His Fault.
  • Weaver Tells Tector That The 2nd Mass Needs Him.
  • The 2nd Mass Arrives At The Bridge Entering Charleston, Only To Find The Bridge Destroyed, And Charleston In Ruins.
  • Tector Regains His Confidence And Loyalty.
  • The 2nd Mass Decides To Move On, And Find A Suitable Place To Build A Community.
  • Just As The 2nd Mass Is About To Head Out, Jim Porter And His Platoon Show Up.
  • Hal, Maggie, And Pope Are With Porter, And His Platoon. All Three Of Them Are Safe.
  • Jim Tells Weaver That They Need To Get Settled In Charleston. Jim Says That Charleston Is In Fact The New Capital, But It’s “Disguised”.
  • The 2nd Mass Decides To Follow Jim And His Platoon To Charleston.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “You’re Not Gonna Die.”   – Tom

2) “You Call Me Boss One More Time, I’ll Slap You Myself.”   – Weaver

3) “You Don’t Have Enough Dark In Your Soul.”    – Maggie

4) “We’re Not Dead Yet.”   – Anne



Well, What Can I Say About Tonight’s Episode? Tonight’s Episode Of Falling Skies Was Magnificent! I Was Really Excited To See The 2nd Mass Re-Unite With Porter. I Was Also Excited To See Them Finally Reach Charleston, But It May Not Be What It Seems. Tonight’s Episode Had Large Amounts Of Suspense, Drama, Mystery, Sadness, It Basically Played On Every Emotion. I’ve Been A Huge Fan Of The Show Since Season 1, And I Think I’m Becoming A “Superfan” As Season 2 Continues To Progress. Next Week’s Episode Is Definitely Going To Top Tonight’s Episode, As Charleston May Turn Out To Be More Than What It’s Portrayed As. Also, Terry O’ Quinn Will Be Guest Starring In Next Week’s Episode. I’m Excited To See How This Season Ends, And I Can’t Wait For Season 3, When It Airs, Next Summer. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Falling Skies. Watch Falling Skies Live: Sunday’s At 9/8C. On TNT.


~ Scott R.

( Follow Me On Twitter: @NBC_CHUCK_FAN )

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