Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Travis And Wes Begin Taking Sessions With Their New Therapist.
  • Travis And Wes Don’t Like Their New Therapist, And He Doesn’t Like Them Either. The Therapist Tells Travis And Wes That They No Longer Have To Attend His Sessions. the Therapist Says That In A Few Months, He Will Call Captain Sutton, And Tell Him That Travis And Wes Completed Their Therapy.
  • Travis And Wes Movie In To Bust 2 Food Truck Robbers. Before They Can Make The Arrest, The S.I.S Makes The Bust. Travis And Wes Confront The Team Leader Of The S.I.S. (John Crowell). John Starts Talking Trash To Travis And Wes.
  • John Mentions A Man Named Pack-Man, Which Angers Travis. It’s Not Clear Who Pack-Man Is.
  • Travis And Wes Go To See Dr. Ryan Travis And Wes Say That They Will Tell Dr. Ryan The Story Of How They Ended Up In Therapy, If She’ll Take Them Back, As Her Patients.
  • Travis And Wes Begin Telling Their Story.
  • It’s Revealed That Pack-Man Was A Police Officer. He Introduced Travis And Wes.
  • Travis And Wes Say That After Pack-Man Introduced Them, They Worked A Case Together, And Ultimately Got Promoted.
  • Travis And Wes Say That They Decided To Throw Some Busts Pack-Man’s Way, To Help Him Get Recognized/Promoted.
  • Travis And Wes Say That John Noticed Pack-Man’s Work, And Offered Him A Job With S.I.S.
  • Travis And Wes Say That About 6 Months Ago, They Got A Phone Call From Pack-Man. Pack-Man Told Them That He Suspected S.I.S Of Lining Their Pockets By Stealing Money/Valuables From Busts. Pack-Man Told Them That He Feared That John Knew Of His Knowledge.
  • Travis And Wes Say That They Went To The Store Where Pack-Man Called From, Only To Find LAPD And S.I.S There. Pack-Man Was Lying Dead In The Parking Lot. John Said That It Was A Bust Gone Wrong.
  • Travis And Wes Say That They Began Looking Through S.I.S.’s Records, And Found Many Inconsistencies.
  • Travis And Wes Say That A Witness Claimed To Have Witnessed John Shoot Pack-Man. The Witness Agrees To Testify. When The Inquiry Trial Begins, The Witness Is Nowhere To Be Found.
  • It’s Revealed That John Approached Travis, And Whispered Something To Him. Whatever John Said, Made Travis Highly Upset. Travis Drew His Gun, And Began To Go After John. Wes Then Drew His Gun On Travis, To Stop Him From Going After John.
  • Travis Reveals That When John Whispered To Him, He Said That He Killed Pack-Man.
  • Travis And Wes Say That After The Incident, They Were Ordered To Stay Away From S.I.S.
  • Travis And Wes Leave Dr. Ryan’s Office. They Plan To Take Down S.I.S.
  • Travis And Wes Suspect That S.I.S. Is Going To Steal Jewelry From A Local Exhibit/Expo.
  • Travis And Wes Take Backup, And Head To The Location. When They Enter The Building, They Find 2 Masked Suspects, Who Open Fire On Them.
  • One Of The Shooters Is Subdued. He’s Unmasked, And He’s Not A Member Of S.I.S. Then, John And His Team Storm The Building, And Arrest The Shooters. John Tells Travis And Wes That They Were In The Middle Of A Bust.
  • Captain Sutton Tells Travis And Wes That They Must Under Go A 2 Month Suspension. Afterwards, They Must Split Up And Go To Their Former Departments, Or Stay Together And Be Put On Pawnshop Detail.
  • Travis And Wes Suspect That S.I.S. Payed Off The Precinct’s Evidence Collector, And They Are Planning To Steal The Jewels From The Evidence Storage Department.
  • Travis And Wes Head To The Evidence Department, And Find John And His Team Inside. A Shoot-Out Erupts.
  • John And His Team Are Arrested. No-One Was Injured During The Shoot-Out.
  • One Of John’s Men Agrees To Testify That John Killed Pack-Man.
  • Travis And Wes Tell Dr. Ryan That All Of The Terms From Their Suspension, Have Been Lifted/Removed. Travis And Wes Tell Her That They Are No Longer Required To Attend Therapy, But That They Would Like To Continue Doing So, With Her, As Their Therapist.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “First Of All, I Was Not Wearing An Ascot.”   – Wes

2) “Go Kick Their A**.”     – Dr. Ryan



Tonight’s Finale Was Exceptionally Epic! Tonight’s Finale Really Focused On The More Serious Aspect Of The Show, Rather Than The Comedic Aspect, Which Was Great. In Tonight’s Episode, The Question That We’ve Been Pondering All Season Was Answered: Why Did Wes Pull His Gun On Travis? Tonight’s Finale Really Showed How Good Of Friends Travis And Wes Really Are. There Is No Official Word Yet On A Second Season, But I Really Do Hope The Show Gets Renewed. Overall, I Really Would Recommend Common Law.

Be Sure To Catch Up On The First Season Of Common Law, In Anticipation Of A Second Season.

 We Will Continue Our Coverage Of This Show If And When It Returns.


~ Scott R.

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