Air Date: 8/09/12

Red marks the important details from the episode.

Best quotes in orange.

  • Harvey is taking the day off.
  • Hardman is running for managing partner.
  • “I think he’s going to win because you don’t call for a vote unless you have the votes”- Mike Ross
  • “Are we going to cross the line with this?”- Mike
  • “We’ve been crossing lines long before we even met”– Harvey
  • Harvey takes off.
  • Flashback 5 years ago to 2007:
  • Trevor and his pot dealing, Mike is a messenger.
  • Jessica asks Harvey to look into who is stealing money from their clients escrow accounts.
  • “You don’t always have to let your superiors know what your up to”– Jessica
  • “Im an associate who kicks more ass then any partner in this god dam firm, I want a seat at the table”- Harvey
  • Donna helps Harvey track down who stole the money.
  • Present Day:
  • Mike gets Rachel to get Monica Eton to talk to him.
  • “Because you don’t know the real reason why she left”- Mike
  • Flashback:
  • Monica is a senior associate who Louis is constantly hitting on.
  • Louis talking to Harvey “Mark my words if im ever in charge of anyone im going to be the most beloved leader that those lucky bastards have ever seen”- Louis
  • Harvey goes to Zoe to try and get a look at her files.
  • “Let me get this straight your asking me to risk my job to help you solve a mysterious problem based on nothing but your word”- Zoe
  • Zoe walks off so Harvey can go through her computer.
  • Mike and Trevor at the bar and they meet Jenny and Nicki for the first time.
  • Trevor trying to pick them up lets them know Mike is a genius and he is force to prove it by reciting pages of books he’s memorized.
  • Jenny does clearly like Mike.
  • Mike has always been a good guy as he wont recite curious George to pick up women because his mom (who is dead) read it to him every night when he was a kid.
  • Harvey turns to Louis to help find out who stole the money.
  • Trevor took Jenny as Nicki wanted Mike.
  • Harvey walks by “He walks like he’s got a rod up his ass. If I ever look like that shoot me”– Mike to Trevor
  • We meet Rachel who expects to be a lawyer in 5 years.
  • Present Day:
  • Mike is meeting with Monica, he offers her a lawsuit drawn up in her name seeking 10 million in damages from the firm.
  • “5 years ago you got screwed, you had options you didn’t explore.”- Mike
  • Mike says Harvey will back the claim.
  • Monica doesn’t want anything to do with the firm anymore.
  • Unnoticed by Mike, Louis oversees the meeting.
  • Flashback:
  • Harvey finds out its Daniel Hardman and tells Jessica.
  • “He’s moving money out of one account and into another for an entire year. Your partner sold you out”- Harvey
  • “I stake my career on this”- Harvey
  • Jessica goes right to Danial to confront him.
  • “Im giving him the courtesy of explaining himself”- Jessica
  • Mike stops at Jenny/Nicki’s place to pick Nicki up for there date.
  • Jenny and Mike share some moments.
  • Jessica confronts Daniel who admits to it. Says it was for his wife who has stage 4 breast cancer and has been battling it for the past year. The money was for treatments not covered by insurance.
  • “She’s not dying because I didn’t spend the money”- Daniel
  • “You stole half a million dollars”- Jessica
  • On his date it is revealed that Nicki only wanted to go out with Mike to convince him to take the LSAST’s for her for money.
  • “That’s why you snaked me from Jenny”– Mike
  • Mike initially refuses but later changes his mind in exchange for a lot of money after finding out his grandma will need full time care and needs the money to pay for it.
  • “He stole from our clients which means he’s stealing from us. When it was Louis you were ready to break him down and crack him open”- Harvey
  • Jessica doesn’t want Daniel punished but Harvey does.
  • “Daniel is the reason why im here, he plucked me from the bullpen when I didn’t know my ass from my elbow”- Jessica
  • “We made a deal and I honored it, its time for you to honor it”- Harvey
  • “Wow, A man’s wife’s dying and the first word out of your mouth our you owe me. Who’s the bad guy now?”- Jessica
  • Donna finds out from Rachael where Monica has been going.
  • Monica has been sneaking off and sleeping with Daniel Hardman. This is where the money he stole has been going.
  • Harvey shows up and surprises Daniel and Monica.
  • “You come after me for embezzlement and every Pearson Hardman client you got is gone”- Daniel
  • Harvey blackmails Daniel threatening to tell his dying wife of his affair unless he resigns.
  • Present Day:
  • Louis tells Daniel that Mike had lunch with Monica.
  • “I think there meeting on the eve of the firms vote suggests Jessica is making a movie”- Louis
  • Louis is backing Daniel.
  • Flashback: 
  • “Its done Hardman’s gone”- Harvey
  • Donna tells Harvey that his dad had a heart attack and passed away.
  • Jessica asks Monica to resign and threatens if she sues she’ll implicate her in Daniels crimes.
  • “You are a Harvard educated lawyer do you think a jury will believe you had know idea where that money came from”– Jessica
  • “Louis will accept your resignation and I will never see you here again”- Jessica
  • Present Day:
  • Jessica publicly scolds Mike for trying to drag Monica into this.
  • “Sometimes you have to cross a line to do a right thing”– Mike
  • Flashback:
  • Mike has found his new business, taking tests for other people to help pay for his grandmas care.
  • Trevor is stepping up this pot dealing/moving out and heading out on a date with Jenny.
  • Jessica made Harvey a partner.
  • “Finally an office big enough for your balls”– Donna
  • Jessica told Donna that Harvey was making partner before him, after all Donna was the one to figure out what Daniel was up to.
  • “We just made partner”– Harvey to Donna
  • Zoe is leaving the firm as Harvey has yet to even mourn his father.
  • “Harvey you’ve lost your way”- Zoe
  • Present Day:
  • Harvey is just now mourning his father at his gave site 5 years after his death.
  • Jessica and Harvey were in on what Mike did and scolded him on purpose. Mike had know idea.
  • “We threw Daniels ass out once, will do it again” – Harvey
  • “One more thing im getting Donna back”– Harvey

Finale thoughts :

We finally got some background and Mike has always been good guy and so has Harvey. Mike and Donna made the perfect team 5 years to ago to bring down Daniel and it’s my thinking he will get her back to take him down once again. On the final scene will get to see Harvey in a different light mourning his father as he is one to hold back his feelings.

What did you think of the episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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