“The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere thee ceremony of innocence is drowned…”

Red marks the important details from the episode.

Best quotes in orange.

  • A viscous murder scene is uncovered aboard a cargo ship. The harbor patrol that first checks the scene is murdered by a creature.
  • We open right where the season 1 finale left off, Nick is being attacked by Kimura the guy who supposedly killed his parents. A women arrives who Nick begins to attack, she stabs Kimura.
  • Its Nick’s mom Kelly.
  • (New title sequence which is very nice)
  • “I have to take care of him first, hes one of the men that killed your father”– Kelly
  • The Captain arrives and arrests Kimura.
  • Monroe and Rosalee are working on figuring out the toxin that Juliette was poisoned with.
  • In reference to Kimura “He’s the last man alive who knows who betrayed us”– Kelly
  • She reveals to Nick what really happened the night of the car crash.
  • “So you just let me think you were dead?”– Nick
  • “It was the only way I could think to protect you. I have a lot of enemies Nick”- Kelly
  • Its is revealed that Aunt Marie knew she was alive.
  • Monroe and Rosalee arrive, Kelly attacks Monroe.
  • “Who the hell is this bitch?!”– Monroe
  • “Shes my mother”- Nick
  • (Caption: Mom meet my best friend, yea he’s a blutbad)
  • Rosalee reveals that Juliette is in real danger. The spell she’s under causes memory lose. She is working on a mixture to stop it.
  • “Dude I gotta be honest your mother scares the crap out of me”– Monroe
  • “Family reunions can be brutal, our last one we lost two cousins”– Monroe
  • The Captain goes to see Juliette and sees that her eyes are completely blue.
  • “I went after those responsible for killing your father and my friend”- Kelly
  • “For 18 years?”- Nick
  • “When I learned that a Grimm had the coins I was hoping it wasn’t you. I often wonder how I could of done things different that night”– Kelly
  • She tells Nick the coins have to be destroyed.
  • The Captain goes to Adalind’s moms house (Catherine) trying to find her.
  • (The avid viewer will notice all the peacock items around the house, NBC promoting themselves in their own show)
  • “Shes gone. She played one last little trick, she put Nick’s girlfriend in a coma”– Captain
  • “She should stay out of things she doesn’t understand”- Captain
  • “Why do you care what happened to detective Burkhardt’s girlfriend?”- Catherine
  • “Because she ties him here, to Portland, to me and if she dies he could quit the force and I have put to0 much time and effort in him to allow that to happen. Now I need to know what Adalind did”– Captain
  • “A Grimm on his own is dangerous for all of us”– Captain
  • Juliette is slowly loosing her memories.
  • Hank terrified of the creature he saw has put a chair to the door and sits nervously holding a shot gun.
  • Hank and Nick are called to investigate the murders on the ship.
  • “What the hell did this?“- Hank
  • “Something out of my worst nightmare”– Sergeant Wu
  • ” I don’t think this container was used to lock something out, It was used to lock something in”- Nick
  • Nick notices the reaper sword drawn in blood on the wall.
  • The FBI shows up to take over the investigation.
  • The Captain goes to see Kimura in prison.
  • “I’ve see the tattoos on your back I know who you’re working for.. Too bad you didn’t know you were going up against a Grimm”– Captain
  • “At least now I know who has the coins”– Captain
  • “I knew there was one Grimm, I didn’t know there were two”– Kimura
  • Nick takes his mom to Aunt Marie’s trailer. She reveals that being a Grimm is hereditary.
  • “Not everyone does, in fact nobody knows when its going to hit them or even if they got it. Women become aware sooner then men but the only thing we know for sure is its inherited”- Kelly
  • Nick shows his mom the coins. She tells him they’ll have to be returned to the island they were forged to be destroyed.
  • “I have seen a lot of things, I can not judge the decision you had to make but I just wish I didn’t have to grow up without you”- Nick
  • Nick shows here pictures of the investigation he’s working one. “Reapers”- Nick
  • “And you’ve dealt with one?”- Kelly
  • “Actually I’ve dealt with three”– Nick
  • “Something else drew this and if its what I think it is, its worse then reapers.”- Kelly
  • Nick takes his mom to see the bodies.
  • Catherine shows up at the spice shop. She is buying the same ingredients used to wake up someone in Juliette’s condition.
  • Looking at the bodies. 
  • “From what our ancestors wrote its a vicious killing machine. One of them can wipe out an entire village but you better be careful its like a cat, he’ll watch, he’ll wait if he figures out you’re coming after him he’ll do something to draw you in”– Kelly
  • “How badly do you want to wake up this sleeping beauty up?”- Catherine to the Captain
  • Catherine left her number with Rosalee and Nick uses it to track her down.
  •  Nick shows up at Catherine’s looking for Adalind.
  • “Your the Grimm who destroyed her”- Catherine
  • “And im the Grimm who’s going to destroy you if you don’t tell me where she is”– Nick
  • Nick threatens her.
  • “If Juliette dies you’re done”– Nick
  • Nick reveals to his mom that before Aunt Marie died she gave him a key makes a map.
  • “Legend has it there are seven keys forged by the knights that fought for the seven royal families in the fourth crusade. Now when you put the maps together they make one big map leading to location where the knights hid there precious wealth they hid from Constantinople after they sacked and burned it. Those nights are our ancestors.”- Kelly
  • The royals need the Grimm’s to control the Vessen.
  • “There was one thing in the treasure the knights hid, one thing more powerful then anything anyone had ever seen. If the royal families got a hold of it they could control the world”- Kelly
  • “They made a map, cut it into seven pieces and gave each knight a key”- Kelly
  • “Nick they know you have the key. The royal families there the only ones powerful enough to send (Cat creature). Now my guess is they want the key and they want you dead”- Kelly
  • “How do they know I have a key, I haven’t shown it to anyone”- Nick
  • “There must be someone in Portland who knows”- Kelly
  • Kimura might have the connection but he is poisoned in prison before Nick gets the chance to talk to him.
  • While working on a lead one of the FBI agents is murdered by the cat creature.
  • He gets the other one to draw Nick in.
  • While at the scene he gets a call from Rosalee and Monroe that the mixture is ready for Juliette.
  • Nick is about to be attacked….to be continued.

Final Thoughts:

What a great start to the season! All the stops were pulled out in this episode and story just continues to get deeper. What I liked most was the episode picking right up from the season one finale as no transition was needed and it allowed the story to just progress. The new title sequence was also a great and welcomed surprise.

What did you think of the season 2 premiere?

– Ratings: 2.0 demo with 5.68 million viewers. The 2nd highest rated episode and thus a solid start to the season.

Next on Grimm episode 2×02 Monday August 20th promo:

  1. joe says:

    Season 2 Intro sequence is Rubbish, feels cheap and totally removes teh mystery feel the Season 1 intro instilled

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