Air Date: 8/16/12

  • “Timing it was everything and my time had arrived. I was head over heels for Jake and ready to show him because our love was the stuff of poetry, of novels, of blogs. We were like Romeo and Juliet except our love story didn’t have a fake suicide.”- Jenna Hamilton
  • Jake breaks up with Jenna after learning about her and Matty from Sadie.
  • Tamara works on getting the real details.
  • “My heart was broken into a million pieces but unfortunately my mind was still intact which meant I couldn’t ignore the unsettling realization that I was devastated”- Jenna
  • “I feel so glad im not you”- Sadie to Jenna
  • Matty on his date when Jake calls.
  • “I broke up with Jenna. I don’t think she’s being honest with me about the other guy, the guy that she slept with. I just have a gut feeling that guys still around”- Jake
  • Jake knows but tries to get his best friend Matty to admit it to him but he doesn’t.
  • “He owes me an explanation”- Jenna
  • Jake storms off.
  • Jenna’s Mom Lacey is making out with Ben and Jenna sees.
  • “Suddenly my timing had gone from bad to worse”- Jenna
  • Jenna calls her dad and tells him that Ben is here.
  • Matty is making out with his new girlfriend… “I can’t focus we gotta put this on hold”- Matty
  • Jenna’s dad shows up and see Lacey dancing with Ben and takes off.
  • Jenna is walking home. “Would my mom had ended up with Ben if it wasn’t for me”
  • At the wedding Sadie keeps trying to get Ally drunker “Come on she is one drink away from peeing herself”
  • “My walk of lame left me with a lot of blisters and a little clarity. There was never a wrong time to say I love you. If Jake left me because I didn’t meet his deadline maybe I was lucky to get out when I did or maybe I was just trying to make myself feel better because I was still paralyzed by the pain”- Jenna
  • Matty shows up. “Nothing is wrong with you” They hug.
  • Jake finally listens to the voicemail Jenna left for him “…and one more thing I love you Jake Rosati”
  • “What did I do?!”- Jake
  • Matty and Jenna are talking.
  • “Guess I just waited too long to tell him how I felt”- Jenna
  • “I can relate. He’ll come to his senses, I suspect Jake’s just trying to get over his own insecurity”- Matty
  • “What if he can sense that I was struggling to fall in love with him because I haven’t fallen out of love with you”- Jenna
  • Jake head back to the wedding looking for Jenna.
  • Matty and Jenna kiss. Jake shows up in time to see it..

Final Thoughts:

Awkward remains the best show MTV has had since “The Hard Times Of RJ Berger”.  Its hard not to root for all of these quirky characters.

What did you think of the episode?

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