Rookie Blue 3×09 “Out Of Time” 8/9/12

Posted: August 17, 2012 by Anna Hall in ABC, Thursday Night
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  • Andy walks into the apartment, looking for Gail.  She sees her on the floor, whith blood on her face and her wrists tied. Andy is then attacked from behind, and stuck in the neck with a drug.
  • The next morning, Nash and Barber talk about moving into a new house and having more kids. Nash said she won’t be ready for any more children for a long time.
  • Williams has trouble picking a color for the baby’s room back at the station, Shaw tries to cheer her up.
  • Barber gives Swarek a pocketwatch as a gift for being the best man.
  • Swarek asks Nash if she’s seen McNally, and calls her when Nash says no. McNally then tells Swarek that Gail has been kidnapped.
  • The whole team shows up at McNally’s apartment, and they ask her questions and make her run through what happened the night before.
  • Diaz tells Shaw that he needs to find Gail.
  • Luke Callaghan shows up and Swarek doesn’t seem too happy at first.  But Luke has been working on the previous killed woman’s case, so he’s there to help.
  • Gail is then shown blindfolded and strapped to some kind of table in a dark place.
  • Williams and Nash take McNally to the hospital to get a blood test so that they know what she was drugged with.
  • After McNally’s blood is taken, she refuses to stay. So Nash lets her go, but she and Williams stay.
  • Back at the station, Barber and Best give everyone the run down on what’s happened, Best assignes Diaz and Collins to help Callaghan.
  • Barber tells everyone to look for Charlie Davis (the main suspect). McNally shows up and everyone tells her not to work, but Luke defends her and best allows her to stay.
  • McNally and Swarek go to The Archer (the hotel the sting operation was set up at).
  • Diaz yells at Collins for not picking up the phone when Gail called the night she was taken.
  • McNally and Swarek talk to the hotel manager.
  • Barbers team brings in Charlie Davis, and Barber interrogates him hard. Davis threatens to get Barber’s job taken away.
  • The man keeping Gail is shown, but only his shoes as he puts Gail back under when she wakes up. The man is keeping her in some sort of basement.
  • Davis’ alibi checks out, so the team is back to square one.
  • Callaghan figures out that the kidnapper has to be from the hotel, and McNally is certain that it’s the bartender. Barber doesn’t want her to jump the gun, but he lets her go when Swarek sticks up for her.
  • Barber goes to question the cab driver at his house.
  • At the hotel, the bartender runs away from Swarek and McNally, but only because he has drugs on him.
  • Williams’ contractions get worse at the hospital, but she doesn’t want to call Frank because she doesn’t want to have the baby yet. Traci calls jerry and they talk for a minute about the case.
  • Jerry goes into the cab drivers house alone, and they show the cab drivers shoes which are the exact same as the kidnappers. He asks the cab driver questions, but the driver plays dumb.
  • McNally says that everyone at the hotel checks out, she and Swarek figure out that it’s the cab driver. Swarek tries to call Barber but he doesnt answer.
  • Jerry knows that the cab driver is the kidnapper because he tells Jerry that he’s a doctor. Only a doctor would know the right dosage of drug to knock someone out. Jerry pulls out his gun, but the cabbie stabs him in the abdomen.
  • Swarek and McNally goes to the cab drivers house.
  • The cabbie grabs Gail. Barber tackles him and puts his phone in his pocket so that he can be tracked.
  • McNally and Swarek see Barbers car outside the house, and they go inside when no one answers the door and Swarek looks through the window seeing Barber on the ground.
  • Barber tells Swarek that he put his phone in the cab drivers pocket. Swarek tells McNally to call into the station and start tracking the phone.
  • Diaz, Collins, Epstein, and Shaw get Gail back. Jerry is taken to the hospital.
  • Everyone waits at the hospital for Jerry. Williams has her baby, and Nash doesn’t check her phone until Williams says its okay to call Best.
  • When Traci gets her messages, she rushes to the lobby to see everyone crying. McNally has to tell her that Jerry is dead.
  • Collins and Diaz watch Gail, Best goes to see Williams and his daughter, McNally holds Traci’s hand and they cry together.


  1. “Hey, remember what we talked about…totally uncool to walk around naked in someone else’s place.” -Andy McNally
  2. “What the hell color is morning chartruse?” -Noelle Williams


Please don’t hate me for saying that I think this was the absolute WORST episode of the show I’ve ever seen. Sure, they led up to this storyline, but what the heck was that? Why was it necessary to kill off Barber? Plus, Best wasn’t there to see his baby being born? Yeah Williams said she didn’t want to call him, but COME ON. Lets just hope that the next episode isn’t as horrible as this pointless one.

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