Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Charlie Learns That Lacey Is Committing Road Rage.
  • Charlie Decides To Ride With Lacey One Morning, And Her Calmly Deal With The Traffic.
  • Charlie Learns That His Dad Is Coming For A Visit. Apparently, Charlie’s Dad Is Going To Be Staying With, During His Visit.
  • Charlie’s Dad Arrives.
  • Charlie Remembers His Dad As Being Mean, And Cold-Hearted Towards Him. But When Charlie’s Dad Arrives, Oddly, He’s Nice, And Even Shows Kindness And Affection Towards Charlie.
  • Charlie Doesn’t Believe That His Dad Could Have Changed As Much As He Did.
  • Charlie Begins Disagreeing With His Father (On Purpose) In An Attempt To Prove That His Father Is Still A Mean, Cold-Hearted Person. Charlie’s Attempt Fails. His Dad Remains Kind Courtesy.
  • Charlie Gets In The Car With Lacey, And They Head Out. Charlie Hopes To Show Lacey How To Calmly Deal With Traffic.
  • While Riding With Lacey, Charlie Loses His Temper And Begins Yelling At A Driver, He Even Throws A Cup Of Coffee At The Driver. Charlie Lost His Cool, Rather Than Lacey Losing Her Cool.
  • Charlie’s Dad Begins Giving Advice To The Group.
  • Charlie Takes His Dad To See Kate. They Attend A Therapy Session Together.
  • It’s Revealed That Charlie’s Dad Wasn’t Really Heartless, But Rather, He Did What He Did To Protect/Help Charlie (Or At Least That’s What Charlie’s Dad Claims)
  • Charlie And His Dad Begin Re-Connecting.
  • During Therapy, Charlie’s Dad Told Charlie That He Left During Charlie’s Baseball Game, Because Charlie’s Aunt Died. Charlie Begins Watching A Home Video That Was Filmed 1 Year After The Baseball Game, And He Sees His Aunt (Alive And Well) In The Video. This Means Charlie’s Dad Lied.
  • Ed Begins Chaffering Lacey.
  • While Ed Is chaffering Lacey, Lacey Begins Yelling At Him. Ed Exits The Car, And Leaves Lacey Sitting In The Middle Of Traffic.
  • Charlie Confronts His Dad About The Home Video. Charlie Also Learns That His Died Lied About Numerous Other Things.
  • Charlie’s Dad Reveals That He’s Broke, And Has Nothing Left. Charlie’s Dad Says That He Wishes To Move In With Charlie. This Is Why He Was Beng So Nice And Courteous To Charlie.
  • Charlie His Dad A Place 20 Minutes Away From Him.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Have You Ever Woken Up In The Morning?”    – Lacey

2) “Ain’t Nothing Gonna Fix That, B****.”      – Lacey

3) “It Smells Like A Stripper Standing In A Krispy Kreme.”   – Charlie



Tonight’s Episode Of Anger Management Was Hilarious! There’s Not Much To Say About The Episode, Except That It Was Full Of Laughs. I Continue To Love How The Show Loosely Revolves Around Charlie Sheen’s Recent Life Struggles. The Show Is Simple, Yet Highly Entertaining. Charlie Sheen Has Finally Made His Long Awaited Comeback, With Anger Management. The Show Is Filled With Irony And Awkwardness, Which Makes For A Hilarious Show. I’m Becoming A Huge Fan Of The Show, And I Can’t Wait To See How The Season Progresses. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Anger Management. Watch Anger Management Live: Thursday’s At 9:30/8:30C. On FX.


~ Scott R.

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