Why didn’t we cover USA’s Political Animals?!

Posted: August 19, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in USA
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It’s all my fault! When I first heard about the “mini series” I didn’t give it too much attention but coming from USA network that was a bad way of thinking after all they got Burn Notice, Suits, Common Law, Royal Pains, Cover Affairs… and that’s just the few that I regularly watch.

Sitting around today I re-watched the pilot and wanted to share what I thought was the best quote from the episode. Susan and Elaine are on the plane and Susan finally gets her to open up.

“If you work hard and give everything you got tomorrow will be better then today”- Elaine Barrish

Which is the lie that everyone tells, and the truth?

“Most of life is hell. People disappoint you, dreams don’t work out, hearts get broken, innocent journalists die and the best moments of life when everything comes together are few and fleeting, but you’ll never get the next great moment if you don’t keep going.”– Elaine Barrish

The pilot is like a well done hour and twelve minute suspenseful movie that then continues for a total of six episodes.

Don’t miss the season finale tonight at 10/9c!

– Aaron Z @zaffuto234

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