Air Date: 8/19/12

  • The town of Durant where Eva and Mr.Toole are is attacked and burned to the ground by Indians. They murder several people.
  • Cullen is in jail up for execution. He is being tortured for the names of those he was with, he doesn’t reveal them.
  • Durant hears the news of the attack and orders men to go and defend it.
  • Lily is sleeping with Durant
  • The group arrives to find survivors walking away from the burning town.
  • Durant is only concerned about the whether his track was damaged or if anything was robbed.
  • The Indians arrive.
  • “This was a murder raid. There sending you a message.”- Joesph to Durant
  • Back in town Elam is relived to see Eva alive. Her husband Mr. Toole also made it back.
  • Back at Fort Lerned, Kansas The doc has come to see Cullen he apologizes for dragging him into everything.
  • “What do you suppose the lords gonna think about a man like me huh?”- Cullen
  • “I murdered a man, he was innocent. I wrapped my hands around this throat and I looked him in the eyes and I chocked the life right out of him”- Cullen
  • “I know you must feel bad about that son”- Doc
  • “That’s just the thing I don’t feel nuthin about it. Not a dam thing.”- Cullen
  • “If you gonna pray, pray for me to die well doc that’s all I got left”- Cullen
  • Sean tries to weasel the survivors of the town into paying for lots and tents.
  • “These people just lost everything they need shelter, will not profit off other peoples misery”- Lily Bell
  • Eva tells Lily that the whore who was murdered was her friend and that she wants the killer found and to pay for what he’s done.
  • They are prepared to execute Cullen when Durant arrives.
  •  “What the hell are you doing here anyway”- Cullen
  • “This is a warrant for your execution and this is a pardon”- Durant
  • “Playing god comes natural to you don’t it”- Cullen
  • “You have unfinished business on this earth Mr.Bohannon. What will it be life or death?”- Durant
  • Cullen is brought to Durant’s train and handcuffed. Durant gets in a hit for Cullen robing his trains.
  • Elam tries to offer Eva money to help her out and she turns it down.
  • “I don’t approve. Why don’t you save that money for one of them fancy suits”- Eva
  • The reverend and the Swede are talking.
  • “A whole race of people will be wiped off the face of the earth by this iron beast”- Reverend Cole
  • The Swede shows him a dinosaur skull he dug up.
  • “What in gods name is this?” Reverend Cole
  • “There are more things in heaven and earth then are dreamt of in your philosophy Reverend Cole”- The Swede
  • Lily pays Elam to find the mas responsible for kill the whore and to punish him. Says Eva sent her.
  • Back on the train.
  • “I can’t help wondering I haven’t had a grave mistake”- Durant
  • Durant comes close with a gun.
  • “I know your the type of man that likes to do this own dirty work from a distance not up close like this”- Cullen
  • Cullen grabs him and chokes him but lets him go.
  • “Sometimes it seems one has to make a deal with the devil”- Durant
  • “Who’s the devil in this deal?”- Cullen
  • Durant throws him the key to unchain himself.
  • Elam find the man and stabs him to death. He is hung up in town with a sign on him saying “Women Killer”
  • Cullen is back.
  • “I like what you’ve done to the place”- Cullen
  • “For a man like you his word is stronger then any set of shackles”- Durant
  • Elam comes up to Cullen.
  • “No gun, your gonna need one here”- Elam
  • Cullen’s arrival causes looks from everyone including Lily who his shocked to see him back.
  • Cullen get the Swede’s old train car. The Swede gives Cullen a nod.
  • Cullen sees his escape and doesn’t take it.

Final Thoughts:

We go from a quiet season opener last week to this episode which is anything but quiet. Cullen is back to help regain order in the town but so are the Indians who are not going away anytime soon. Hell on Wheels is full steam toward what is shaping up to be another great season.

What did you think of the episode?


Next on Hell on Wheels August 26th episode 2×03 promo:

  1. ironclad says:

    Best show on tv!!!! awesome episode!. can’t wait for next week. cullen bohannon is BACK y’all!

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