Episode Notes/Recap:

  • A Man Named Adam Goes To The Morgue To Identify His Sister’s Body. Adam Confirms That The Body Is That Of His Sister, And He Begins Making His Way To The Main Office. Adam Begins Hearing His Sister’s Voice. Adam Turns Around, And Sees His Sister (Alive) On The Gurney. Adam’s Sister Is Yelling For Him To Help Her.
  • The Morgue’s Staff Tries To Pull Adam Away From The Morgue, But Adam Begins Climbing On The Ceiling, In An Attempt To Get To His Sister. It Seems That Adam Is An Alpha.
  • The Morgue’s Staff Is Able Is Able To Pull Adam From The Morgue. Adam Looks Bad As He Is Pulled From The Morgue, And He Sees His Sister, Dead. It Seems That Adam Was Hallucinating. Adam Is Placed In The Main Section  Of The Hospital.
  • Nina Arrives At The Office. It’s The Middle Of The Night, And Only Rosen And Gary Are At The Office (Gary Is Sleeping). It Seems That Rosen Called Nina To Come To The Office So That He Could Speak With Her. Rosen Feels That It’s Best To Speak With Nina, While No-One Is At The Office.
  • Rosen Tells Nina That Gary Has Managed To Trace Stanton Parrish’s Family Fortune To A Charity Called The Llameri Foundation. Rosen Says The Charity Seems Legit, But Oddly, The Charity Has Been Making Many Undisclosed Contributions To The New York Senator (Senator Burton). Rosen Tells Nina That He Wants Her To Use Her Ability To Question Senator Burton, And Find Out What The Senator Knows About Stanton Parrish.
  • Bill Reveals To Cameron That He Is Still Going To The Fight Club, And Entering The Ring.
  • Nina Attempts To Apologize, And Make Amends With Rachael. Rachael Refuses To Forgive Nina.
  • One Of The Alpha Analysts Sees And Flags A Youtube Video Of The Situation That Happened With Adam At The Morgue. Rosen Is Notified Of The Video. It Turns Out That Adam Was Once One Of Rosen’s Patients.
  • Nina Runs Into Senator Burton, And Begins Using Her Ability, To Question The Senator.
  • Nina Asks The Senator If She Did Something In Return For The Contributions Made By The Llameri Foundation, The Senator Says Yes. Nina Asks The Senator What Exactly She Did In Return For The Contribution, And The Senator Says That She Can’t Say, Because “It’s Gone”. Nina Releases The Senator From Her Trance, And The Senator Leaves.
  • Rosen Goes To The Hospital, To Question Rosen. Adam Tells Rosen What Happened At The Morgue. Rosen Is Going To Have Adam Transferred To A Local Clinic. Rosen Enlists Cameron And Bill, To Handle Adam’s Transfer.
  • As Adam Is Taking The Elevator Down To Meet Cameron And Bill, He Begins Hearing His Sister’s Voice, And She Is Yelling For Help. The Elevator Reaches It’s Destination. Cameron And Bill Arrive At The Elevator, To Meet Up With Adam, But They Make A Shocking Discovery. Adam Has Stabbed The Guard That Was Accompanying Him On The Elevator And Adam Is Now Climbing Up The Elevator Shaft.
  • Rachael And Gary Attend Anna’s Memorial Service.
  • Rachael And Gary Are Called By Bill And Cameron, To Come To The Hospital. The Team Needs To Find Adam Immediately. Adam Is Somewhere In The Hospital.
  • Rachael Hears A Sound Coming From One Of The Wings Of The Hospital. Rachael, Cameron, And Bill Head To The Hospital Wing, And Begin Searching For The Source Of The Noise. The Hospital Wing Is Eerie, As It’s Closed For Renovations.
  • While At The Hospital, Gary Runs Into Anna. This Shouldn’t Be Possible, As Gary Saw Anna Die, And He Just Attended Her Memorial Service. This Must Be A Hallucination.
  • Gary Asks A Nearby Janitor If He Sees Anna. The Janitor Says That No-one Is There. This Means That Anna Must Be A Hallucination, That Gary Is Experiencing.
  • Nina Tells Rosen About Her Discussion With Senator Burton.
  • Rosen Tells Nina That She Needs To “Pull” The Repressed Memory From Senator Burton’s Mind. This Means That Nina Must Use A Set Of Techniques To Help The Senator Re-Connect With The Memory. Since Nina Has Never Tried This Technique Before, Rosen Suggests That She Try The Technique On Kat, First.
  • Nina Begins Using The “Pull” Technique On Kat.
  • The “Pull” Technique Works, And Nina Is Able To Help Kat Connect With Some Of Her Memories.
  • Bill And Rachael Enter One Of The Hospital Rooms, And Rachael Senses That Adam Is In The Room.
  • Bill And Cameron Enter The Room That Rachael Was In, And Rachael Is Nowhere To Be Found. It Seems That Rachael Was Hallucinating, And Thought That Bill Entered The Room With Her. Ultimately, Rachael Was Ambushed By Adam, And He Kidnapped Her.
  • Gary And Anna Begin Roaming The Hospital. It Seems That Anna Is A Hallucination, As Well.
  • Nina Approaches Senator Burton, And Begins Using The “Pull” Technique On Her.
  • The Only Information That Nina Is Able To Obtain, Is That A Man In A Gray Suit, And Whoo Was Wearing A Lemony Scented Cologne, Approached The Senator And Asked Her To Do Some Sort Of Medical Trials. The Senator Mentions The Word “August”. It’s Not Clear Is August Is Referring To The Month, Or Something Of More Significance.
  • Bill And Cameron Begin Searching For Rachael.
  • Adam Restrains Rachael On A Gurney. Adam Is Obviously Hallucinating, And Believes That Rachael Is Actually His Sister. Adam’s Sister (Maggie) Was A Drug Addict, And Since He Believes That Rachael Is Actually His Sister, Adam Plans To Drain Rachael’s Blood, To Get The Drugs Out, And Get Her Clean.
  • Rachael Escapes From Her Restraints, And Makes A Run For It.
  • Adam Sees His Sister In A Sink Full Of Water, And She’s Asking Him For Help.
  • Adam’s Sister Pulls Him Into The Sink Full Of Water, And Drowns Him. Obviously Adam Was Hallucinating, Put His Face In The Water, And Drowned.
  • While Searching For Rachael, Bill Runs Into Gary.
  • Gary Tells Bill That He’s Been Talking With Anna.
  • Cameron Sees His Son (Tyler) Being Put Into The Morgue. It Seems That Cameron, Along With The Entire Team, Is Hallucinating.
  • Bill Finds Adam Dead, In The Sink Full Of Water.
  • Rosen Arrives At The Hospital Wing. Bill Informs Him Of The Hallucinations, And Strange Occurrences.
  • Gary Detects Infrasound Waves Throughout The Wing. This Is Most Likely The Cause Of The Hallucinations.
  • It’s Revealed That Infrasound Waves Don’t Affect The Brains Of Average Humans, But The Waves Do Highly Affect The Brains Of Alphas. Ultimately,  The Infrasound Waves Cause Alphas To Hallucinate.
  • Bill, Rosen, And Gary Continue To Look For Rachael, As Well As The Source Of The Infrasound Waves.
  • Cameron Begins Having Major Hallucinations, And Believes That He Is Being Forcibly Operated On.
  • Rachael, Who Is Hallucinating,  Hears Nina Crying For Help, In The Wing’s Pool. Rachael Dives In To Help Nina.
  • As Bill Is Racing To Find Rachael, He Begins Hallucinating, And Runs Into Himself. He Begins Fighting With The Hallucination Of Himself.
  • Gary And Rosen Learn That There Is A Brain Dead Patient (Jason) At The Hospital. Jason Is 16, And His Parents Have Agreed To Let His Organs Be Harvested, And Donated.
  • Rosen Suspects That Jason Actually Still Has Brain Activity, But That The Hospital’s Machines Just Aren’t Showing The Brain Activity. Rosen Thinks That Jason Is Trying To Communicate, By Using The Infrasound Waves.
  • Rosen Goes To Jason’s Hospital Room, And Is Able To Wake Jason. It Seems That Jason Was Displaying Brain Activity The Entire Time, But The Hospital Machines Weren’t Registering It.
  • Bill Sees Rachael Struggling In The Wing’s Swimming Pull, And Jumps In To Save Her. Bill Ultimately Rescues Rachael.
  • Rosen Sees One Of The Nurses Using A “Photic Stimulator” On One Of The Comatose Patients. The Nurse Says That The Hospital Has Had The Device For 6 Months, And It’s Used On All Comatose Patients, To Test For Brain Activity. Apparently, The Device Was Also Used On Jason (This May Be What Caused Jason To Emit The Infrasound Waves).
  • Rosen Notices That The Photic Stimulator Has A Registration Plate, That States That It Was Manufactured By “August Medical”. This Is Most Likely The Same “August” That Senator Burton Told Nina About.
  • The Team Arrives Back At The Office. None Of The Team Was Injured During The Situation, At The Hospital.
  • Rosen Thinks That He May Need To Take The Photic Stimulator To Skylar, To Learn More About It.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “You Have To Respect The Badge.”    – Gary

2) “I’m Not A Dog.”    – Rachael

3) “I Can Smell His Fear.”   – Rachael



Tonight’s Episode Of Alphas Was Complex, And Very Interesting! In Tonight’s Episode, The Team Battled A Mysterious Sound Wave, That Caused Them To Experience Strange Hallucinations. The Team Experienced Strange Things, And Gary Even Hallucinated That Anna Had Lived. I Found Tonight’s Episode To Be Much More Complex Than The Rest Of The Episodes This Season, Which Was Great. I Continue To Love How The Show Is Able To Grasp My Attention, And Devotion, And Hold It. I’ve Been A Fan Of The Show Since The Series Premiered, And I’m Growing More Fond Of The Show, As Season 2 Progresses. There Is No Word Yet On A Third Season, But I’m Really Hoping The Show Gets Renewed. Overall, I Would Absolutely Recommend Alphas. Watch Alphas Live At It’s New Time-Slot: Monday’s At 8/7C. On SYFY.


~ Scott R.

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