Air Date: 8/20/12

Intro Quote:

“If a man of pure heart were to fall in love with her, that would bring her back to life”

  • Picking up right where 2×01 left off, Nick about to be attacked.
  • Nick tries to fight the creature, his mom steps in to help. Nick fires shots and drops his gun.
  • 2 Grimm’s + 1 Creature= 1 dead creature.
  • Monroe and Rosalee are waiting at the hospital.
  • “Im sure he’s just spending some quality time with his mother”- Monroe
  • (Still love the new intro, feels very familiar)
  • Nick arrives just in time to put the drops in Juliette’s eyes.
  • Nick is called to investigate the murder scene. Nick has big scratches on his face.
  • “You ok? Were you in another fight? You look worse then you did last night”- Sergeant Wu
  • Monroe talking to Nick’s Mom.
  • “I feel like it was just yesterday I was crashing through the window… introduce myself to him”- Monroe
  • “I hurts just looking at you” Hark eyeing the scratches on Nick’s face.
  • Nick recalls his gun was fired and left at the scene, he sneaks over to get it and Hank notices.
  • The FEDs take over they call the dead agents last number, its Nick’s.
  • Nick throws his gun in the river.
  • Nick is now being questioned by the FBI.
  • “We think there was someone else involved”- FBI
  • They ask for Nick’s gun who claims he didn’t have it on him.
  • Hank and Nick are talking.
  • “You went up against somebody I could tell when I saw you. You don’t want to tell me about it, its ok. I just want you to know that I trust you, I believe what you tell me and I don’t think about what you don’t but whatever you do don’t hang me out to dry”- Hank
  • (Hank clearly on Nick’s side)
  • Captain calls is Royal brother.
  • Nick arrives home to find two FBI agents watching him.
  • “Im investigating us”- Nick to his mom
  • Nick picks up his backup gun.
  • Nick’s mom goes to see Catherine.
  • “This killers a ghost. Except the print is tied to at least a dozen murders in Europe.”- Hank
  • The Captain is looking into the car crash Nick’s parents were in.
  • Nick is arrested. They take his gun which wont match the bullets from the scene.
  • Captain goes to pick up the potion from Catherine.
  • “It’s not from her its for you. It’s a purification process. The person who wakes her has to be pure of heart… We have to do it chemically. The more pure of heart you are the less painful the process”- Catherine
  • “And since your barely human your in for quite a ride”- Catherine
  • Kelly is staking out the house waiting for her chance to get it.
  • (Did she not see the Captain walk out with that jar?!)
  • “O god another Grimm”- Catherine
  • “Your her mother, you taught her everything”- Kelly
  • “There’s a prince here in Portland”- Catherine
  • Catherine won’t reveal his name.
  • They fight and Kelly kills her.
  • The FBI question Nick found a hair at the scene that’s close enough to be a relative.
  • Nick get his gun back.
  • “Ballistics didn’t match but that doesn’t mean I think this adds up”- FBI
  • Nick is free to go.
  • Nick and Hank are called to investigate Catherine’s homicide.
  • Captain Renard takes the potion, fall to the ground in extreme pain. He turns red before waking up.
  • Kelly tells Nick about Catherine and informs him there’s royalty in Portland.
  • “Mom the police are gonna get really close on this and I can’t let you get caught up in it”- Nick
  • Its time for her to go. Nick gives her the coins.
  • “I wish you could have a normal life”- Kelly
  • “Don’t leave the people you love”- Kelly
  • Nick drops her off at the train station as Nick leaves she breaks into a car….
  • Captain kisses Juliette who wakes up after he has left.
  • Nick arrives, Juliette doesn’t remember him.
  • “Who are you?”- Juliette

Final Thoughts:

Grimm continues to dive deep and the stories are getting more complex which is adding to the excitement when watching. I feel Juliette will add to Nick’s drive to find out all he can about the royal in Portland.

What do you think of Nick’s mom? Good or bad?

Rating: 1.7 Demo down vs the 2.0 of the premiere but won the time slot.

Next on Grimm August 27th episode 2×03 promo:


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