Air Date: 8/23/12

Red marks the important details from the episode.

Best quotes in orange.

  • “Whenever you get a fresh piece of intelligence in the field you have to decide carefully who your going to share it with because every asset you talk to, agency you work with, recourse you update bring along a new set of problems”- Michael
  • Michael brought in the CIA.
  • “Im not letting the man who killed my brother get away, I don’t care who I have to work with!”–  Michael
  • Mike with meeting with Tom Card at the CIA. Tom confirms Tyler Grey is Nate’s killer.
  • Mike is sent to Panama on an off the books mission. Brady Pressman is joining the team as he was the only other person involved in the Anson case the day of Nate’s murder.
  • Mike goes to see him mom.
  • “Officially im investigating a weapons theft, unofficially we found him the man that..”- Mike
  • Mike gives the number of Tom Card’s secretary in case anything were to happen.
  • “I don’t want your apology! Every mistake Nate ever made was because he wanted to be like you. He had know business being out there, none!”- Madeline
  • “I was his mother and my job was to protect him from you!”– Madeline
  • The gang heads to Panama and meets us with Brady. They setup in an abandoned building. Brady shows off all the tools they got from the CIA and he goes of the over the plan for the next day.
  • Michael and Fiona talking.
  • “You have know idea who beautiful you look right now”- Micheal
  • “This is our business, Nate was our family too we should be doing this alone without government manipulation. We owe that much to Nate”- Fiona
  • “We owe it to Nate to find his killer period”- Michael
  • The hid out is found, its an ambush. They escape through the roof grabbing what ever gear they can. Jesse didn’t even have time for shoes.
  • Mike sees Grey and starts shooting.
  • (Crazy Michael is back)
  • They escape.
  • “Im sorry I must of misheard , you want to go find him? I may not have a ton of field experience but were out gunned in a foreign country. Michael we need to call for backup”- Brady
  • They didn’t manage to grab much while escaping. Fiona and Mike work on using what they got.
  • “When it comes to explosives I never kid”– Fiona
  • Micheal and Fi work together.
  • “Michael I don’t need Ireland, I want this you and me working together just as the way it used to be.”- Fiona
  • Michael tells Fi he’ll leave the CIA after all of this is over.
  • “After I get Grey I’ll leave im out, out of all of it”- Michael
  • “Well if we live long enough to see that happen, sounds really good”- Fiona
  • “When you give a piece of intelligence to anyone even an ally you never know what there going to do with because even if you completely trust that person you run the risk of them taking that information and using it for there own purposes”- Michael
  • Madeline goes to see Tom Card.
  • “I want to know everything that you know about the operation that killed Nate”- Madeline
  • “I know that you sent Michael on an off the books mission to Panama. I know what he’s there for and unless you want that mission to be suddenly very much on the books I suggest you cooperate”- Madeline
  • “Your blackmailing a CIA officer without batting an eyelash”– Tom Card
  • He shows her the classified document.
  • Sam/Jess/Brady find Grey’s compound. Jesse gets some shoes.
  • “Sam listen to me im hitting Grey, im pulling him out of the car and im shoving him into the trunk!”- Michael
  • Madeline and Tom Card are talking
  • “I lost my husband and my youngest son all because of this agency”- Madeline
  • “You trained Michael you know another side of him. I was my choice not to leave Frank and the choice made Michael strong and capable, well if left poor Nate. How do two brothers turn out so different?”– Madeline
  • “Imagine that your holding on to two bottles they drop on the floor what happens? They both break but its how they break that’s important because you see while one bottle crumples into a pile of glass the other shatters in to a jagged edged weapon. You see the exact environment that forged old brother into a warrior crushed baby brother. People just don’t just all break the same.”– Tom Card
  • “The problem here is your just focused on the bad causes there’s good that came through there too, don’t get me wrong Michael is damaged but he also happens to be a little boy who just wants to protect his mommy and his kid brother which means all the people he ever helped actually have to thank and Nate of course”- Tom Card
  • Brady reveals to Mike that his dad was killed when he was younger and joined the army to find the guy but never did.
  • “But I’ll be damed if im not gonna help you find this son of a bitch who killed your brother”- Brady
  • The snatch and grab doesn’t go as planned and Grey gets away.
  • Brady is shot in the leg, Grey is snipping from a building.
  • “You go in and you get him”- Brady
  • Michael calls Tom who say backup is on the way and wants him to wait.
  • “So what you gonna go in blind, deaf and bleeding that a super idea Michael!”– Tom Card
  • “We already have a plan im going in, accept my apology in advance!”- Michael
  • Mike and Sam will drop into the building with Jessie and Fiona as the distraction.
  • Where Jesse and Fi are there are drums of gas.
  • Michael files down the rope, breaks through the window and knocks Grey to the ground.
  • It was all a setup.
  • “Card isn’t sending an extraction team for you. Who do you think sent me out here? This is supposed to be a suicide mission for you.”- Grey
  • “Only problem is you just wont die”- Grey
  • Grey reveals that if Card think he’s failed he’ll wipe the whole place out.
  • After speaking with Card Mike knows Grey is telling the truth. Card set them up all along.
  • Tom Card is still with Madeline.
  • They race out of the building.
  • “Card lied to us, he sent us down here to die!”- Michael
  • “Card can spin any story he wants”- Michael
  • An air raid blows up the building they are escaping in a van. They get out and run into the woods.
  • Brady stays back and drives the van away, its get blown up.
  • “Please tell me its done”- Tom Card
  • “So what the hell do we do now?”- Sam

Final thoughts:

That was one hell of a way to close out the summer!  Madeline took the spotlight in those emotional scenes with Tom. Tom was always someone you could never trust but who knew it would go this deep.

What did you think of the episode?

Reminder this was just the SUMMER finale Burn Notice returns to finish off season 6 in November.

Ratings: 1.3 Demo with 4.95 million viewers.

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