Air Date 8/23/12

Red marks the important details from the episode.

Best quotes in orange.

  • Voting begins.
  • Mike is working the day after his grandma’s death and Harvey doesn’t know.
  • “If you tell people they would understand then you can go home and deal with this”- Rachel
  • “Deal with what Rachel? The fact that I missed my last ever chance to see my grandmother because I was too busy at work”- Mike
  • “This is not a debate Rachel. I came to work because I wanna work. Im not telling people because I don’t wanna talk about it”- Mike
  • “The managing partner is Daniel Hardman effective immediately”– Jessica
  • “Daniel you won you don’t need to blow smoke up my ass”- Harvey
  • “We can’t stay here. Not working for him”- Harvey to Jessica
  • Jessica wants to wait until they can make another move.
  • “This happened today, we just took the hit. We suffered a loss and you don’t make major life decisions when your reeling from a loss.”- Jessica
  • Mike goes to buy some weed. Harvey is getting moved down to another floor.
  • “Im coming for you”– Harvey to Daniel
  • Daniel sends Louis after Harvey. His first stop is Mike.
  • “I don’t belong to anyone”- Mike
  • “Well then quit, your days are numbered here anyway”- Louis
  • Louis warns Harvey he can’t pawn his work to Mike anymore but he still tries.
  • “And what are you doing?”
  • “Operation write the shit”- Harvey
  • “You lost, deal with it”- Mike
  • “You seem to live in a diluted world where you think that you can always win but sometimes you can’t, bad things happen gotta face the fact that life is gonna be this case or this case..”– Mike
  •  “Jessica lost, you lost and there isn’t anything that any of us including the great and powerful Harvey Specter can do about it!”– Mike
  • Harvey sends Mike home.
  • Harvey and Mike deal with loosing someone the same way.. work.
  • Mike goes home to get high. Rachel stops by to get him together for the funeral.
  • Mike makes it look to Rachel that he is dumping all the weed but he just hides it.
  • Harvey is looking for assistance in the case he was dump with.
  • “You don’t know a single one of there names do you?”- Donna
  • Donna reminds Harvey that he was the one that sent Mike home.
  • “I thought he would come back”- Harvey
  • Mike and Rachel at the funeral.
  • “Everyone is gone”- Mike
  • Tess his childhood friend and ex shows up.
  • Mike give the perfect speech about his grandma.
  • (Very emotional scene)
  • “…She was my whole family”– Mike
  • Louis shows his authority and Harvey is beyond pissed as he throws a cup against the wall.
  • Mike is clearing out his grandmas room with Tess, they kiss and she admits she is married. Mike tells her to leave.
  • Harvey shows up to see Mike.
  • “When I sent you home I didn’t mean for you to never come back”– Harvey
  • Mike tells him about his grandma but he already knew.
  • “You obviously weren’t ready to deal with it so I respected that by keeping you busy, was I wrong“- Harvey
  • “Are you stoned?”- Harvey
  • Harvey lights up with Mike.
  • Louis tries telling Donna that whatever happens with Harvey he doesn’t want her to leave.
  • “You betrayed your team”- Donna
  • “And I might not like moving but the one thing that I love about it is that its further away from your smug face”– Donna
  • Harvey and Mike are really stoned
  • “Harvey Specter doesn’t get cotton mouth”- Harvey
  • Harvey sees the paperwork for the apartment.
  • “I always hated the word orphan. I never felt like one until now”- Mike
  • Harvey tells mike about his parents.
  • “I lived in a house surrounded by family but I know what its like to be totally alone”- Harvey
  • “What I wouldn’t give to piss in that bastards office”- Harvey
  • Harvey admits he pissed in Louis’s office in the past.
  • Stoned Mike and Harvey head into the office.
  • “I drank three Gatorades on the way here im gonna pee orange its right”– Mike
  • Harvey says hes going to get the can opener.
  • “Are you serious right now? You’re not messing with me? You are finally going to tell me what you do with the can opener?”– Mike
  • Louis is trying to get on Harvey’s computer when they show up.
  • “What the hell are you doing?!”- Harvey
  • “Are you looking for another way to make my life miserable”- Harvey
  • “You hit him they win”- Mike
  • Louis leaves.
  • In a moment of clear thinking:
  • “He wouldn’t hesitate to plant something to get rid of me…what if Hardman planted the CM memo in the first place. Donna never saw the memo, Donna never make mistakes. What if she never saw it four years ago because it wasn’t there.”- Harvey
  • They uncover the truth and report straight to Jessica. Harvey want her to call a partners meeting.
  • “I’ll call for it five minutes after you get me some proof.”- Jessica
  • Harvey goes to see Tanner.
  • “I want to know about you and Hardman and your gonna answer my questions or im gonna kick your ass”– Harvey
  • Harvey boxes Tanner.
  • “Why did you settle?”- Harvey
  • “Because that memo was a fraud”- Tanner
  • Tanner wont testify.
  • At the office Mike finds the paper, kisses Rachel.
  • “Being smart hasn’t made either one of us very happy”– Mike
  • Louis get Hardman to sign off on drug tests for the partners.
  • Harvey shoots down Louis.
  • “You were high when you came up with that theory”- Jessica to Harvey
  • Tanner wont testify so Mike is trying to get his lawyer to sign an affidavit admitting to Daniels wrong doings but he wont sign it.
  • Harvey is terminated for refusing the drug test, he has a partners hearing to dispute it.
  • They expect Mike to show up in time with the evidence against Daniel.
  • “Thank you Daniel but im not here to dispute any thing after all I was high, I was high because I was forced to work for you”- Harvey
  • Harvey tell everyone one about the CM memo and Tanner.
  • Mike comes in with a signed affidavit revealing everything.
  • Louis sides with Harvey.
  • Daniel is dismissed.
  • “Daniel that 3 million of our money consider you partnership bought out”- Jessica
  • Mike admits to Harvey that he signed the affidavit and Daniel didn’t even check and just came clean.
  • Jessica talking to Daniel
  • “For the record I wasn’t the one who made the first move, Harvey was…but someday he’ll make the first move on you”- Daniel
  • “I’ll go but don’t kid yourself that this is the last page of the story”- Daniel
  • “To the firm of Pearson and kiss my ass”– Harvey
  • Tess shows up at Mikes place, he called her.
  • Mike sleeps with the married Tess.
  • Rachel shows up and sees Tess.

Final Thoughts:

Well it was an epic episode. The Daniel story did fell a bit rushed but I don’t see that being the end of him at all. At first I honestly thought that Mike dealing with his loss would of had a greater effect on him and the Daniel plan, but Harvey and Mike proved how much they are the alike with dealing with a loss.

Don’t forget this was just the SUMMER Finale, Suits returns in January to finish off Season 2.

What did you think of the episode? Mad that Harvey didn’t get to beat the crap out of Louis?

Ratings: 1.5 Demo with 4.48 million viewers.

  1. Texasgentleman says:

    Excellent season finale!! The writers for this show are exceptional!! They had me trying to figure out how the change in the managing partner was going to set the stage for next years episodes.

    I always enjoy Lewis Litt because he is such an ass. However, he showed what he would do with power. Evidently he must have had a hemrroidectomy once he was named a senior partner because he became a PERFECT ASSHOLE. He played the part to the max!

    Having Harvey get stoned with Mike let us see his human side. Using that to help solve the Hardman fraud was classic Suits! It is why I think it is the best show on tv.

    I can’t wait until next season based on the trailers at the end of the show. Having to only wait until January instead of next summer is an early Christmas present.

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