Weekly TV Recap August 19th-24th

Posted: August 25, 2012 by Aaron M Zaffuto in News
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When Fall TV officially starts we are calling Saturday’s “DVR Catch Up Day”. Recap what you missed this week.

What shows are you catching up on today?

Sunday August 19th:

Falling Skies Season 2 Finale:

First Off, I Would Like To Say That I Am Glad That Falling Skies Has Officially Been Renewed For A Third Season, Which Will Air Next Summer.The 2nd Mass Carried Out A Mission To Destroy A Deadly And Highly Destructive Weapon That The Aliens Were Constructing. The 2nd Mass Also Planned To Kill The Overlord That They Previously Captured, After Learning That The Overlord Ran The Alien Military Operations.

Hell on Wheels 2×02 “Durant, Nebraska”:

We go from a quiet season opener last week to this episode which is anything but quiet. Cullen is back to help regain order in the town but so are the Indians who are not going away anytime soon. Hell on Wheels is full steam toward what is shaping up to be another great season.

Monday August 20th:

Grimm 2×02 “The Kiss”:

Grimm continues to dive deep and the stories are getting more complex which is adding to the excitement when watching. I feel Juliette will add to Nick’s drive to find out all he can about the royal in Portland.

Alphas “Gaslight”:

The Team Battled A Mysterious Sound Wave, That Caused Them To Experience Strange Hallucinations. The Team Experienced Strange Things, And Gary Even Hallucinated That Anna Had Lived.

Thursday August 23rd:

Burn Notice 6×10 “Desperate Times” Summer Finale:

That was one hell of a way to close out the summer!  Madeline took the spotlight in those emotional scenes with Tom. Tom was always someone you could never trust but who knew it would go this deep.

Suits 2×10 “High Noon” Summer Finale:

Well it was an epic episode. The Daniel story did fell a bit rushed but I don’t see that being the end of him at all. At first I honestly thought that Mike dealing with his loss would of had a greater effect on him and the Daniel plan, but Harvey and Mike proved how much they are the alike with dealing with a loss.

Saving Hope “A New Beginning”:

Alex Had To Deal With Being Demoted. Also, The Hospital Planned To Replace Charlie. Dana Took Joel To Her Hometown With Her, Where They Encountered A Woman Who Had Been In A Terrible Accident. The Woman Was One Of Dana’s Childhood Friends. The Woman (Stephanie) Had Been Trapped Underneath A Tow Truck, That Was Lying On It’s Side. After Making A Tough Call, Dana Made The Decision To Amputate Stephanie’s Leg, To Get Her Free From The 10 Ton Truck. Dana And Joel Amputated Stephanie’s Leg, Using Only A Scalpel And Boltcutters.


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