Part 1:

Synopsis: –

 Coma Is About A Group Of Medical Students, Who Have Just Started Working At A Local Hospital. The Main Character, Susan, Is Also A New Medical Student.  Interestingly Enough, Susan’s Father Performed The Very First Surgery At The Hospital, Many Years Ago.  Susan And The Other Students Begin Touring The Hospital, And They Also Begin Examining The Patients, As Part Of Their Training. Many Of The Hospital’s Patients Have Been Slipping Into Comas, During Surgeries. The Hospital Houses The Coma Patients For A Certain Amount Of Time, But They Then Recommend That The Patients Be Sent To The Jefferson Facility. The Jefferson Facility Is A Facility That Provides Long Term Care For Coma Patients. The Patients Are Sent To The Jefferson Facility, As Their Insurance Stops Paying For Their Stay At The Hospital, After A Certain Amount Of Time.  Susan Begins Looking Into The Hospital’s Records, And She Notices That The Hospital Has Had An Unusual Amount Of Comas, All Of Which Were Sent To The Jefferson Facility, Once Their Insurance Stopped Paying For Their Stay At The Hospital. Susan Begins Getting Curious About The Jefferson Institute, And She Begins Researching It. Susan Learns That The Institute May Not Be What It Seems. Susan Ultimately Goes To The Institute For A Tour, But Is Turned Away. Apparently, Tours At The Institution Must Be Arranged Via The Hospital. Susan And The Students (Alongside Their Superiors) Perform A Knee Surgery On A Perfectly Healthy Man. During The Surgery, The Man Slips Into A Coma. The Operation Takes Place In O.R. Room Number 8, Which Seems To Be The Room Where Most Of The Patients Slip Into Comas. A Man Approaches Dr. Bellows (Susan’s Superior). The Man’s Sister Slipped Into A Coma, And Was Ultimately Sent To Jefferson. The Man Then Tells Dr. Bellows That He Doesn’t Want the Hospital’s Blood Money. The Man Hands A Check (That Was Apparently Given To Him By The Hospital) To Dr. Bellows. The Check Is For $485,000. It Seems That The Hospital “Paid The Man Off”. Dr. Bellows Appears As If He Knows Nothing About The Check. Susan Leaves The Hospital, As Her Shift Is Over. As Susan Is Walking Away from The Hospital, She Is Attacked, By An Unknown Man. The Man Tells Her: “Don’t You End Up At Jefferson Too.” It Seems That Jefferson, As Well As The Hospital, Are Up To Something “Fishy”. Dr. Bellows Is “Seeing” Dr. Lindquist (Who Is A Department Head, At The Hospital). It Seems As If Dr. Bellows Isn’t Aware Of What’s Happening At The Hospital. However, Dr. Lindquist Seems To Know More That She Is Revealing. Someone Calls Susan’s Mother, And Says That Susan Was Badly Injured In A Car Accident. The Person Said That They Worked At The Hospital. This Is Strange, As Susan Is Perfectly Fine, And She Wasn’t Involved In A Car Accident. Dr. Stark Is A Veteran Doctor At The Hospital. Apparently, Dr. Stark Brings In A Sizeable Amount Of Funding, For The Hospital. It Seems That Dr. Stark May Be Involved With The Conspiracy.  It’s Revealed That The $485,000 Pay-Off Check Came From “Helix Global Care”. It’s Not Clear Why The Brokerage Firm Issued This Huge Pay-Off Check. Susan Is Called In For An Ethics Review, But Dr. Stark Is Able To Save Her Job. Dr. Starks Enlists Susan To Study The Coma Statistics. Dr. Stark Tells Susan To Present Her Findings To Him, And To Him Only. It’s Still Not Clear If Dr. Stark Is A Part Of The Conspiracy. Susan Is Finally Able To Get A Tour At Jefferson, Susan Learns That “Helix Global Care” Also Has A Tour Group, At Jefferson. During The Tour, Susan Breaks Away From The Group. Susan Makes A Shocking Discovery. She Finds Thousands Of Coma Patients, Stored In A Single Room. Susan Is Detained By Security, And The Episode Ends.


The Premiere Of Coma Was Highly Intriguing, And Mysterious. I Like How The Show Is A Medical Drama, Combined With A Strange Underlying Conspiracy Story. Tonight’s Premiere Was Fairly Normal, But It Definitely Got Strange Within The Last 10 Minutes. I’m Still Intrigued By What Happened At The End, And I Definitely Can’t Wait For Part 2 Of The Show. Overall, I’m Very Interested In Coma, And I Would Recommend It. Watch The Epic Conclusion Of Coma: This Tuesday At 9/8C. On A&E.

Part 2:

Synopsis –

In Tonight’s Conclusion Of Coma, Susan Is Taken To The Director Of Jefferson. The Director Tells Susan That Jefferson’s Method Has Been Approved By The CDC, etc.  Susan Leaves Jefferson, And Returns Home. Susan Learns That The Latest Coma Victim, Slipped Into A Coma, In Operating Room Number 8. Susan Ultimately Begins Exploring The O.R. Room. Susan Begins Crawling Through The Duct Work, In The Ceiling Of The Hospital, In Search Of Anything Unusual. Susan Finds A Service Shaft, And Begins Climbing Down, To Investigate. Susan Climbs Down, And Finds A Disconnected Hose. This Hose Is Connected In O.R. Room Number 8, But It’s Disconnected From It’s Source. It’s Not Clear What The Hose Is Used For. Susan Finds A Camera In Her Apartment. It Seems That Someone Has Been Watching Her. As Dr. Stark Is Driving Down The Highway, He Is Cut Off By A Car, And A Trash Truck Pins His Side. The Trash Truck Picks Up Dr. Starks Car, And Throws It Off Of The Overpass, That Dr. Stark Was Traveling On. Dr. Stark Isn’t Able To Escape, And He, Along With His Car, Crash To The Highway Below. Susan Finds Even More Cameras, Hidden In Her Apartment. Doctor Stark Is In Critical Condition, It’s Not Clear If He Will Survive.  Mark And Susan Learn That Helix Global Owns Jefferson. Helix Global Has Been Paying The Staff At Memorial, As Well As Families Of The Patients. Susan Thinks That  Someone Is Choosing Who To Put Into Comas. Susan Thinks That Someone Is Then Doing Tests/Experiments On The Coma Patients. Susan Thinks That Someone Chooses Who To Put Into A Coma, Based On Pre-Existing Medical Conditions. Susan Thinks That The Same Someone Is Putting The People In Comas, By Using Carbon Monoxide. Susan Thinks That The Disconnected Hose Gets Connected To A Tank Of Carbon Monoxide, And Then Is Activated Remotely. Susan Thinks That A Higher Power Is Doing This, And The Lower Level Doctors Know Nothing About It. Susan Attempts To Evade An Attacker, And Dr. Bellows Is Hit By A Car. Dr. Bellows Is Rushed To The Hospital It’s Not Clear If He Was Taken To Memorial, Or A Different Hospital. Susan Continues To Escape From Her Attacker. Unfortunately, Susan’s Attacker Has Her Cornered In A Small Room. It’s Not Clear If She Will Be Able To Escape. Susan Is Ultimately Able To Escape From Her Attacker. Dr. Stark Is Brought Into To O.R. Room Number 8, For Surgery.  A Hospital Staff Member Connects The Hose To The Carbon Monoxide Canister. Dr. Stark Ultimately Slips Into A Coma. Susan’s Attacker Is Found Dead. The Man Killed Himself. The Man Is Identified As A Man Named Arno. Arno Is A Patient Of Dr. Lindquist. Dr. Lindquist Is Questioned By The Police, But Doesn’t Give Up Any Useful Information. Dr. Bellows Arrives At Mercy Hospital, For His Surgery, To Repair His Broken Leg (That He Sustained From Being Hit By A Car). The Surgery Is Successful, And Dr. Bellows Is Okay.  Mark Hands Documents To The Chief Of Police, And Asks Him To Give The Documents To Susan. The Chief Of Police (The Captain) Gives The Documents To Susan, And She Says That The Documents Prove That Memorial Is Targeting Coma Patients. After Hearing This, The Chief Of Police Knocks Susan Out.  Dr. Bellows Seems To Still Be Recovering, At Mercy Hospital. Susan Is Taken To Jefferson, And Dosed With Anesthetic. It’s Not Clear What Will Happen To Her. Dr. Bellows Makes His Way Out Of The Hospital. Susan Awakes, And She Is In Jefferson. Susan Is Restrained, And The Director Of Jefferson Is In The Room, With Her. The Director Puts Susan On An I.V. Drip Filled With Propofol. The Director Is Using A Large Dose, Which Will Soon Put Susan Into A Coma.  Susan Is Able To Escape From Her Restraints. However, Susan Isn’t Able To Move, Due To The Dose Of Propofol, And She Collapses On The Floor. Susan Is Able To Regain Her Senses (Somewhat) And She Attempts To Escape From Jefferson. Susan Is Wearing A Disguise, Which Should Help Her Escape. Dr. Bellows, And A Detective, Arrive At Jefferson. They Say That They Are Looking For Susan. The Director Acts As If Nothing Is Wrong. Dr. Bellows And The Detective Continue Questioning The Director, But She Won’t Let Them Into The Facility. Susan Learns That Some Of The Female Coma Patients Have Been Impregnated. Dr. Bellow And The Detective Leave Jefferson. Little Do They Know, Susan Is In Fact Inside Of The Facility. Susan Learns That The Coma Patients’ Organs Are Being Removed, etc. Many Staff Members From Memorial Are At Jefferson. Mostly, The Higher Power Staff Members From Memorial, Are Involved With The Conspiracy. Susan Blows Her Cover, And She Is Once Again Captured. Susan Learns That Her Grandfather, And A Colleague Came Up With The Coma Conspiracy, 30+ Years Ago. Dr. Bellows And The Detective Learn That Susan Is In Fact, At Jefferson. Susan’s Grandfather’s Colleague Says That The Coma Conspiracy Was Invented, To Do Experiments, That Will “Perfect” Mankind. Susan Tries To Make An Escape, And Falls Into A Drain Pipe, Of Sorts. Dr. Bellows, And A Sizeable Amount Of Detectives, Arrive At Jefferson, And Make Entry. Susan Begins Making Her Way Through The Drainpipe Tunnel, In An Attempt To Escape. The Detectives Begin Sweeping The Building, And Arresting All Parties Involved With The Experiments. The Director Finds Susan In The Drainpipe, And Tries To Kill Her. Susan Ultimately Kills The Director, And Escapes The Tunnel. Dr. Bellows And The Detectives Find Susan, And She Is Rescued. Dr. Bellows Joins Susan In Her Hospital Room. Dr. Bellows Then Gets A Text Message From Dr. Lindquist. The Text Says “Join Me”. The Location Is China. The Mini-Series Then Comes To A Not So Well Rounded Conclusion.


Tonight’s Conclusion Of Coma Was Epic! I Enjoyed The Mini-Series, But I Didn’t Approve Of The Cliff-Hanger, At The End. I Really Wish That The Show Could’ve Been Extended, Or Even Turned Into A Full Time Series. However, That Won’t Happen. I Enjoyed The Show While It Lasted, And I’d Definitely Recommend It. Be Sure To Pick Up ComaWhen It Is Released On Dvd, In The Near Future.

~ Scott R.

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