Air Date: 9/02/12

  • Lily is angry the men are not spending time at the bridge site.
  • Fleming is being skinned alive by the Indians and Cullen is forced to shoot him from a distance.
  • Eva is sleeping around with Elam while her husband Mr.Toole is working. Eva tells him shes pregnant with his child. Elam doesn’t say anything and takes off.
  • Reverend is still a mess as he begs Cullen for money for a drink.
  • “That sitting bitch stole my church. Shes your conduit to the lord now.”- Revered Cole
  • He’s been sleeping in the cemetery and Cullen offers to let him stay with him.
  • The men come back early and to mourn there friend and refuse to got back to work without protection from the Indians.
  • “Its about to get unsafe around here unless you get your ass back to work”- Cullen
  • Lily, Durant and Cullen all disagree on what plan to take. “Fight em here, fight em now”- Cullen
  • Elam talks with Eva.
  • “Spend my whole life trying to get free and here come a women a white women spinning my head saying she got my baby. I couldn’t think of nothing to do but run.”- Elam
  • Elam tells Eva he loves her but then asks her to get an abortion.
  • “You can’t have know black baby your husband will kill it or you or both of you.”- Elam
  • “You don’t need to fear for your freedom on my account”- Eva
  • At the odd wake of Fleming, the body upright in the coffin and the Swede standing just to the side. Cullen walks in and gives a speech about not quitting.
  • “No disrespect intended but we wont die for your railroad”- Mr.Toole
  • The ex-slaves want to be armed and are willing be to be protection but know one will let that happen.
  • The men all refuse to work.
  • “That roads gonna get built with or without you! You all don’t get back to work you who’s gonna loose. Trust me on this you loose and it’ll get ugly.”- Cullen
  • The workers revolt and burn a doll looking like Durant while Cullen calmly has breakfast.
  • “There burning me at the stake out there and I have to come and find you!”- Durant
  • “They want protection”- Cullen
  • It’s revealed by Durant that most of the freed men are criminals and the railroad bought there sentences from the states they were serving time in.
  • “They do not make demands. I told you when you hired me this was a war”- Cullen
  • “And I expected you to have battle plan!”- Durant
  • Cullen want Durant’s complete authority to handle the situation and he gets it.
  • Eva considers hiding her tattoo with make up. She tells Mr.Toole she’s pregnant and its not his. “I can’t lie to you, you’ve been one of the most halfway decent men I’ve even known but his child belongs to another”- Eva
  • Rather calmly “Does this mean you’re leaving me?- Mr.Toole
  • Cullen sends for 200 replacement workers.
  • “Gonna be bloodshed. I ain’t cleaning up after your mess.”- Elam
  • “You’ll just do whatever Mr.Durant wants you to, wont you?”- Cullen
  • The Swede and Reverend Cole are talking.
  • “More bodies, more coffins. Our jobs have never been more secure”- The Swede
  • Drunken Mr.Toole confronts Elam.
  • “You lay a hand on her im gonna kill you”- Elam
  • “You’re not a real man.. What kind of man are you? Most of us would give our life to be a father but look at you, didn’t even stay by her side before. Where are you now in the middle of town flexing your trigger finger. You’re no father you’re just a coward”- Mr.Toole
  • In the middle of the night the train comes full of new workers. Cullen sends Cole to the bar for liquor as a distraction.
  • Cullen and Elam stack back calmly watching as chaos ensues.
  • “The men think there stepping off that train to get jobs”- Elam
  • “If they can fight they might just have them”- Cullen
  • The men along with the freed men fight the replacement workers together. The replacements flee back on the train.
  • They agree to go back to work fearing for there jobs now. Mr.Toole agrees to let the freed men have guns to protect them.
  • “Proud of yourself? So that was the plan? Everyone supposed to get along happily ever after.”- Elam
  • “Not quite yet. Now you need to get your people back to work.”- Cullen
  • “You work for Mr.Durant now same as me. That means were the ones doing the riding.”- Cullen
  • Elam goes to speak to his men. He gets into a fight.
  • “Don’t know if you’re back, don’t know if you’re white, you’re nothing.”
  • Elam gets knocked to the ground.
  • Cullen talks to Durant.
  • “Those men fought to the death for there jobs. Will make up those five miles in know time.”- Cullen
  • Lily is not happy about everything always being on Cullen’s terms.
  • “You got yourself a real workforce now.”- Cullen
  • Mr.Toole gets in bed with his wife and put is hand on her belly.
  • (Seemingly ok with everything)
  • Reverend Cole won’t stay with Cullen who believes he is at war with the Indians and now has the manpower to handle it.
  • Cullen hands out weapons to the freed men and gives brief instructions.
  • “Anything moves shoot the shit out of it”- Cullen

Final Thoughts:

Our main characters (Cullen, Durant Lily) took a backseat this episode leaving the main story to Eva, Mr. Toole and Elam. The episode left me rooting for Mr. Toole for the first time as he has come off to be a genuine good man. Elam on the other hand is not a likable guy at all at the moment with his awful treating of Eva but I do hope a day comes where that changes. Cullen and Lily have also turned into odd characters this season but you can still see that even in there disputes Lily still has some unanswered feelings for him.

Next on AMC’s Hell on Wheels September 9th episode 2×05 promo:


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