Dexter Returns on September 30th, There is NO Escape.

Posted: September 10, 2012 by Ivy Marie in Sunday Night
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Dexter is Back for More.

One of the best shows on TV right now, as you may, or may not know is Dexter, going into its 7th season on September 30th  followed by Homeland, which I will get into later, because it is also a great show brought to you by Showtime, one of my all time favorite channels.

We have watched Dexter progress over the years and he has become a quiet voice in the heads of many people, our own little dark passengers riding along with his as he kills, maims and learns more and more about being human and feelings. While almost everyone who has come through Dexter’s life and has seen his dark passenger has moved on in one way or another, the one constant has always been his sister Deb Morgan, the one person that, “if I could feel anything, I would feel things for Deb,” as Dexter explained in S:1 E:1.

The show has been just as much about her and the rest of the detectives Dexter works with at Miami Metro, all these flawed people who really make our dearest, demented Dexter look kind of sane and rational in the end. Just because he happens to be an obsessive, self-proclaimed monster, he really is just a good guy.

Every season Dexter’s life and the whole dynamic of the show were changed in either subtle or extreme ways. We watched him learn the value of family and love over the first few years and then learn how to be a father when his son was born. Then we watched as his careful world was broken apart and shattered, we saw how far he came when we saw him look at his son. Learning to balance his dark deeds and family life was one of his biggest challenges.

Last season took Dexter and the rest of the characters to the very edge, Deb became the boss, a few other major elements started a downward spiral and Dexter really came into his own, going up against the Doomsday Killer who gave the season a religious overtone and ended with a cliffhanger that asked a question that was posed right from the start, what will happen when Deb finds out about Dexter’s dark side? They were always close and Dexter always did well hiding his secret life, he has always been afraid of that moment. This year we get to find out just how it will all play out. According to the previews, it is not going to go well, for anyone involved.

Since this is the next to last season, many, many things are  going to be brought to light, revealed and settled one way or another, everything that this show has been building to is finally going to come to a head. It seems like everyone will be affected this season, for better or worse. September 30th at 9pm on Showtime is the big night and if you keep an eye out here I will try hard to keep up on it for you and hopefully not give up too many spoilers if you are just finding this great show.

– Ivy Marie

  1. Matthew Romigh says:

    Such an awesome show! Great article, and nice reference to the books. \m/

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