Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Martin’s Car Breaks Down In The Town, Where His Career As A Reporter, Began.
  • Martin Is Able To Get The Car To The Repair Shop. Jake Then Proceeds To Throw The Car Keys In The Back Of A Recycling Truck.
  • Martin Runs Into His First Boss (Henry), At The Repair Shop.
  • Martin Notices That Henry’s Car, Which Is Also At The Repair Shop, Has Had It’s Break Lines Cut.
  • Martin Goes To Inform Henry That Someone Cut His Break Lines. Martin Arrives At The Newspaper Office, And Runs Into One Of His Old Friends (Beth). Beth Also Works At The Newspaper Office.
  • Henry Disappears. No-One Knows What Has Happen To The Man, Or Where He Has Went.
  • Martin Begins Looking Through Henry’s Newspaper/Story Notes. Martin Is Looking Through The Notes, Because He Thinks Someone Is Trying To Kill Henry (Possibly Dues To Some Newspaper Article, That He’s Working On).
  • Martin Finds What Appears To Be Chemical Tests, In Henrys Notes. There Are Also Several Addresses, In The Notes.
  • Martin And Beth Head To One Of The Addresses, That Were Found In Henry’s Notes.
  • Martin And Beth Arrive At The Address, And They Meet A Man, That Works At The Local Glass Factory. When Asked About Henry, The Man Becomes Defensive. Martin And Beth Aren’t Able To Get Any Useful Information, And They Leave The House.
  • A Brick Is Thrown Through Beth’s Van Window, By An Unknown Person. The Brick Has A Note Attached That Says: “Stop Asking Questions”.
  • Martin Finally Gets In Touch With Henry. Henry Tells Martin To Meet Him In Person. Henry Says That He Will Explain Everything.
  • Martin Meets With Henry. Henry Says That He Got A Call From An Employee, Of The Local Glass Factory. The Employee Said That There Was A Chemical Spill, At One Of The Company’s New Sites. Henry Learned That The Spill Had Traces Of Arsenic, And Many Other Dangerous Chemicals. Henry Says That He Couldn’t Tell The Police, As His Source Would Then Be “Spooked”.
  • Henry Says That His Source Has Proof Of The Spill Incident (Documents, Memos, etc.). Henry Enlists Martin, To Go And Meet With The Source, To Retrieve The Proof.
  • Martin Arrives At The Meet Location, Which Happens To Be One Of The Glass Company’s Construction Site.
  • Martin Begins Searching The Site For Henry’s Source. Martin Doesn’t Find Henry’s Source, But He Does Run Into Travis (Beth’s Husband). Travis Is Angry, And Wants To Know Why Martin Is Trespassing On The Construction Site.
  • Martin Begins Speaking With Travis. Martin Learns That Henry May Have Been The Person That Threw The Brick Through Beth’s Van Window.
  • Martin Finds, And Confronts Henry. Martin Learns That Henry Has Been Extorting The Local Glass Company. Henry Blackmailed The Company With The News Article, In Order To Get Pay-Off Money, From the Company.
  • Henry Is Taken Into Police Custody, For His Crime.
  • Martin’s Lost Keys Are Found, All Of The Proper Connections Are Made, And Jake And Martin Head Out, To Continue Their Journey.



 Tonight’s Episode Of Touch Was Very Interesting. In Tonight’s Episode, Martin And Jake Get Temporarily Stranded In The Town, Where Martin’s Reporting Career Started. Martin Ran Into His First Boss, And Learns That There May Be A Conspiracy At Play. Martin Does Some Investigating, And Learns That His Old Boss Has Been Committing Fraud, Extortion, And Blackmail. Martin Ultimately Alerts The Authorities, And His Old Boss Is Arrested. Martin And Jake Then Get Their Car Repaired, And Continue On Their Way. Tonight’s Episode Was Labeled As A Season 1 Bonus Episode. It Seems That The Episode Takes Place Just Before The Season 1 Finale Episode. I Don’t Approve Of This Bonus Episode, As It Causes Major Confusion. Why Would FOX Air An Episode That Takes Place Before The Season 1 Finale, Which Aired Months Ago? I Don’t Understand FOX’s Logic, With This Decision. However, I Still Enjoyed The Episode Itself. I’m Somewhat Becoming A Fan Of Touch, And I’m Interested To See What Happens In Season 2. Overall, I Would Recommend Touch. Be Sure To Watch The Season 2 Premiere Of Touch Live: October, 26th At 8/7C.

 Side-Note: Tonight’s Episode Also Had Two Sub-Stories, However, I Only Recapped The Main Story.


~ Scott R.

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