Air Date: 9/16/12

Best quotes in orange.

  • The Indians think of the Swede as the “white spirit” as they helped him after he was run out of town in the season 1 finale.
  • Cole and The Swede arm the Indians with the stolen guns ready for the “cleansing”.
  • Lily stays behind while Durant heads to Chicago for medical attention. Eva is going with him and Durant is paying her.
  • Cullen tries to get the Doc to stay behind so he isn’t arrested and executed in Chicago but he refuses to leave Durant.
  • Joesph goes to Ruth when he wakes to find a bible with passage marked: “Jesus said to them, If you don’t have a sword then sell your cloak to buy one.”
  • “Have you seen father?”- Joesph
  • The Indians with the Swede and Cole blow up the track and attack Durant’s train.
  • Cole lead the charge and enters the train with sword.
  • “The glory of the lord will be revealed and all people will see it for the mouth of the lord has spoken.”- Reverend Cole
  • Cole wants his manifesto telegraphed and published on the front page of the Tribune or he will kill everyone on the train.
  • “You’re insane”– Durant
  • Durant is forced to sent it but he secretly gets the telegraph to send to Hell on Wheels and not Chicago where Lily/Cullen know something isn’t right.
  • Lily reads the first of the telegraphed messages: “The crimes of this guilty land can only be purged away with blood.”
  • “Its John Brown.”- Cullen
  • Cullen knows where the location on the track is to send a telegraph and heads with Elam to stake it out.
  • Cole lets Cullen come in unarmed.
  • “Reverend what are you doing?”– Cullen
  • “I know first hand a firestorm is going to reign down on these people, killing innocents ain’t gonna change that its going to make it worse.”- Cullen
  • “Mr.Bohannon blood is god here.”– Reverend Cole
  • Cole stick his sword though the engineer.
  • Cullen get another train car and parks in just down from Cole and the hostages.
  • “Is he drunk.”– Lily
  • “We storm that train I can’t guarantee I’ll get any of them out alive but it’s our best chance.”- Cullen
  • Durant is trying to bs with Cole to calm him down.
  • “You know we’re not so different you and I.”- Durant
  • “You’re crazier then I am if you believe that.”– Reverend Cole
  • It is revealed that Durant had a son but was killed when he was twelve from cholera.
  • “Your legacy will be nothing but death and blood.”- Durant
  • “You are on the wrong side of history reverend. The nation wants this railroad, anyone who stands in its way will be vilified.”- Durant
  • Cullen and Elam fire away at the train.
  • “You missed me you rebel son of a bitch!” Reverend Cole
  • Cole realizes the telegraph has been sending to Hell on Wheels.
  • “Did you really think I would allow you manifesto to be published?”- Durant
  • “Your fate was sealed the moment you waked in that door.”- Durant
  • Cole asks to see his children.
  • Cullen is more concerned about his friend the Doc. Elam has other reasons and tells Cullen.
  • “Eva carrying my baby.”- Elam
  • “A child ain’t got a chance in this world.”- Cullen
  • Lily goes to get Ruth and Joseph over to see Cole.
  • “He hates. He made that very clear my entire life.”- Ruth
  • Lily and Joesph convince her to go and make an attempt to free everyone.
  • Cole apologizes for the way he treated Ruth and and her mother.
  • “Please forgive me.”- Cole
  • Soldiers arrive for Doc. The Swede told them where he was.
  • “Just doing my duty as a citizen.”- The Swede
  • “This ain’t over!”- Cullen
  • Cole whispers to Joesph: “I’m gonna kill them all.”– Cole
  • Joesph stabs Cole with Cullen’s knife and hands it back to him revealing that was the plan all along.
  • Durant leaves Lily.
  • Cullen is forced to confront killing his good friend.
  • (In a very emotional scene)
  • “Cullen I would be truly honored If it was you to see me out of this world.”- Doc
  • “You be strong son.”- Doc
  • Cullen executes his friend Doc while the soldiers watch from a distance.

Final Thoughts:

Building off last weeks intense episode the show has continued to impress me. We have seen all sides of Cullen and we got see more of the man who truly is a good guy. Cole was such an interesting character that it was tough to see him go just from the story perspective. Durant and Lily are done, is it finally time for Cullen/Lily?

What did you think of the episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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