Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Rosen Sees A Video Of A Group Of Individuals Taking A Drug, Jumping Off Of A 21st Story Rooftop, And Surviving. It Seems That The Drug Is Temporarily Giving The Individuals Alphas Abilities.
  • Rosen Tells The Team To Investigate The Video, And Learn More About The Mystery Drug.
  • Rachael And John Plan To Have Dinner, With Rachael’s Parents.
  • Cameron’s Son, Tyler, Arrives For A Visit. Cameron And Dani Meet Tyler, At The Airport.
  • Gary Finds A Facebook Picture Of The Ringleader Of The Group (From The Video). Kat Is In The Picture With The Man. However, Kat Doesn’t Remember Any Of It, Due To Her Condition.
  • It’s Revealed That The Ringleader (Dylan) Is Having A Party. Kat Suggests That She Go Undercover, To The Party. Bill Reluctantly Allows This.
  • It’s Revealed That The Mystery Drug Is Known As “Jump”, On The Street.
  • Kat Arrives At The Party, And Finds Dylan. Dylan Knows About Kat’s Alpha Ability, And Says That They Were A Couple.
  • Dylan Gives Kat A Dose Of “Jump”, And She Begins To Feel The Effects Of The Drug.
  • Dylan And Kat Jump Off Of A Rooftop, And Are Unharmed. It Seems That Kat Has Strayed From Her Mission.
  • Kat And Bill Arrive Back At The Office. Kat Reveals That She Took The Drug, So That She Would Have A Sample Of It. Since The Drug Is Now In Her Bloodstream, Kat Can Now Extract a Sample Of Her Blood, And Examine The Drug.
  • Rosen Obtains A List Of Numbers That Stanton Called, And Received, On His Cell phone.
  • Cameron, Dani, And Tyler Begin Trying To Bond.
  • Rachael Examines Kat’s Blood, And Learns That The Drug Creates A Kevlar Like Shield, Around The Skin.
  • The Team Learns That Many Of The Drug’s Users Died From A Heart Condition. Basically, The Drug Continued To Harden And Ultimately Solidified The Users’ Hearts.
  • Rosen Learns That Dani’s Phone Number Is In Fact One Of The Numbers On The List, That He Obtained.
  • Rachael Cancels The Dinner, With Her Parents. Rachael Seems To Be Nervous, About Her New Relationship, With John.
  • Kat Continues Her Undercover Mission, With Dylan.
  • Dylan Tells Kat That He Knows How To Get An Infinite Amount Of “Jump”.
  • Bill Informs Kat That He Plans To Arrest Dylan, In Order To Find Out Who, Or Where, Dylan Is Getting The “Jump” From.
  • Kat Plans To Help Dylan. Kat Enlists Gary To Help Her.
  • Rosen Asks Nina To Get A Fake Passport For Dani. Rosen Knows That Nathan Will Soon Have Stanton’s Call List, As Well. When He Obtains The List, Nathan Will Come After Dani.
  • Dani Uses Her Ability, To Help Tyler And Cameron Re-Connect.
  • Rosen Reveals To Nina That Stanton Has Been Manipulating Dani. Nina Suggests That Rosen Just Let Nathan Do His Job.
  • Kat Arrives At Dylan’s Place, And Warns Him Of The Impending Arrest.
  • Kat Finds A Young Woman, Connected To Medical Machines, In Dylan’s Apartment. The Machine Is Extracting The Woman’s Blood, And Transforming It Into “Jump”. It Seems That The Young Alpha Woman Is The Source Of The Drug, As Her Body Naturally Produces It.
  • Kat Tries To Rescue The Woman, But Is Ambushed By Dylan.
  • Dylan Takes The Young Woman, And Makes A Run For It.
  • Kat Is Able To Chase Down, And Subdue Dylan. Kat Also Rescues The Young Woman.
  • Kat Learns That Dylan Only Used Her For Money.
  • Bill Pulls Some Strings, And Gets Kat Enrolled In The FBI Academy. In About 2 Weeks, Kat Will Be An Agent.
  • Dani Meets Rosen In The Park. Rosen Sent Dani A Text Message, Asking To Meet. Rosen Was Posing As Stanton, When He Sent The Message. Arrested.
  • Cameron Confronts Rosen, About Turning Dani In. Cameron Is Highly Upset, About The Situation.
  • Rosen Has A Heart-Felt, Emotional Conversation, With Dani.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “Secret’s What I Do Best.”    – Gary

2) “You Don’t Squeeze Other Agents.”    – Gary



Tonight’s Episode Of Alphas Was Magnificent! In Tonight’s Episode, The Team Searches For The Source Of A Mystery Drug, That Causes It’s User To Become Temporarily Invincible. Kat Learns That Someone From Her Past, Is Involved With The Drug. The Man Tells Kat That They Were A Couple. Kat Learns However, That The Man Was Only Using Her To Make Money. Rosen Verifies That Dani Is Involved With Stanton, And He Has Her Arrested. I’ve Been A Fan Of Alphas Since The Series Premiere, And As Season 2 Progresses, I’m Becoming An Even Bigger Fan. I Really Enjoy The Show, And I Would Definitely Recommend It. Watch Alphas Live: Monday’s At 8/7C. On SYFY.

 Alphas Is Now At It’s New 8/7C. Time-Slot, But You Can Always Catch An Encore Of That Night’s Episode, At 10/9C. Only On SYFY.


~ Scott R.

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