The Mob Doctor Follows A Doctor Named Grace, And Her Daily Experiences. However, Grace Isn’t Your Average Doctor. Grace Works For The Mob, Specifically, The Mob Head (Moretti). Grace’s Brother Was Indebted To Moretti, So Grace Agreed To Work For Moretti, In Order To Save Her Brother’s Life. Grace’s Duties Normally Entail Patching Up Mobsters, But She Is Shocked When She Gets The Order To Kill One Of Her Patients. The Patient Is A Federal Witness, Who Is Scheduled To Testify Against Moretti. Grace Ultimately Decides Not To Kill The Man, Which Leaves Her With Serious Consequences. Moretti Comes After Grace, But She Leads Him To A Man Named Constantine. Constantine Is A Veteran Mobster, And A Close Friend Of Grace. Constantine Ultimately Kills Moretti, And Tells Grace That Her Debt To Moretti, Now Belongs To Him. It Seems That Grace Will Now Be Working For Constantine. The Show Is A Complex Medical Drama, With A Unique Twist. I Found The Show To Be Very Interesting, And Very Engrossing. It Also Has A Deep Storyline, Which Makes The Show That Much Better. Many Individuals Who Watched The Premiere Say That It Was Terrible, But I Personally Enjoyed It. The Characters Are Relatable, The Subject Matter Is Interesting, And The Show Is Put Together Very Well. However, I Feel That The Show Will Be Cancelled At The End Of The Season, If Not Mid-Season. I Feel That The Show May End Up Like NBC’s Saving Hope. Saving Hope Was A Great Show, However It Did Not Get The Ratings, Which Forced NBC To Cancel The Show, And Air The Final Episodes Online. I Fear That The Same May Happen With The Mob Doctor. However, Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend The Mob Doctor. Watch The Mob Doctor Live: Monday’s At 9/8C. On FOX.

~ Scott R.

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