Episode Notes/Recap:

  • Rosen Is Able To Get Dani A Plea Deal. The Deal Is For Dani To Go Undercover, To Learn What Stanton Is Working On, And Then Report Back With The Intel. Dani Agrees To The Plea.
  • Dani Fails To Respond To Rosen’s Signals, And She Has Missed Several Of Her Scheduled Meets. Rosen Fears That Dani Has Gone Rouge.
  • Tensions Begin To Rise Between Cameron And Rosen, Regarding Dani.
  • Scipio And His Thug Are Spotted Stealing From A Local Storage Facility. The Team Arrives At The Facility, And Finds Cameron Helping Scipio And His Thug. Bill Subdues Cameron, And Asks Cameron What He’s Dong. Cameron Says: “Whatever It Takes”. Scipio’s Thug Then Proceeds To Set Off Some Sort Of Flash Bang Grenade, And Scipio, His Thug, And Cameron Escape.
  • The Team Learns That Scipio And Cameron Stole Voltaic Grenades From The Storage Facility. Apparently, The Grenades Release An Explosion Of Electricity. If A Grenade Hits A Powerline, The Electricity Would Travel Through The Powerline, And Cause The Powerline To Overload. This Could Kill Hundreds Of People.
  • Cameron Arrives At Scipio’s Hideout, Where He Meets An Alpha Named Agnes. Apparently, Stanton Arranged For Agnes To Speak With Cameron.
  • When Agnes Touches Someone, It “Rips Open Their Mind”. Agnes Will Be Able To Touch Cameron, And Learn Everything That He Knows.
  • Agnes Uses Her Ability On Cameron. Agnes Now Knows All Of Cameron’s Memories.
  • Agnes Says That There Is Still Something In Cameron’s Mind That Is “Out Of Focus”. Agnes Suspects That Cameron May Be Hiding Something.
  • Cameron Meets Stanton. Stanton Refuses To Tell Cameron Where He Has Dani At.
  • Stanton Informs Dani That Cameron Has “Joined The Cause”.
  • It’s Revealed That Just After Bill Subdued Cameron At The Storage Facility, Nina “Pushed” Bill, And Forced Him To Let Cameron Escape.
  • Stanton Enlists Agnes To USe Her Ability On Dani. Stanton Does This, To Learn Who Dani’s Loyalty Truly Belongs To.
  • Cameron Tails Agnes, To Dani’s Location.
  • Just As Agnes Is About To Use Her Ability On Dani, Cameron Arrives To Rescue Dani.
  • It’s Revealed That Rosen Enlisted Nina To “Push” Cameron. Nina Told Cameron To Find Dani, No Matter What It Takes. This Is Why Agnes Wasn’t Able To See Cameron’s True Intentions, When She Used Her Ability On Him.
  • Cameron Frees Dani, And They Begin To Make Their Escape.
  • Cameron And Dani Learn That Stanton Most Likely Has The Grenades At A Shipping Company That He Owns. It Seems That Stanton Is Building A Super-Weapon, By Using The Grenades.
  • It’s Revealed That Stanton Is Planning On Sending The Grenades Through Pipelines, Which Lead Directly Into Manhattan City. This Act Could Kill Millions Of People.
  • Cameron And Dani Ambush Scorpio And His Thug. A Fight Ensues.
  • Cameron And Dani Become Outnumbered, In Their Fight.
  • Rosen And The Team Arrive, And Are Able To Save Dani And Cameron.
  • Scipio Makes A Run For It, By Speeding Off In A Van. Cameron And Dani Jump On Cameron’s Motorcycle, And Head After Scorpio.
  • It’s Revealed That The Van Scipio Is Driving, Contains The Surplus Of Grenades.
  • Cameron Crashes Scipio’s Van, But Scipio Has Already Escaped.
  • Cameron And Dani Learn That The Van’s Crash Site (An Electrical Power Grid) Is The Intended Detonation Zone, For The Grenades. It Seems That The Pipeline Scheme Was Just A Diversion. Cameron Looks In The Back Of The Van, And Find The Grenades, Wired Together, And Fashioned In The Form Of An I.E.D.
  • Dani Video Calls Stanton From The Back Of The Van. Dani Hopes That Stanton’s Affection For Her, Will Prevent Him From Detonating The Explosives.
  • Stanton Detonates The Explosives (Even After Dani’s Persuasive Argument For Him Not To), Which Ultimately Kills Dani.
  • The Explosion Didn’t Cause The Electrical Grid To Be Destroyed/Overload, As Gary Was Able To Re-Route The Grid’s Power, Before The Explosion Happened.

Favorite Episode Quote(s):

1) “You’re Using Her.”   – Cameron

2) “Do You Want My Pudding?”   – Gary

3) “Ashes Or Paradise. Which Would You Choose?”  – Stanton



Tonight’s Episode Of Alphas Was Epic! In Tonight’s Episode, Cameron Attempts To Rescue Dani, Who Has Went Undercover, To Bust Stanton. The Team Must Also Deal With Dozens Of Dangerous Grenades That Stanton Is Planning To Use, To Kill. Cameron Is Able To Rescue Dani, But She Wants To Find The Grenades, In Order To Save Lives. Dani And Cameron Find The Grenades, But Learn That They Can Be Remotely Detonated. Dani Makes A Last Chance Attempt At Stopping The Explosion, By Standing Right Beside The Grenades, And Video Calling Stanton. Dani Was Hoping That Stanton Wouldn’t Be Able To Bring Himself To Hurt Her, Thus He Wouldn’t Detonate The Explosives. This Was A Fatal Decision, As Stanton Put His Feelings Aside, Detonated The Explosives, Which In Turn, Killed Dani. I’ve Been A Fan Of This Show Since It Premiered, Last Summer. I Was Skeptical That Season 2 Wouldn’t Be Able To Out-Do Season 1. I’ve Been Proven Wrong, As Season 2 Has Been Magnificent, And It’s Getting Even Better, As Each Episode Passes. Overall, I Would Definitely Recommend Alphas. Watch Alphas Live: Monday’s At 8/7C. On SYFY.

Remember That Alphas Has Now Moved To It’s New 8/7C. Time Slot. However, If You Miss The Episode, You Can Always Watch That Night’s Encore Episode, At 10/9C.


~ Scott R.

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